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So Much Fuss About Bode George

By: Fredrick Femi Robinson"
 Published March 5th, 2011

Why are we making a lot of fuss about Bode George? This is a man who is not bothered by what you write or say. Remember the character Esu Kekere Ode in Yoruba mythology. When hit on the head with a big club he boasts “The needle may be tinny but the hen can not swallow it”.

Yes Bode George is one the celebrated South West rascals who answered the call to serve his country during the civil war. Don’t get me wrong Bode George is an exciting rascal who has always been undisturbed with what anyone says. He has been injected with serum which has intoxicated him to believe he is above the law. He was surprised he received a jail sentence but he served it in style. In the colonial days he would have been helping to dispose excreta our cutting grass in public places. This is what we should re introduce to make people like him behave. Why blame those who went to witness him ridicule his family name. Many of them were paid.

But, what has Bode George stolen that some others have not stolen or are still stealing? There are those who stole state lands properties, mortgaged state funds, created giant waste pipes to syphon state funds. These people are still boasting of how democratic they are in steal your money and making smile.

We know those who have become “The Untouchable”; The Action Cleaners, “Those who must be worshipped, obeyed and served”.

Bode George thought he had attained that status in PDP but found out he could not buy the EFCC. He also found he was in a party that would no longer cover him up. Those who blame PDP because it exposed Bode are anti Nigeria. There are bigger Bode Georges in some of our parties today. They are being covered up because they have a strong hold on their members.

Are you saying you do not know that there bigger rascals, mightier than Bode George in Nigeria? Or are we too scared to speak up? Do not forget, that this time it is not who the party puts forward it is who you believe in.

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