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 Published Published March 20th, 2012

People desire ‘Democracy’ and at times vote for ‘Democratic government’; what then happens when the people you vote to rule turn to be ‘brood of Vipers ‘in government. An English word has synonyms that enable one to fully understand the meaning of a ‘word’. The synonyms for Viper are: brute, pig, rat, monster, beast, skunk, worm and animal. Take your pick from these words and you will arrive at the same conclusion with me that the government of Ibikunle Amosun in Ogun State is that of ‘brood of vipers’. Let us take a peep into Encarta English Dictionary for broader understanding and you will have these meanings of viper:
  1. Poisonous Snake: a snake with hollow fangs that it uses to inject into its victim when it bites. Native to: Europe, Asia, Africa family: Viperidae
  2. Reptiles same as adder
  3. Poisonous snake not of viper family: a poisonous snake belonging to a family other than that of the true viper, e.g. the horned viper
  4. Offensive term: an offensive term for somebody who is considered to be malicious, treacherous, or ungrateful (offensive literary)
The viper theory was brought forth after the demise of a tourism Icon of Ogun State. The actual cause of death of the valiant Egba Son, Sir Apagun Stephen Oluwole Olumide was the hollow fangs the governor of Ogun State (SIA) injected into Apagun’s Life Investments. It was worse than venom. SIA exhibited the traits of a malicious and treacherous man as evident in the revocation of all the properties of this great Egba Son without proven case of corrupt enrichment. Ibikunle Amosun by the seizure plunged Apagun into billion Naira debts of Investors money held in trust by him as the chief promoter of AGR. The investors include several Egba Sons and daughters and Ogun indigenes in Diaspora and Foreigners. The study of man is truly complex. The heart of a man is extremely dangerous and that is why you have degenerates and gutter snipers in power. Woe beholds anyone who is unlucky to cross the paths of these devilish men.  Imponderables came to my mind as I write this piece: Why did the Chicken cross the Road? Why would Apagun drown himself in the artificial lake he created?  Imponderables are collection of Life Puzzles and life is very complex indeed. Scholars reflect on imponderables with deep thoughts for knowledge. The destructive tendencies of these blood thirsty politicians need to be examined. Does this tendency fall under Psycho traits? Or sheer Wickedness? Why a sane man would seek political power for a pre-determined objective to destroy goodness? They are examples of imponderables that occur in politics, the sudden, the unusual, the bizarre, and the surprising.

These imponderables affect everything and everybody. Are our politicians ascribing to Isaac Newton’s law of gravity that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. In this context for a good deed, there is an equal devilish deed by the opposition. Apagun Olumide was a jolly good man, he was not a politician yet he contributed to the Infrastructural development, the accomplished goals and objectives, the paths and direction, the lights shone and the benefits accrued to Ogun State that are so incredible and eye-popping today but unfortunately SIA fails to see or refuse to appreciate. May God save us from the Vipers in government? It is unfortunate that violence perpetuated in an administration is called bad governance. Violence or a violent act involves threat or actual execution of acts which have actual or potential capacity to inflict physical, emotional or psychological injury on a person or a group of persons (Short and Wolfang; 1972:23).  Erikson (1985:19) felt that violence or violent act may also be collective (perpetrated by a group) or individual (perpetrated by an individual). Newton Garver (1991:47) opined that violence is best explained relative to its etymology—to violate. According to him, the basic issue about violence is that somebody is been violated. From the above views, the extended definition of violence enables us regard any action that infringes upon the rights of citizens as constituting violence.

The extension of violence to the realm of Government crops up out of the opinion that a government is culpable when it perpetrates such violations of rights like killing, disabling, causing pain, injustice and discrimination. The State has responsibilities to the citizens not only in terms of safeguarding their legal or civil rights but in terms of equally catering for their natural and human rights. Ibikunle Amosun (SIA) inflicted physical, emotional and psychological injuries on late Apagunpote of Egba land thereby causing his death. The present government in Ogun State is run by beasts that do not care for the youths as occasioned by TASUED crisis, the elderly citizens and Icons of Ogun State that have contributed immensely to the development of the State. Politicians must learn to appreciate others. Politics is not a do or die affair; it is supposed to be a service to God and humanity. My clarion call is to the people; in the next election be aware of vipers. As long as you cast your vote in any election you are part of the system. That your lone vote can actually build on a foundation of righteousness; use your vote wisely, vote the personality with integrity and character according to the dictates of your conscience. Character is the sum-total of personal traits possessed by an individual that makes him what he is. Character has special reference to moral qualities, ethical standards and principles, which guide a person’s conduct and cause him to choose one course of action over another. Integrity means living by the laws – both God’s laws and those of the society. Integrity presupposes that there is a situation and a desire to live by it. A person who lives by integrity will aim to do right and to wrong no one. His conscience will be clear, both towards God and Man. Conscience is basic to a work of integrity. Integrity is basic to righteousness.

The vipers in Ogun State government today lack Character. Evil is so entrenched in Ogun State to the extent that the virtuous, the law-abiding, the innocents, the charitable and the altruistic are no longer comfortable with the government while charlatans, swindlers, villains, fraudsters, traitors, dishonorable men & women, murderers, robbers, manipulators and hypocrites are in charge. Nothing is in proper order. Justice is thoroughly perverted, everything is upside down, truth is crushed, and evil repressed good. Some people act against what their conscience tells them for so long that eventually their conscience becomes numb – seared – no longer sensitive to right and wrong. History tells us that many egoistic, greedy, ambitious and wicked leaders met their doom due to their inability to decipher the time to stop and listen. Talking about history has brought my consciousness to the world of folk tales as written in another piece of mine titled “Not until I’ve been disgraced”. As usual the tortoise always occupies centre stage. From time immemorial, this animal, with its own unique way, has always fascinated me.  Tortoise is ugly, slow, and sneaky. I was told from childhood that Tortoise harbours many existential secrets. No folk tale was ever told without a didactic meaning. In one of the tales, Tortoise made a noisy preparation and announced that he was going to the market. His curious neighbour, seeing that the day was far gone, asked: “When will you return?” tortoise replied, “Not until I’ve been disgraced.” I thought of this parable once again today and in the memory of my Egbon, my friend and confidant, I say that the vipers will definitely be disgraced out of office and judgment day shall surely come upon them. A wise sage once said that an ingrate is but a robber in disguise. 

This brings me to another Tortoise story: After a heavy bout of drinking at a funeral party, tortoise bared his mind to his co-revelers. “I wish there would always be a party like this every weekend.” The others warned tortoise not to say such a thing because funeral parties could only be held when someone died. Tortoise retorted, “I don’t care if somebody has to die before a funeral party can be held. What’s so strange about anybody dying anyway? I’m not bothered as long as there is a big party where I can make merry.”  The following week, the town crier did his usual rounds of announcing new developments in the community. There would be a funeral service and party over the coming weekend, he announced. “Who died?” asked an elderly man in the gathering. “It is my painful duty to announce the untimely death of Mr. Tortoise,” said the town crier, “May his soul rest in peace.”Let those who have ears hear! Apagun’s sacrifice shall not be in vain. Adieu “Egbon”.

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