Nigeria is One Of The Most Culturally Diverse Countries in The World - It Has a Population of About 165 Million People, 250 Ethnic Groups and 3 Major Languages (Yoruba, Hausa & Igbo) - It is One Of The Largest Oil Producing Countries and Certainly One Of The Great Soccer Giants. Nigeria Has 36 States and One Federal Capital Territory. The Current President is Jonathan Ebele Goodluck!



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Nigeria, a country once known as the "giant of Africa", now struggles to crawl on it's crippling feet and knees. It is the most populous and one of the most richly blessed (with both human and natural resources) countries in Africa, yet, the people struggle. Education is becoming increasingly unaffordable to the majority of eager and brilliant citizens, jobs are dwindling, the economy is in a period of uncertainty and the game of politics has never been dirtier.

What do we do?

FocusNigeria is a meeting point for all Nigerians to discuss their views on issues facing the country and its' citizens. This site is not affiliated with the TV Program Focus Nigeria.

We strongly believe that change is possible and we are here, to help facilitate that process, one article at a time. Please feel free to share issues that you feel are affecting Nigerians and the possible solutions. We will promptly review your article for publication and respond within 48hrs.

Chris Osiyi - Founder,

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This site is not affiliated with the TV Program Focus Nigeria