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Cabinet Reshuffle; A rethink

By Che Oyinatumba
 Published November 9th, 2008

After waiting for 5 months during which the anxiety was watered down, President Umar Yar’Adua expelled 20 ministers from attendance to the weekly Federal Executive Council Meeting. Apart from three heavy weights, the others are featherweights whose absence does nothing to convey that the presidency is serious about igniting people oriented fireworks among his ministers.

Modibbo was not removed solely because he lost against Goje his state governor, but how will you explain the religious zeal with which the ex-minister undertook the building of 60 Billion Naira Boulevard , planting 1 million trees valued at 1 billion naira when there are visible collapses of infrastructure in FCT? Traffic jams are building up in all the 3 entry points into Abuja with expansion works going on to alleviate the waste of time and productivity. Before el-Ruffai left the most popular means of transportation Okada was faced out and introduction of more buses and taxis introduced. Up to the time Modibbo was removed, these buses never arrived and the el-Ruffai taxis are near extinct in the FCT. Commuters are left at the mercy of Kabukabu, who often times turn out to be one chance. He could not even sustain the beauty of FCT el-Rufai achieved with sweat and blood of poor Nigerians who died while trying to perfect their C of O. Under Modibbo, Abuja was fast becoming a ghetto with illegal structures resurfacing. Furthermore he displayed an unforgivable act of loyalty by blaming the federal government of which he is a member for low pace of development.

Charles Ugwu has been a colossal failure. As President of Manufactures Association of Nigeria (MAN) he actively endorsed Obasanjo’s third term bid for which he was rewarded with PDP guber ticket in Imo state against Supreme Court ruling in favour of Senator Ifeanyi Ararume. It is now obvious that he was made minister to recoup the money he invested in the quest to steal Senator Ararume’s PDP mandate in Imo State . Under Ugwu , Nigeria was further infested by inferior goods from Far East while the local manufacturing sector went finally dead. A good number of industries dried up and elected to import finished goods. In deed the ugwu has been levelled, he should relocate to Imo State to see that Jodan toothbrush revives its quality.

Igwe Aja Nwachukwu had to leave because he exhibited high level of ignorance during the recently concluded NUT strike. It became obvious that he has no vision or sympathy for the decaying education sector when NUT refused to negotiate with Federal Government if Nwachukwu was part of the team.

Who needs minister of aviation when hunters can find a missing aeroplane? Felix Hyatt, Min. of State Aviation, wasn’t discrete about his incompetence when he went to war of words with the National Emergence Management Agency.

Beyond this point, I query the survival of Mrs. Diezani Alison-Madueke Minister of transport who wept in National TV that the job of tackling Nigerian roads is too much for her. She further compounded her incompetency when she revealed that there is no financial backing to carry out her duties.

John Odey has been keeping Nigerians in the dark with regards to information about Nigeria . One is at sea with regards to who is the minister of information between him and Segun Adeniyi SA to the President on Media and Communication. Under Odey’s role as minister of mis-information Nigerian journalists have had roughest days in the recent history of our post military dictatorship.

If the essence of the reshuffle is to give the battered go slow image of the administration a face lift, the retention of Micheal Aondoakaa, as Attorney General and Minister of Justice has driven the final nail in the lid of the comatose coffin of administrative style of this government. Since Micheal Aondoakaa, took over, the corruption in the judiciary especially election petition has increased and the war against corruption is now a puppet show. The AG’s office deliberately allowed the court to strike out the fraud case against Jimoh Ibrahim of NICON Group. The trials of ex-governors have entered voice mail according to popular parlance. Under him, technicalities have been used to frustrate the noble concept of rule of law, which this administration chants.

Minister of Petroleum has been no other person but Mr. President. The rot in NNPC and other auxiliary sectors under this ministry without a far reaching solution, shows that Mr. President is unfit to be a minister how much more a president. That he survived, is the final stroke that his reshuffling is irrationally done with no intention of injecting fireworks into the lack lustre Federal Executive Council.

I hope Nigerians will not have to wait for another 5 months before the replacement list goes to Senate. And at the floor of the senate, we want the would be ministers to first recite the National Anthem, followed by specific questions as to their proposed solution(s) to the problems confronting Nigeria in the face of overwhelming globalisation; the realistic or otherwise of vision 2020 and their political ambition after ministerial service.

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