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No Academic Solution to Living Together.

By Fredrick Femi Robinson
 Published December 28th, 2008

I am forced to make these observations because I am beginning to believe that some intellectuals do not realize that most Nigerians are not as literate as themselves. I wonder if they realize that their well meaning academic views on national issues are often misunderstood. I am very much disturbed because these are men, whom I admire so much. These are men whose words should be swallowed as gospel truth. These people do not realize that their comments on the pulpit, in local and international forums could insight the illiterates in our society into violent action.

The continuous attack on Governments and Government policies by some of these men now portray them as dictators not democrats. When they make statements, they coat them with big English or deliver them with the air of disgust not realizing that those who report may not understand their motive. They often do not talk of coming into an understanding on an issue. They always believe they alone have the answer. They never try to have a dialog with the subject. They are too eager to speak to the press; too eager to “bring down the system”. These are people who have benefitted and are still benefitting from their criticizing of establishments and governments. They are always the first to talk when there is crisis any where in the country. We have Professors who are not practicing politicians telling politicians how to manage people. We have Spiritual leaders who do not pay taxes asking workers to pay tax. Is preaching is not a profession? We have Lawyers who failed in their attempt to be recognized politically; people who only survive when there is crisis affirming that their professional colleagues failed the nation.

In Nigeria today people who want to be recognized or settled, blackmail government by criticizing rather than offering an advice. I wish to appeal to the youths not to swallow what these people say hook line and sinker. For years, these people and their kind brainwashed many to suspect each other. Nigeria went to war in the sixties because of the likes of these people who used the media and queens English to set brothers against brothers. There are no academic solutions to problems of living together

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