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Liberalism on Steroids: Face-Book of Social Engineering in the West
(Part Two)

--Cutting-Edge Analytics--

By: Franklin Otorofani Published May 10th, 2012

The West in History

“We have to end the European nightmare in the White House”---Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Reince Priebus

BREAKING NEWS! The state of North Carolina in the USA has roundly and overwhelming rejected gay marriage or any form of civil union arrangement however described in the state in an electoral ballot proposition amending the state constitution making it the 30th state that has banned gay marriage in the United States. The people are taking back their culture and traditions to stem the tide of liberalism in the Age of Obama. More states are online to consider similar constitutional amendments designed to purge their states of this obnoxious cultural excrement. And the few (six) rogue states that have legalized so-called same-sex marriage will find to their chagrin that their same-sex marriage certificates will be unrecognized and worthless outside their states. God bless the man of God, the revered Billy Graham who spoke out in no uncertain terms condemning same sex marriage and in support of the constitutional amendment in North Carolina. Those Christians who ignore the clear words of the Bible have a choice between pleasing God or man. There is no middle road in this matter or sitting on the fence while liberals and atheists destroy our cultural traditions and way of life.

Well for balance sake, I should quickly mention another breaking news that President Barack Obama has formally endorsed same-sex marriage one day after North Carolina outlawed it. Not that it makes any difference on the ground since he cannot change anything about what the states are doing outlawing same sex marriage. But we saw this coming, didn't we? His body language and previous statements all but said so. Now his double-speak has finally ended. It's amazing what political pandering can do. This is the same Obama who said in 2008 that “I believe that marriage is between a man and a woman,” and that “For me, as a Christian, it is also a sacred union.” But in a tight election year where every vote counts, Obama has made a 180 degree u-turn calculated to maximize gay votes. But for every single gay vote he gets he can be sure to lose 100 votes of social conservatives and religious votes including independents.

It is unfortunate and most regrettable that Obama has turned flip flopping into an art form within three years of his presidency. He is changing positions like his underwear whether it is about healthcare individual mandate, same sex marriage or association with Washington lobbyists, etc. There is something about character, integrity, and principle. I could never have believed this in 2008. The man  has turned out as the quintessential flip flopper, who is putting politics before principle at every turn in issue after issue such that it is now increasingly difficult to take Obama's words to the bank because they might draw blank when it is time to cash in.  There is no question that Obama’s political volte-face is a deal breaker for his re-election chances.  The United States deserves a better president than a political chameleon that changes its pigmentation to blend with the environment at every turn. There is something to be said for being principled and having core values that are not liable to be changed like a man’s underwear.

IN THE first installment of this three-part serial this author traced the pseudo-socialist tendencies of the Obama administration to European ideological modeling, acting as it does as its primary source of inspiration. With this being the case, however, it should immediately arouse the curiosity of the reader to learn that the Obama administration has seemingly chosen to berth its ship of governance at port of the discredited ideological anachronism of socialism, which though popular in Europe—as the results of the Greece and French elections have amply demonstrated--is profound anathema in the United States. The reader would readily recall that this was at the root of the now defunct Cold War that began soon after WWII between the West and the East.

Yes, the United States of America is the graveyard of socialism/communism. And that is pretty much a settled matter whether President Obama likes it or not. Nothing, absolutely nothing is going to change that in the foreseeable future. After all, didn't the United States, as leader of the free world, lead the fight and defeated socialism/communism barely two decades ago in the early 90s when socialism collapsed by its own weight in the former Soviet Union and in Eastern Europe that led to the reunification of East and West Germany? Wouldn't it be ironical then that a United States president would be caught flirting with socialism or otherwise nursing socialist sympathies even if by necessary implication? What was the point of the Cold War if the United States would somehow be surreptitiously led down the alleyway to embrace socialism through the back or front door? Why Obama thinks that he could sneak in socialism into the US through the back door is beyond belief.

It should indeed alarm the reader that the Obama administration would embrace an ideology even if tangentially that is presently wreaking havoc in Europe with Greece, Italy, Spain, Ireland, and Portugal tethering on the brink of economic collapse and with the rest of Europe headed in economic decline. It represents a fundamental and tragic misreading of the social forces that have conspired to put European quasi-socialist economies in the tank. One only has to look at the ongoing French presidential election where socialists have been handed decisive victory in France which signals higher taxes to fund entitlement, welfare programs. As it is in France so it is in Britain, Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal, you name it—socialist/liberal parties that promote the idea of a nanny state where citizens get something for nothing by robbing Peter to pay Paul, which is at the core of the present European economic troubles. Maintaining an unproductive segment of the population through heavy taxation of the working class or segment thereof is not only immoral but ultimately unsustainable. And that is why Europe is in economic quagmire that has refused to go away despite the timid whitewashing going on. I urge the reader to read this report:, which gives an update on Europe's parlous economic outlook.

Only a foolish man or one on a suicide mission takes refuge in a burning house when its very occupants are fleeing from it, and when there are clear alternatives for safety. Even so we must recognize the fact that there are still out there devotees of socialism who want to exhume its dead body from the grave and breathe life into its nostrils that were eternally sealed by the cold hands of death more than two decades ago, and unleash it again on our largely naïve, unsuspecting, and gullible world; counting of course on our short public memory.

Yet it must not be forgotten so easily that socialism even in its most benign form is first and foremost an authoritarian and dictatorial ideology that has no respect or regards whatsoever for individual freedoms where the almighty state assumes and ruthlessly exercises the power of the gods; which seems to be having some appeal for the Obama administration that had imposed an order on the Catholic Church and other religious organizations to provide free contraceptives to female employees and nationalized the US auto industry by the stroke of the pen. If Obama could do that in a mature democracy with its super majority in Congress just imagine what it would be like under a totalitarian socialist government. Ultimately, this is a philosophical issue with political application that should first and foremost be addressed philosophically.

It must, therefore, be pointed out that the utopian idealism of human social and economic equality has found a place in the hearts of idealistic dreamers although its realization is both undesirable, unconscionable, and unattainable, swimming as it does against the certain current of nature to which force and logic it must ultimately submit. Any philosophical system that is founded on robbing one productive segment of the population through heavy taxation to subsidize the lifestyles of another unproductive segment of the population can only be sustained by force and even so only in periods of economic boom and therefore bound to crash at the first whiff of economic recession. Europe is Exhibit One. And the US is already on its way to providing Exhibit Two. Robbery, whether it is official or unofficial, cannot long endure.

However, as recent elections alluded to above have demonstrated in Europe, a people used to a culture of entitlements would resist any attempt to undo it. In fact, the leader who wants to fix it becomes their enemy number one. Didn't Nigerians see that with oil subsidy a few months ago? Thus the severe austerity measures imposed by the authorities in Greece and France have resulted in the people voting out their governments only to be replaced by socialists who favor big government with heavy taxation—the very thing President Obama is gunning for in the US. That Obama has been called a “foodstamp president” by former Speaker, Newt Gingrich, says something about how the Obama presidency is being viewed and with some justifications too, in certain critical quarters.  

Logically, therefore, the second part of the serial further directs the searchlight on that primary source of inspiration for the Obama administration. Interestingly, however, this is neither a diagnosis nor a prognosis that is peculiar to this writer. The quote above is only one of several coming from a broad segment of the American populace that has been accusing President Barack Obama of euro-centrism, and in particular, of trying to remodel the United States after Europe. Presumptive Republican presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, has pointedly and repeatedly accused Obama of just that, and so are many from the political right. That explains why he (Obama) is described in the above quote as “the European nightmare in the White House.”

But what are the proofs of such accusation? Where is the evidence? Unfortunately for the Obama administration, the evidence is splashed all over the American political landscape. I could fill up the pages with examples but a few would suffice here. Exhibit A:  Obama's Affordable Healthcare Act fashioned after European healthcare systems. Exhibit B: Extension of welfare and unemployment benefits three times in three years and deliberate promotion of the culture of entitlement and government dependency on the part of the citizenry. Exhibit C: Ballooning of the US national debt and budget deficits. Exhibit D: US Government takeover of the GM and Chrysler Motors, which is nothing short of nationalization or state capitalism much like as in China and Russia. And Exhibit E:  Unbridled feminism and secularism that seek to demonize and if possible outlaw religion, or at best consign it to national political irrelevance where liberal politicians can invent at will artificial marriages and artificial families that would co-exist with natural marriages and natural families and thus entitled to all legal rights and privileges as if they were real marriages and real families in celebration of the artifice and make believe.

This is something akin to the artificial concept of legal personality in jurisprudence where a corporation is deemed to be a person, which the US Supreme Court has taken to a whole new level by investing corporations with the right to free speech just like human beings where they could directly support and campaign for political candidates in the exercise of their assumed right to freedom of speech under the First Amendment to the US Constitution. (see Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, 558 U.S. 08-205 (2010), 558 U.S., 130 S. Ct. 876), in a landmark celebration of the artifice. With corporate America thus politically energized by the US SC, Americans will come to understand the full meaning of Cash 'N' Carry democracy more than anything they have ever known in the past. That, however, is not the subject of the present discourse. It should wait till another day.

Now, what is wrong with Obama taking America to Europe of all places? After all, the United States is supposed to be Greater Europe from where it derived her philosophical, social, cultural and scientific heritage. Why then are some politicians and ordinary citizens in the United States scared to death about the prospects of the United States going the way of Europe?

The answer to the above question is fourfold. Firstly, Europe believes in the idea of welfare state, which is at the roots of the debt crisis currently rocking Europe with possible contagious effects on the United States. The idea of a nanny state that babysits grown up adult citizens is the last thing on the minds of most hard working Americans who crave and hold fast to their economic independence. Secondly, Europe is an imperialist continent that has dragged the United States into two world wars and other smaller wars including but not limited to recent mini-wars in the Balkans and Libya. And all indications point to the possibility of Europe doing it again the third time with respect to Iran and Syria or any of the other global theaters of conflict now or in the future. Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, Europe is an ultra liberal continent whose traditional values have all but disappeared only to be replaced by an acute form of secularism that is anathema to conservative forces in the United States. And fourthly, Europe believes in world government resident in the UN superstructure, which has the potentials of clipping the wings of the United States as a global superpower. And Europe has been using the UN albeit unobtrusively to keep the United States in check. This has been the pattern since the end of the Cold War.

Problem is the US simply does not subscribe to the very idea of an unelected body like the UN, acting as a check on her global freedom of action where her vital interests are at stake. And that is the direction Obama and the liberals in US want to pull the US that has been met with stiff resistance. Witness VP Joe Biden tantrums accusing Romney of planning to take the United States "Back to a foreign policy that would have America go it alone, shout to the world you're either with us or against us, lash out first and ask the hard questions later, if at all." Translation: Never act alone. Go to the UN. And if the UN says no, do nothing. Just turn and walk away glum-faced! Is that how a leading nation like the US should be expected to behave? Just turn and walk away if the UN says no even where the United States' vital interests are concerned or affected?

It is the ceding of sovereignty to the UN. Pray, who needs a world government led by big powers where everyone dances to the same tune where developing and poor nations with the largest populations have absolutely no voice or representation? What a drab, robotic world that would be. I want no part of it. And, by the way, what happens to national sovereignty? I thought that was in the UN Charter. I make bold to state that the very notion of some western leaders seemingly working overtime to turn every nation into a carbon copy of another, and all nations as replicas of one another for a uniform world in the image of the West under the guise of civil rights is totally and completely unnatural and indeed despotic, and, therefore, doomed to failure.

Europe is all for it and the EU has shown the way having stripped its national member states of their sovereignty. Her next move is to similarly strip non-western countries of their sovereignty through the instrumentality of the UN where she holds two permanent membership--in fact, three when we factor in the United States which Europe can always count on to help push her global agenda on other nations. Steeped in imperialism which runs deep in her veins, Europe has not given up her quest for global hegemony, which informs the emergence of the EU in the first place amongst other reasons. With her philosophical heritage from Plato, Aristotle and the rest Europe prides her civilization as first among equals that must be extended to all corners of the globe if necessary to be imposed by force of arms. Make no mistake about it, World War III will be fought not on the basis of economics but on the basis of the struggle for global cultural hegemony by world powers albeit with racial undertone—the titanic clash of civilizations between the East and the West, and God knows who or where else, will be a war of cultural supremacy using technology, economics, and the arts rather than bombs and missiles as its chief weapons. And believe it or not that war is already on though many might not recognize it.

However, history teaches us that civilization is like a relay race in which athletes pass batons from one set to another until the race is either won or lost. Going by that analogy, therefore, it is pretty much settled that the race of civilization began in Africa from which the baton had been passed to other regions at different historical periods, including, of course, Europe in the Middle Ages. In contemporary times, however, Europe with its continental outposts in North America has been holding the baton, which it had received from earlier civilizations in the East and South and has made quite a good run with it even still holding on to it till today and unwilling to relinquish it to another region.

No, not with the grand consummation of the faltering European Union (EU), the world's first and only continental political and economic union with a single currency, single central bank, and pretty soon a single defense force that has no equal in the world. Europe, and indeed the West in general, has every reason to feel herself master of the globe and of all humanity in moments of selective amnesia. Emerging from the Dark Age where it had languished behind other geopolitical regions for centuries Europe gloriously transited into Renaissance begun in Italy, radiating its illuminating rays throughout the continent to seize the commanding heights of science and technology with their accompanying paraphernalia of industry, capital, and free markets. Since then the West extending to the Americas and Scandinavian nations has given our world a lot in science, engineering, technology, arts, medicine, management and administrative skills. In fact, the dominant position of the West in almost all facets of development is such that those not sufficiently exposed to world history may be forgiven if they think that civilization begins and ends in the West. But history tells us otherwise. The truth, however, is that the West is new kid on the block, for civilization reached Europe centuries later in the Middle Ages.

The term “civilization” implies settled regularity and advancement in human affairs in his economic, religious, artistic, technical, governmental and administrative circumstances in contradistinction to primitive and nomadic existence. Nothing in history afforded this settled regularity than the invention of agriculture, which finally freed man from nomadic, wandering existence for eons. And this took place not in Europe, but in Africa, Asia, and the Middle and Far East. But don't take it from an amateur historian like me who is still learning the ropes from the masters but from professional, master historians themselves, who live, thrive and die by history.

In their book titled “Our World Through the Ages” Nathaniel Platt and Muriel Jean Drummond located the first civilizations not in Europe or the Americas but in Africa and Asia. “It was in the fertile river valleys in Africa and Asia that civilization dawned. The homes of these earliest civilizations were: (1) the Nile River valley in Egypt and (2) the Tigris-Euphrates River valley in Mesopotamia (c4000 B.C.), (3) the Indus River valley in India, (a little later), and (later still) (4) the Yellow River valley in China (c1500 B.C.).

“In the New World, shortly before the birth of Christ, civilization was born in Central America, Mexico, and Peru.”

It is interesting to note here that none of these has Europe or the white race in play. These were all non-white civilizations—a point that was so aptly made by another historian. In his book Western Civilization to 1500 the historian Walther Kirchner posited that “...the beginning of history must lie somewhere in the fifth millennium B.C. From about that time date the earliest artistic achievements worthy of superior cultures, the first decipherable records of man's higher rational development, and the beginnings of political and social organizations that deserve to be called “states.” 

And then poses and answers this question: “Can we speak of this period as the beginning of “Western” civilization? Obviously not, if by “Western” civilization we mean the civilization of the European peoples—the Germanic, Romance, and Slavic nations. Their history begins, properly speaking, only with the medieval period, or at the earliest with the history of ancient Greece and Rome.

“Yet the more we learn about ancient times, the more we come to realize that a close connection existed between Europe and earlier civilizations in Syria, Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Asia Minor. The heritage of these regions bordering on the eastern Mediterranean was strongly felt, especially in Greece and, was, indirectly, transmitted by Greece to Western civilization. We may therefore be justified in including some of the ancient Near East into an account of Western civilization.”

Now, all of this is coming from western historians themselves which gives it some added weight, because they have no incentives to uplift other regions and their civilizations over and above western civilization. The historical verdict is that the West is a newcomer to civilization and had benefited from the several non-Western civilizations that preceded its own. The celebrated achievements of the west therefore only represent a progression rather than the origination of civilization that belongs to other regions of the world. The direct implication of this historical fact is that the west was in fact “civilized” by the Syria, Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Asia Minor, rather than the other way around, and then took off from there. There was nothing like “Western” civilization at the time the Egyptians were ruling the world. And the same goes for the other subsequent civilizations mentioned above all of which were several centuries ahead of Europe.

As the historian hinted in the above passage, the true credit for Western civilization goes to these earlier civilizations in Africa, Asia, and the Middle and Far East. But what did these civilizations accomplish? While this medium is unsuited for enumerating their remarkable accomplishments, it is enough to state here that writing was invented in Egypt using the Papyrus as writing medium and the wheel was invented by Sumerians. Now the reader must remember that when next someone is talking about “reinventing the wheel” because it had been invented by the Sumerians and therefore can only be “reinvented.” In addition law, medicine, mathematics, astronomy, architecture, engineering, arts and literature, government, even democracy, which has been credited to west (Greece) etc, had their beginnings in these civilizations, which included huge public works and grand architectural and engineering feats not to speak of metal works. We have all heard of one of the first written legal codes in the world, the Hammurabi Code that came from Mesopotamia (Babylon), not Europe. Agriculture the very foundation of civilization was invented in Egypt. In the fact, as stated by the historian and concurred with by other notable historians, the “state” and all that it connotes is an invention of these earlier civilizations beginning in Egypt and, I might add, neighboring Nubia, in Africa.  In fact, Babylon, where the Hammurabi legal code was invented was a City-state and is located in the present day Iraq. A glimpse of the Sumerian empire could be found in this link: http://realhistory.

The historical records show conclusively until otherwise proven that civilization, indeed the human race itself, began in Africa from where it spread to other parts of the world extending eventually to what eventually became Europe, which became the “new kid on the block.” The very notion of formal “education” began from these civilizations as they had schools.

As the historian writes: “Ancient Egypt was comparatively densely populated. There were a number of towns besides Memphis, the capital. Trade and artisanship flourished. Textiles, jewelry, papyrus, glass and metal objects of gold, silver, and copper were produced. In the schools, scribes instructed children in writing and reading, mathematics (including algebra and geometry), mechanics, astronomy, and medicine and prepared them for government service. As early as 2800 B.C a calendar of 365 days had been invented.” To this day the genius of the Egyptian Pharoahs and their civilization in the construction of the Pyramids still baffles the world, including the west, of course, despite the powerful equipment and scientific instruments at its disposals.

The historian puts it this way: “In the centuries before 2000 B.C., high civilizations arose in the Near East, especially in Egypt and Mesopotamia. The West owes much to them. Writing was developed, records were kept, ships were built, division of labor, was practiced, and the art of government by law, mostly of monarchical or religious type, developed. Great creative genius and technical knowledge expressed themselves in architecture, particularly in huge structures such as pyramids and temples. Agriculture formed the basis of the economy, and most domesticated animals were widely in use. Stone and iron served to fashion tools.” What more do I have to add? One more thing: the gunpowder that the European imperialists used centuries later to colonize other regions was invented in Asia, ancient China, to be specific. And there was even more to come from China. I have taken the following excerpts from the website

“When commenting on the relationship between China's civilization and that of the rest of the world, the late Joseph Needham, historian of China's science and technology and professor at Cambridge University, once said that people must remember that China was way ahead of the West in almost every discipline of science and technology, from chart making to gunpowder, in early times and into the Middle Ages. Western civilization, he went on to say, did not begin until the era of Columbus, and China had left the Europeans far behind in science and technology before that time.”

“China was the first country in the world to make proper paper. Paper made during the Western Han Dynasty (202 BC-16 AD) has been found in Gansu Province, Xi'an and other places in Shaanxi Province as well as Xinjiang. A further development of paper is credited to Cai Lun of the Eastern Han (25-220). He used plant fiber such as tree bark, bits of rope, rags and worn-out fishing nets as raw materials. In 105, Cai presented the first batch of paper made under his supervision to the Han emperor, who was so delighted that he named the material "Marquis Cai's paper". Eastern Han Dynasty paper found in Wuwei, Gansu, in 1974 carried words which were still clearly decipherable. Thin, soft, and with a smooth finish and tight texture, this paper is the most refined and oldest paper discovered to date.

“Before paper was invented, the ancient Chinese carved characters on pottery, animal bones and stones, cast them on bronzes, or wrote them on bamboo or wooden strips and silk fabric. These materials, however, were either too heavy or two expensive for widespread use. The invention and use of paper brought about a revolution in writing materials, paving the way for the invention of printing technology in the years to come.

“China's long history has seen some extremely important inventions emerge, most noticeably gunpowder, paper making, printing and the compass, which, in the words of Roger Bacon, changed the whole appearance and status of things in the world.”

And lest we forget ceramics was invented in China as well. According to the site and corroborated by Frank J. Cosentino in his book: The Boehm Journey to Chinese=te=Chen China, Birthplace of Porcelain,

“Pottery making began to develop in China during the New Stone Age some 10,000 years ago. Pottery wares have been unearthed in many historical sites dating from the New Stone Age. The pottery jar found in the Cave of the Immortals in Jiangxi Province has a history of more than 10,000 years.

“Soft-colored porcelain was created during the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) when lead powder was mixed with the paints. This way, each color could show different shades.

“It was not until the 18th century, more than a thousand years after the Chinese mastered the art of porcelain making, that people in the West began to understand its technology.”

 Steve Berry in his bestselling novel titled “The Emperor's Tomb” factually quotes a British historian who had studied the history of China “and concluded that more than half of the basic inventions and discoveries upon which the modern world is based came from China.” He referenced a recorded factual historical incident in which “when the Chinese were first shown a mechanical clock by Jesuits missionaries in the 17th century they were awestruck, not knowing that it was their own ancestors who had invented it a thousand years before.”

We have all heard of the Chinese Confucian philosophical heritage as a system of thought and many more discoveries and invention space will not allow me to enumerate here that are just as important in Chinese civilization including but not limited medicine, astronomy, and agriculture several centuries before the west (Europe) even knew about them. Yes there were no computers and airplanes invented then but the inventions and discoveries then were just as important and revolutionary for that historical period as are computers and airplanes in our time, just as it was with fire, bronz, and iron in previous epochs. The importance or significance of every discovery or invention is determined by the historical period in which it was made. This of course means that the modern man is no smarter than his ancestors merely by making comparisons of his inventions and discoveries with those of his ancestors. That is the humble truth. 

Let me conclude this historical detailing by citing the work of the historian and author, Thomas Cahill, who wrote in his book titled, Mysteries of the Middle Ages as follows:

The Mongols' establishment of an Asian ecumene that stretched from the Black Sea to the Sea of Japan made it possible for European traders to penetrate for the first time as far as  Asia's Pacific coast. The memoirs of one of such trader, The Book of Marvels, by the Venetian jewel merchant Marco Polo, became a publishing sensation throughout Europe at the beginning of the fourteenth century....His tales of the fabulous wealth of the Mongol rulers, the incredible immensity of their cities, the exquisite refinement of their courts dazzled his readers. The devoured his narratives as we might an account of interplanetary travels. To them, where Marco Polo had been and what he had seen were as strange as the most fanciful fiction. If such people could exist, if such customs could thrive, surely anything was possible.”

I don't know about you but it seems pretty clear to me that Marcolo's travel memoirs written about a non-European civilization in the Middle Age show conclusively without a shadow of doubt just how far advanced Chinese civilization was and how far underdeveloped Europe was that they regarded his eye witness account as an account of “interplanetary travels.”  Due to their own underdeveloped conditions they could not fathom that such a people and such a place existed on planet earth and thus regarded his stories as fiction. It looked heavenly to them. Yet they drew immense inspiration from the stories, that they, too, could attain such glorious heights in Europe as the Chinese civilization had: If such people could exist, if such customs could thrive, surely anything was possible. As the author puts it, it “enlivened” their imagination. “Spices, pasta, paper, and of course gunpowder all came to us from the Far East. And such firing of the imagination helped set the scene for the amazing discovery of a previously unknown continent..,” he wrote. Unknown to Europeans, I should add. 

The tales of Marco Polo parallel those about the fabulous wealth of the Mali Empire's African Emperor, Mansa Musa's (1312-37 A.D) pilgrimage to Mecca that also reverberated in Europe and prepared the ground for European invasion of Africa to plunder her rich resources—a plundering that continues unabated till today albeit in different, modernized forms but plundering nevertheless. Yes, it was this same primitive continent that set out later to colonize other lands on the spurious claim that it was bringing civilization to their peoples.

Now, all of this was happening in other parts of the globe when the continent of Europe was still eking out primitive existence. All that changed when civilization eventually berthed in Europe in the Middle Age and since then the West has become the greatest net beneficiary of the these great civilizations that appear to have fallen behind for reasons that I will not even begin to explore in this piece. But one thing stands out in bold relief: The gun powder discovered in China as indicated earlier was later to be used by Europeans to utterly destroy or subdue other otherwise superior civilizations, including, but not limited to the Inca civilization whose empire was reputed to be largest in pre-Columbian America in what later became South America which archeologists have revealed was far more advanced than any in Europe.

Thanks to the web, interested readers can have a virtual tour of this once remarkable empire more developed than its peers in Europe in the 13th century covering larger portions of present South America that was obliterated by the Spaniards together with their books and records written in their own highly developed language, by following this link: Inca.

Thanks to the power of the Chinese gunpowder, as it was with the Inca so it was with the Maya civilization-- Maya, which equally was utterly destroyed by the Spanish Conquistadores. Which begs the question: why would anyone want to destroy other civilizations instead of learning from them? The answer is simple: racism and religion at their most destructive heights. And don't you ever think that it has gotten any better in the 21st century. Anything non-white and non-Judeo-Christian that flies or glows on the face of the earth has to be taken down and utterly destroyed wherever they can.  Doesn't the reader observe that happening even today in parts of the globe in not-so-subtle forms? That is the whole essence of this labor of mine—to highlight the fact that what is going on is culture wars for racial or cultural supremacy. Democracy is the biggest cultural export there is because it is a complete cultural package delivered to client states that purchase it, hook, line and sinker. This is not to evaluate its merits or demerits as the case may be which is a different matter altogether, but to expose it for what it is. Acceptance of democracy carries with it total cultural transformation and westernization.  And that explains why leading western nations usually band together to help make democracy work in their client states to enable the westernization process take firm root and flourish irreversibly. And notice that the West is ready to levy war like a pack of wolves to attain this cultural goal. In fact, the very idea of international relations is reducible to this phenomenon.   

Today the gunpowder taken as a metaphor is still being deployed in gunboat diplomacy to bend the will of other peoples to serve Western interests. Rather than diminished the role of the gunpowder as a veritable instrument of military and political conquest has been enlarged and that should help to explain why smaller nations threatened by the big boys are racing to acquire nuclear weapons. We must not forget, however, that Europe had not always been a military master because it too had suffered terrible invasions in the hands of Muslims from the Arab world who overran and occupied it militarily.

Again in the historian's words: “Advancing along the West African Coast, they seized Carthage in 698. Thereafter, from nearby Tunis, they dominated not only the eastern but also the western Mediterranean sea lanes. In 711 they crossed the straits of Gibraltar and conquered most of Spain, including Visgothic areas in the north and east. By 732, their advance forces had reached the center of France. Only then were they stopped.” So Europe, too, was once under foreign occupation by non-European powers.

Dubois further states:

“In the eyes of the Greeks” (who by the way are the father of European civilization) “a thousand years B.C. and even in the age of Pericles, black Africans were considered equal to though different from Greeks, and superior to European and Asiatic barbarians.”

“The rebirth of European civilization began in the fifteenth century. At the time Africa and Asiatic civilizations far outstripped that of Europe....the empire of the Songhay, which in the fifteenth century, became a vast organized government, two thirds the size of the United States, with trade and commerce and cultural connections, through its university of  Sankore, with Spain, Italy and Eastern Roman Empire.”

Given the fact that early civilizations predated European civilization by almost a thousand years it is hardly surprising that African and Asian civilizations would “far outstripped that of Europe” in the fifteenth century. A few centuries later it was the same Europe that was conquering and colonizing Muslim and non-Muslim nations alike when the pendulum of power swung its way.     

How did Europe do it? How did a people that were far behind in civilization turn around to colonize those that were far ahead of them? Simple! The gun. An armed robber wielding and brandishing a gun could subdue and order a professor of physics around in his own home! It's no surprise therefore that the fate that befell the Inca and Maya civilizations also befell the African and Asian civilizations in the hands of gun toting Europeans who though not its inventors nevertheless copied, mastered and used it to colonize superior civilizations that had fallen behind, for no civilization lasts forever. Either they die on their own, overtaken and subsumed or otherwise destroyed by emerging ones. And that historical process is alive even today grinding its stealthy, almost undecipherable wheels in slow motions. Civilizations that want to avoid such cruel fate do whatever they can to protect and defend themselves. Which is why nations spend more on arms today than on education or health to avoid similar fates because they have learned their lessons from history. History has demonstrated over and over again that those with firepower are able to subdue and subjugate their superiors and in fact enslave them with the force of arms. Arms produced and sustained the institution of slavery and colonialism for centuries until both finally crumbled in the 20th century through sustained armed struggles.    

Suffice it to state, however, that since the West came from behind, caught up with, and eventually overtook these earlier civilizations, it has provided humanity with unprecedented material comforts and conveniences in a relatively short period of time by historical standards. One only has to take a seat at the opera, point the digital television remote, swipe a pass-card at the train station, strike a key of a computer keyboard, hit a button in a smart phone, take a CAT-scan at the hospital or board a plane, train, etc., to prove it, feel it, and live it. All around us we are surrounded by modern technologies and systems originating from the west such that even those who claim to hate “Western” education hypocritically and embarrassingly find themselves prosecuting their petty wars with, guess what, western technologies! Just think about it: Western technologies being used to fight western education. That is the moral conundrum faced by such terrorist brands like Al-Qeda and its Nigerian franchise, Boko Haram. That speaks volumes about the breathtaking gamut of western influences and paraphernalia in our modern every day lives. In reality, however, there is nothing like “Western” education, if by “Western” education we mean the social and physical sciences, medicine, law and humanities, and the whole gamut of formal education, because as we have shown formal education did not originate in the West but in Egypt and earlier civilizations. What the West has done is build on what was already there, expand, and grow it. Therefore the term “Western education” is a complete misnomer. Education is education and involves in all cases the sharing of knowledge with others in formal and/or informal settings. Therefore, calling education “Western” or “Eastern” or similar adjective is nonsensical hogwash.

 As I have demonstrated in the preceding paragraphs civilizations are not islands unto themselves but do borrow, adopt and adapt and sometimes “steal” knowledge, skills, and best practices from one another and that process is eternal. History is replete with examples of this process. Thomas Cahill in his book cited above writes that “the boldly abstract domes of the magnificent Christian Cathedrals in the West owe their dazzle to the skills of Islam ceramic artists” and states further that France succeeded in beating back Islamic occupation “only to find itself importing the gorgeously elaborate cloths of Islamic Persia and North Africa, while French dyers created new versions is Islamic designs, poor imitations at first that gradually abandoned the rigidity of the originals and took on a free-form Gallic liveliness of their own.”

This passage speaks for itself. French cloth makers were copying from Africa and Persia and their copies were poor imitations of the originals because they couldn't handle the intricacies and rigors of the imported designs. And as I have stated above, this “copying” is eternal and goes on even as I am writing this. A more daring but discreet form of it is called “economic espionage.” The reader will be shocked that today's leaders of this same France are referring to others as inferior. When we recall from history that Europe was overrun by Muslim armies in the fifteenth centuries when the Roman “golden city of Constantinople fell to Islam—in May of 1453, when its legendary line of 200 towers un-breached for ten centuries, was turned to ruble by Turkish bombardment, the first time in history that gunpowder would claim such a victory.”       

So it is not a matter of rejecting “western civilization” as it is of embracing it where necessary, adapting and grafting its wholesome features into local conditions for improvements because there is much to learn from western civilization and there is much to unlearn from it as well. Fair is square. The west deserves all the accolades it gets for consistently and relentlessly advancing the frontiers of human knowledge and development in practically all spheres of human endeavors in both old and new disciplines with even newer paradigms both emerging and converging from her laboratories and field works. That is not to say, however, that the west is alone and all by herself in these endeavors. To be sure, there are other significant regional players outside of the west such as China, Japan, Korea, and Russia to mention but a few that share in the glory of scientific and technological advancements of our time. Only black Africa and the Arab world seem to be missing in this roll call and yet to be found till this day. But that is a different matter altogether for another day. Even so, owing to the preponderating inputs and outputs of western technologies and systems, it is tempting to refer to the age of the West, which is generally referred to as “Western” civilization that seems to have defined our age. This should not be construed to mean, however, that science and technology emerged from the west, but to recognize just how far the west has taken both disciplines in our age. What is more, both are complemented by the now dominant western political and economic systems of democracy and capitalism since the fall of communism and authoritarian systems of the east and south.

And how can we talk about the west without adverting our minds to its immense generosity as amply demonstrated in philanthropy. Whether it is about fighting hunger and diseases in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East or about humanitarian engagements in the world's hottest spots, western not-for-profit organizations most notably those from the United States hold out a helping hand without fail to bring succor and much needed reliefs to a vast swath of distressed humanity. We have seen for example American not-for-profit organizations such as Bill and Melinda Gates and the Carter Foundations doing great things in Africa fighting guinea worm and malaria infestations, and investing huge resources for other worthy charitable causes while brain dead African governments and so-called “big men” wallow in self-aggrandizement and corruption.

While the scientific and technological glory belongs to the west in disproportionate measure, the west also has a somewhat counterbalancing, not-so-rosy reputation in equally disproportionate measure as well in more areas than one. It is impossible not to mention that no other region in human history had subjected and subjugated other regions of the world to colonial servitude and ruthless exploitation of their human and material resources than the west. The west is the proverbial bull in the china shop smashing its way in gunboats across geographical and cultural barriers to impose its rule on others by force of arms, which readily calls to mind the Berlin Conference of 1884, with absolutely no African representation, which summarily partitioned Africa into colonial enclaves against the will of African peoples. It is indeed laughable that the same west is today preaching the gospel of self-determination when it suits its designs on others after brutally suppressing and repressing peoples in virtually all continents for centuries who simply wanted their countries back from colonial servitude and live their lives their own way. Anyone with a modicum of native intelligence would readily come to the understanding that western rhetoric about self-determination should be taken with a grain of salt because we drill down a little more often than not such rhetoric is mouthed loudly only against hostile regimes that the west wants overthrown and replaced with its lackeys but hardly against brutal regimes that are friendly to it. This double standards has become the signature trademark of the west. Why, for instance, would the brutal monarchies of Bahrain, Qatar, Yemen, and Saudi Arabia be tolerable to the west than the governments of Iran and Syria, and for that matter Gadaffi's Libya?

With Europe strategically morphing and transmuting into the Goliathan EU throwing her weight around and telling other countries what and what not to do in their own countries regardless of their sovereign status, it is clear that the west has not completely shed its old stripes but has rather reinforced them to dictate the pace for the 21st century and beyond. And it will not be long before EU takes on other western nations like the US for example for not conforming to its global agenda. We have seen that in the debate over global warming where EU has clashed with the US and over humanitarian laws relating to war prisoners' rights. This will happen because the US is big and strong enough to pursue an independent domestic and foreign policy and not beholden to the UN like the EU. 

It should be noted in particular that the West is not at all interested in promoting scientific, technological and economic development globally in both colonized territories and those it now intervenes in militarily but its cultural values of democracy and civil rights as determined by it. Should the west be more concerned about economic, scientific, and technological empowerment than its cultural indoctrination of foreign lands? The answer ought to be in the affirmative but that is obviously not the case in case after case in all of its history. That being the case therefore the west's global colonial enterprise was not just about exploitation of colonial resources for the development of the west as it sure did but equally and even more important it was a cultural mission designed to implant western culture and civilization firmly on colonized territories. 

So far as colonial territories are concerned this could be described as colonially enforced exchange with the west trading its culture and civilization for colonial resources. In the end the west took away not just resources but the cultures of colonized peoples leaving them culturally denuded. Denied of their own cultural values they had nothing or very little of their own left to guide them and therefore forced to embrace western culture in its place. In none of these colonial territories did the colonial west leave significant imprints of its science and technology but established what might be termed administrative colleges for the production of civil servants rather than scientists, technologists or industrialists. From Africa to Asia and all the way to the Americas and the Middle East the story is the same. Western languages, education, attires, medicine, systems of government and religion, amongst others, with the singular exception of western manufacturing industries were imposed on colonized peoples as the west embarked on feeding frenzy, plundering and carting away their resources, including able-bodied humans leaving the weak and the sick behind. While the system of Indirect Rule was adopted in some cases in British colonial territories the French went to the extent of adopting a policy of “Cultural Assimilation” in which the cultures of colonized peoples were to be deliberately vulgarized, demonized, caricatured, and finally uprooted wholesale and supplanted with heavenly French culture of Bon Voyage! Implicit in the policy of cultural assimilation, therefore, is the very notion of cultural inferiority of the colonized peoples and the cultural superiority of the colonialists.

The sole objective of slavery and colonialism, therefore, was the total destruction of other cultures—and that includes but by no means limited to their languages, religions, histories, laws, customs and traditions. Dr. W.E.B. Dubois puts it graphically in his book, The World and Africa:

 “Just as Europe lurched forward to a new realization of beauty, a new freedom of thought and religious belief, a new demand by laborer to choose their work and enjoy its fruits, uncurbed greed rose to seize and monopolize the uncounted treasure of the fruit of labor. Labor was degraded, humanity was despised, the theory of “race” arose. There came a new doctrine of universal labor; mankind were of two sorts—the superior and the inferior; the inferior toiled for the superior; and the superior were the real men, the inferior, half men or less. Among the white lords of creation there were “lower classes” resembling the inferior darker folk. Where possible they were to be raised to equality with the master class. But no equality was possible or desirable for “darkies.” In line with this conviction, the Christian Church, Catholic and Protestant, at first damned the heathen blacks with the “curse of Canaan,” then held out hope of freedom through “conversion,” and finally acquiesced in a permanent status human slavery.”

The famous African-American anti-colonial, anti-slavery freedom fighter continued with these troubling statements: “In order to establish the righteousness of this point of view, science and religion, government and industry, were wheeled into line. The world “negro” was used for the first time in the world's history to tie color to race and blackness to slavery and degradation. The white race was pictured as “pure” and superior; the black race as dirty, stupid, and inevitably inferior, the yellow race as sharing, in deception and cowardice, and much of this color inferior, while mixture of races was considered the prime course of degradation and failure of civilization. Everything great, everything fine, everything really successful in human culture, was white.”

This explains why German Chancellor Herr Adolf Hitler was furious when a black American athlete Jesse Owens won four Gold Medals in track and field events in the 1936 Berlin Winter Olympics because that feat turned the theory of white racial superiority on its head. That too explains why inventions made by African-Americans in the US were quickly credited to whites in order to perpetuate the myth of white supremacy. And that explains why native African gin that is stronger than imported Whiskey from Britain, for instance, was labeled by the Nigerian colonial administration “illicit gin” and its producers hounded into jail. The whole idea is to kill the local gin to clear the way for the reign of imported gin. And before you knew it the imported beverages became the elders' favorite at marriage ceremonies in southern (Delta) parts of Nigeria having been made to displace the local gin by colonial fiat. Till date the local gin cottage industry has not recovered from that perilous colonial assault.

This author happened to have watched a documentary on blacks and Silicon Valley in the US by producer, Soledad O'Brien in which came, well, the not-so-shocking revelation that Silicon-Valley is virtually a no-go area for African-Americans—a place where African-American technology start-up proposals presented to white venture capitalists for funding are routinely rejected out of hand while similar proposals presented by their white and Asian fellow citizens are grabbed with both hands. It is hardly a surprise then than no African-American has broken through the iron curtain in the technology world in the age of Google, Facebook, Yahoo, You-tube, Amazon, Ebay, etc, etc.     

How else would they justify colonial rule if not its spurious claim of cultural superiority? The Christian god, they were told, was superior to the pagan god; his language superior to pagan language; his brains superior to pagan brains; and his whole existence superior to pagan existence. While the blacks were at the bottom in this outrageous racial classification other racial groups were not spared either as Dr. Dubois has recorded in his book published in 1965. But really? What gods are the Japanese, Indians, Koreans, and the Chinese worshiping today? Christian god? I doubt it. Brainwashed and indoctrinated Christians would call them that they worship “pagan gods” like those of Africans. What language do they speak and what is their religion? Those who might be tempted to think that all that is history and that the western leopard had changed its skin got a rude awakening recently when France Interior Minister, Claude Guéant, told a group of right-wing students that "not all civilizations are equal".  Hear him again: "...for us all civilisations are not of equal value”.

There you had it straight from the mouth a white supremacist in the service of the French government of President Sarkozy. In that same report Sarkozy himself regrets the inability of France to culturally integrate her large immigrant population into French cultural mainstream. Too bad, Mr. President, it looks like the policy of assimilation that worked so well in French colonies is not working in the homeland itself and for that reason Sarkozy wants no more immigrants in France most of whom are certain to be west and North Africans! This is the philosophy that was used to justify colonial rule and the subjugation of foreign lands. Yes, his political opponents were crying foul and shedding crocodile tears about the comments but that is the mindset of the west against other cultures that was deployed to justify colonialism which is still alive and well even in modern day Europe. It is a great tragedy that many African elites do not recognize this ingrained attitude of superiority and lap onto western values without realizing that they are themselves victims of cultural genocide.

Yet these are some of the most advanced nations on earth today that are growing faster that many western nations. It makes you wonder and want to re-evaluate prevailing paradigms in a more objective and rational fashion than the religious dogmas and forced down our throats by western propaganda. In making this re-evaluation this writer, as many others, has come to the inevitable conclusion that no religion is superior or inferior to another, Christianity inclusive, and the same goes for culture as a whole. If their (Japanese, Indians, Koreans and the Chinese) “pagan gods” could bestow such blessings on them, perhaps it is time for Africa to return to her “pagan gods” since the Christian god given to her has brought nothing but wars, hunger, disease and utter desecration of the land. The presence of foreign religions on African soil need to be urgently reviewed. Religion is the epicenter of the human cultural experience and therefore cannot be overlooked or ignored. As such, an a-religious or atheistic people are necessarily culturally deficient relying not on absolute divine affirmations, but on their own limited relative human devices and impermanent perceptions in constant flux that change with the social wind. Religion is the foundation of the cultural experience wired into the human DNA. Without it the human cultural experience slides inexorably into a chaotic potpourri of cultural individualism that readily lends itself to individual and group counter-cultural proclivities the types of which  are currently confronting the western world in general. This has become apparent when it is considered that the west has now evidently turned her back on and abandoned her Christian god and heritage though the facade of her Christian roots lives on in her celebrated Gothic cathedrals.

A few weeks back bill boards sponsored by the American Atheist Association went up in strategic locations in the US with the proclamation that “God is a myth” with the express aim of turning people away from God in the name of freedom of speech. Atheists just had their public rally in Washington, DC. where, as usual, they denounced the Godhead. What do they believe in, in place of the Godhead? Nothing but themselves! Oh, science! Science that keeps revising theories, left, right and center, with practically nothing settled in science. At best, science is the  “discovering” of natural laws and technology is the manipulation of these laws to create value. No more, no less. But what is the origin of those natural laws? The natural laws themselves, just like their positive counterparts, must have an author and a beginning, wouldn't they? Somebody or something must be responsible for something. To otherwise hold that nothing is responsible for something is a contradiction in terms and grossly illogical. That is the ultimate question that religion, not science, must answer. Why are we here? That is the fundamental question that a fanciful fictional Big Bang theorizing will not answer and incapable of answering.

This is not being anti-science but realism. Science has its province in human affairs and so is religion. Science does not answer questions about morality and values. Only religion, not science can answer such fundamental questions. But alas! The individual has replaced God with himself and calls that “modern” and “scientific.” He has made science his god and religion while at the same time pretending not to be religious but calls himself, “atheist.” Religion is the belief in some power external to us. To the extent, therefore that science is the creation of man, it is man making his own creation his own religion. In other words, he is his own god! If this is not insanity, I don't know what is. But while atheists and other fringe groups are allowed free reign to renounce and denounce God nobody is allowed to mention the Christian God in public all in the name of separation of church and state as Governor Rick Perry lamented in the opening quotations in this piece. What does the reader think about a nation that pushes God to the side while according atheists and God-hating liberals the center stage of public life? Look no further than the Bible for answers in the story of Sodom and Gomorrah. And as the reader plots his/her way through this article he/she is sure to encounter more examples of the waning influence of Christianity in the west that indicate clearly and unambiguously the direction Christianity is headed in the west.

The waning influence of Christianity in the west is inversely proportional to the rise of liberalism in the west. There is therefore direct correlation between liberalism and political correctness on the one hand and the obvious precipitous decline in Christian religious values in the west on the other hand, where Christian evangelists in the US are now being looked upon with disdain as some historical throwbacks in a supposedly “modern” age of liberalism. That is the caricature that the Republican presidential candidate, Senator Rick Santorum, is fighting  to shake off in this political season. For standing up to traditional Christian values Santorum is being called such names as “religious extremist” and “women hater” by the liberal press and liberal loving Democrats alike many of whom claim to be “Christians” all because Santorum is against abortion and free contraceptives for women being promoted by President Obama and the Democrats, which are against his Catholic religious values. Christianity is steadily being hollowed out, purged of its traditional core values as the cultural demolition juggernaut grinds on.

As the author, Dan Brown, aptly puts it in his novel, The DA VINCI CODE: “The Vatican has gone mad. Like a lazy parent who found it easier to acquiesce to the whims of a spoiled child than to stand firm and teach values, the Church kept softening at every turn, trying to reinvent itself to accommodate a culture gone astray.” This is what political correctness and liberalism has brought to the west that is steadily spreading across the globe like the Bubonic plague that once destroyed Europe. But I have news for the west. If liberalism and political correctness succeeds in destroying its core heritage Christianity which now appears to be the target of liberals by watering down its religious values to please its liberal social engineers, it will find in the end that it has destroyed its soul. Europe will find that the void thus created will certainly be filled by another true religion, not the liberal caricatures of Christianity being erected, because the human soul longs for the real thing not its caricatures. The west must, therefore, understand this eternal basic truth: Religion is not politics, which is geared towards pleasing the electorate and telling people what they want to hear rather than what they need to hear. It is not about “modernizing” and “accommodating” people but “bending” errant humanity to obey the will of God, and not for God to be made to accommodate the vile wishes of man. Who then would be correcting whom? Is the tail supposed to be wagging the dog or the dog wagging the tail? Therefore, the notion of “bending” religion to suit our “modern” tastes is sheer bunkum and anti-religion.

God is NOT a politician seeking to please and accommodate errant people to get their votes at elections but the Supreme Monarch, if you like, whose word is law and it's either obeyed or disobeyed. The choice is for the individual. There are no two ways or middle course to it. Man therefore has no power to amend, altar, modify, abolish or otherwise sanitize the world of God to accommodate wayward ways. That is the bottom line. By trying to treat religion like politics the west is missing the boat and that spells grave perils ahead of it. Didn't the scriptures say that those who add or subtract from the word of God face eternal damnation? Well, that is what politicians seem to be doing to get votes. Unfortunately, even the Church, too, has joined to bandwagon to pad up their dwindling memberships. Vote seeking politicians and member seeking clergy joined in an unholy alliance to water down religious values and the word of God. It's all headed downhill. Of what use is a Church that waters down its Christian doctrines and values to attract a billion members swimming in sins as a way of life? Of what use is a Church for which the word “sin” has no longer has meaning and the use of which is eschewed in Sunday sermons during worship?    

Now some might ask, what has all of this got to do with the subject matter of this article? In particular, what has colonialism got to do with social engineering and counter-culture? Have we not put all of that behind us and moved forward? Why revisit these issues that the world has moved away from and left behind? The answer is we have not moved away from them because colonialism or what is often referred to as neocolonialism is live and well even in our present age morphing and changing its deceptive colors like a chameleon as we have seen with the comments of the French Interior Minister.

No, we have not moved away from them because racism and the ideology of white supremacy are not dead but thriving. And the attempt to force liberalism the leading ideology of the west down our throats is part and parcel of the battle for cultural supremacy of the west. Besides, our history must not be forgotten but shouted from the rooftops every so often just so we don’t lose sight of where are coming from and where we are going because history is the handmaid of the future. If you forget where you're coming from how will you know where you are going? History reminds us of the corrosive legacies of colonialism and slavery that remain with us and the legacies of slavery are still haunting African Americans and all Africans in the Diaspora in one form or another. Africa suffered a traumatic blow in the hands of racist Europeans, who were the greatest beneficiaries of African civilization and she is now dealing with what may be characterized as Post Traumatic Syndrome (PSD). This is why it is rather naïve to compare Africa with Asia that did not suffer the massive depopulation that took place in Africa for centuries on end in terms of economic development. This is not an excuse but the reason for Africa's unenviable economic conditions. It is the reason why, for example, African-Americans are still at the bottom of the pond in the US to this day even as later immigrants such as the Asians are getting ahead of them in their own country. And it is the reason why no black nation has made it to the top of the pack.

The damage is deep, wide, and profound, and will take centuries, not decades, to heal if at all. I understand that volumes have been written on this but still more will need to be written as euro-centric liberalism fans out to create mental (zombie) colonies abroad, including, of course, Africa. Otherwise, why would Europe threaten Nigeria with sanctions over her anti-same-sex marriage legislation when the US has a slew of similar legislation at both federal and state levels? History teaches us that weakness begets attacks as slavery and colonialism amply demonstrate. And that's why Gadaffi is dead and Libya re-colonized while President Assad of Syria, who has killed far more than Gadaffi is still there in control. President Assad is not a walkover like foolish Gadaffi, who had no real army. Here was a man who almost had nuclear weapons in his hands to serve as deterrence as the North Koreans and Pakistanis have since learned, but lost it, made peace with the west only to be savagely stabbed in the back like Julius Caesar by those he had made peace with. Europe dare not attack the US even indirectly for such anti-same sex marriage laws because the US is, at least for now, Europe's Protector-in-Chief from the Russians and the Chinese, and for that reason defers to her.

In the end it is entirely foreseeable the US that will provide the dam and bulwark against the currents cascading from European mountains of liberalism because the rest of the world could easily be intimidated and beaten into line by the European liberal gods in Brussels. But with the US media already on board the US itself is at risk of being rolled over by the liberal juggernaut but for the determined conservatives who are standing up to be counted as we saw in the quotations above. The present wave of anti-same sex marriage constitutional amendments sweeping across the US might just be the beginning of it. Africa must seize upon this resistant streak in the US that is utterly opposed to this egregious immoral intrusion and resist every threat or intimidation from the west to destroy her cultural traditions. Africa must remember her history, for failure to do so could spell her doom. In fact, it would be irresponsible not to. Aping the west in matters of traditions and values is tantamount to cultural suicide and plays right into the cultural supremacy designs of the west. The Jews will forever remember their history of the holocaust and use it as their compass for dealing with the rest of the world especially potential enemies like Iran. History is not remembered and mastered just so it could provide an excuse for failure but it is remembered and mastered just so it could provide the pathway to self-realization, which is sine-qua-non for success.

Copying others hook, line, and sinker does not beget recognition of equality but an attitude of utter contempt for the copier because only the inferior copies the superior. And the one copied is, ipso-facto, the superior. It is that simple. How then could the superior accept equality with the inferior? It was a huge and regrettable error for some African nations, including Nigeria, to have copied wholesale British laws hook, line, and sinker after independence. That singular error reduced Africa to nothingness because it is the ultimate admission that her own laws, customs, and traditions were indeed inferior and “repugnant to natural justice” and therefore required superior laws of the colonialists to tame or abrogate them altogether. Since then, it has been downhill for African nations that have been thus conditioned to place their trust on the Xerox machine to copy others than on their own brains to develop their own cultural assets. The human robots in African State houses made sure that that development paradigm endures. But that is about to change as Africa reasserts herself and her cultural heritage because culture is a terrible thing to waste.


Franklin Otorofani is an attorney and Public Affairs Analyst


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