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By John Babalola
Published April 27th, 2008

There are some certain issues that one would initially not want to comment on by sticking oneís head in the sand with the prevailing thought that in the fullness of time these issues would sort themselves out. On the other hand when reality check kicks in like a wild blow to the jugular, this issue becomes so pertinent that one has no choice than to do the right thing because if nothing is said or done, like a cancerous decay that continues to fester and permeate our society and indeed our nation.

The analogy of a cancerous decay revolves round the profile of the ex governor of ekiti state Ayodele Fayose, a man whose tenure of office was characterised by divisive and acrimonious controversy before he was later impeached by the state assembly.

A man who is continuously finding it very difficult to have relevance amongst the intellectuals of the state based on his inability to use balanced argument and tact as an instrument of negotiation during his stewardship as civilian governor of his state.

It can be recalled that it was during his short lived tenure as the governor of ekiti state that AC as a party witnessed one of the highest form of highhandedness or political intolerance meted to them and especially to their leader Bola Tinubu and Fayemi, when the ex governor of Lagos State visited Ado ekiti . I believe AC would still be finding it very difficult to remove the treatment they receive from Fayose from their data bank, now that they are bosom partners.

Here is a man that is being prosecuted by the EFCC for defrauding ekiti state of an unbelievable amount of money to the tune of #1.4billion naira. He is also the same man awaiting trial for the murder of two ekiti notable indigenes. As I began to evaluate the political and moral significance of this man to see the substance he had engendered to the people of ekiti, I came to the conclusion that he has not demonstrated a level of integrity expected from a cultured man from ekiti state.

To see this critique of Fayose as Fayose bashing, would be to debase the argument as this impression could cause one to rightly miss the plot.

He is a public figure and in most circumstances of the case public figures and especially public servants has an unwritten rule in which they have purportedly acquiesced directly or indirectly to honest public introspection of their person in the pursuit of ascertaining their level of integrity.

If for instance a straw poll of the ex governors of the thirty six states of the federation is taken today to ascertain which ex governor has not yet bowed out gracefully but still interfering with the incumbent governor of their state, there is no doubt in my mind that the only person you will find engaging in this antics will be Fayose. The 64 million dollar question then is why? Is Fayose the only ex PDP governor in the land? Why is it that other ex governors are not disturbing the peace of their respective states all in the name of power show, and power struggle to be the "top dog" in the political hierarchy of their states.

Unfortunately, I see Fayose as a man whose relevance and political importance is on a downward spiral, diminishing everyday that he opens his gob especially in this ekiti state re Ėrun of the governorship election.

He gets so much carried away by his own sound bites and self importance that he forgot to understand that ekiti people will only listen to someone they consider as level headed and honest and of good repute.

How can an ex governor who is also a staunch party member of his party deliberately and blatantly be advising his own party members and the electorates in his state to vote for another political party without him jumping into that party himself. This shows a clear demonstration that he has taken sabbatical of his sense of judgement and consequently cannot be trusted anymore. What type of legacy would he be leaving?

I have no doubt in my mind that this is simply an arrogant way of Fayose telling the PDP or any political party that cares to observe his antics in ekiti state that he cannot be a team player. And of course more importantly this is a posture of demonstrating that he Fayose is bigger and larger than the PARTY in whose ticket he rode upon to become the governor of ekiti state in the first place. This will perfectly be true should the party accepts him back into the fold after the re-run of the governorship election in ekiti state in a couple of days time

It will also be difficult to believe if Fayose were to state that he has political advisers or at least confidants who advises him on personal or political issues as a matter of course, because nothing in his actions or his temperament so far has demonstrated that he has availed himself with any of such political anchors.

Fayose has also turned himself indirectly into a political leech trying to stick his teeth into the AC. It is no brainer that any close adviser would have advised him that his actions would be likened to that of a Russian dancing bear being manipulated to dance on the street for ACís political gratifications, and win or loose after the coming election the AC would drop him like a bad habit, because he would by then have outstayed his welcome and gone past his "sell by date".

Should there be any political party contemplating the idea of adopting Fayose into their political fold before, that party would have to think twice now. This is because any political party worth its salt would not see Fayose as an asset, rather he would be seen an explosive political liability so short fused and ready to explode at anytime. And there is no doubt that such an explosion whenever it occurs would cause such an unimaginable collateral damage to all and sundry within his radius should that doomed chance be taken.

In todayís society, no leader can afford to impose their will on others and neither can they demand to be respected at will. Our society is rapidly changing in this age of enlightenment that no so called a leader can be respected by their people anymore without them earning such respect based upon a record of achievement and a clean reputation that speaks for itself.

Either some people in Nigeria likes it or not, there is a new paradigm shift towards trustworthy leaders and I donít need to tell Fayose that in ekiti land, you live or die by your reputation, and so far a court of good repute has recently declared in their judgement that contrary to what Fayose postulates about in ekiti state, he is a liar and that he has no ounce of reputation in himself to protect.

So far as reputation is concerned, Fayose therefore needs to go back to the drawing board if he wishes to be accepted by seasoned people and not some sycophants in Ekiti land. Anything short of that would mean he is still living in cloud cuckoo land and having delusion of grandeur.

It would be a thing of joy to behold if the ekiti people were to lead the nation is rejecting the so called leaders who have soiled their hands during their term of service to the nation only to returning back to their communities as if nothing had happened. How can we change our society or our nationís culture of corruption if we are to continue to accept corrupt leaders no matter how much atrocities they commit whilst in the service their state or the nation.

It is high time a "code red" signal is sent out loud and clear to any leader man or a woman placed in a position of trust or responsibility in the state or the nation that they would be subjected to moral scrutiny and should they fail the acid test of corruption free legacy, they would not be welcomed nor accepted back into their communities.

I have searched extensively and I have not been able to find any occasion in Ghana, South Africa, England or United States but only in Nigeria unfortunately, where a statesman would blatantly make a mockery of the law by embarking on an electioneering campaign soon after praying for judicial forbearance to enable him travel overseas to receive medical attention for an ailment he contended required urgent medical treatment.

The truth about the matter is that if Fayose is a man of honour and not a coward without shame, he would refrain from docking and diving away from his legal responsibilities. Ekiti people should make a stand and show their derision against Fayose or any other notable leader whose intention is to live a legacy of lies, fraud and criminality, in their wake after the end their service to the state.

Fayose should respect the intelligence of the ekiti people and return immediately to the court of law like any noble statesman would do and claim his innocence by defending himself against all the criminal charges that has been levelled against him rather than playing avoidance tactics as no one is fooled.

John Babalola Manchester. UK ( )

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