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Benue State - Nigeria


Benue State was created in 1976 from former Benue-Plateau State and part of Kwara State. It derived its name from River Benue, which is the second largest river in Nigeria. The state lies in the middle part of the country and its boundaries are: Nassarawa state to the north, Cross River and Enugu states to the south, Kogi state to the west and Taraba state to the east.

The state has 23 local governments and enjoys the typical tropical climate with two clearly defined seasons, the wet and dry season.  It is blessed with abundant mineral resources and these include Petroleum oil, Natural Gas, Gemstones, Gypsum, Kaolin, Limestone, and a host of others. The state produces rich and assorted agricultural products, hence its recognition as the nation's "food basket". A few of these agricultural produce include; Soya beans, coco-yam, maize, beans, potatoes and cassava.

Benue state has a rich cultural heritage and it is largely a rural state, hence the emphasis on rural development.

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          Official Website of Benue State

Reference: Nigeria Factbook, 2007 (First Edition) Published By Risafu & Company.

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