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By: Hon. Josephine Olatomi Soboyejo
Former Member, Federal House of Representatives
Published February, 21st, 2010

This writer watched with consternation the macabre dance of the “NUTTY POLITICIAN” displayed at the funeral ceremony of Otunba Dipo Dina at Ijebu-Ode on Friday, February 12, 2010. I listened attentively to the spoken words of a man who pretends to be a democrat, two times Governor of the richest State in the South West of Nigeria; a man of low heritage who by adoption became the son of an influential Iya-oloja (market woman leader) whose name she bears to lay claim to the State he governed. I am talking of no other man but Senator Ahmed Bola Tinubu.

One can easily detects royalty from afar so also one can easily detects poor upbringing from utterances no matter the present status of such an individual. I watched the life coverage of the funeral ceremony intently and I was really sad at the happenings especially the unruly behavior of the rented thugs that camouflaged as mourners. They were a lot of misgivings for such an event. The demise of a young brilliant Ogun State citizen is truly a sad occasion but the somberness expected at such an event was missing among the AC crowd of mourners. A case study is the comparative sadness at the somber funeral ceremony of Omoluwabi Eko (the Captain), Engr. Funso Williams, who was also assassinated and was buried with great sadness.

The AC crowd clothed in political rumba was behaving as if celebrating the life of a dead old man. The coffin carriers were dancing, displaying skills and shaking the coffin. I looked intently into the eyes of the AC leaders at the event; they seem actually happy that Otunba Dipo Dina was dead. I cannot put my finger on the reason for this happiness rather than grief at that time but I later fathomed the possible reason for their joy.

I watched Senator Ahmed Bola Tinubu closely when the camera focused on him and I can detect radiance and his countenance radiated happiness that I wonder what joy this man can derive from the demise of a younger colleague; until he got up with ex-governor Osoba to address the unruly crowd that were so abusive to the representatives of Ogun State Government. Tinubu spoke in Yoruba “Be se se yen o tewa lorun. E ti fi edun okan yin won. E de ti so wipe ko gbodo si itaje sile ni Ogun State. E ni tefe ko lo oti lo” that means “Your unruly behavior is very pleasing to us, you have clearly demonstrated your intentions and motives and declaration of no further shedding of blood in Ogun State; You have driven them away because they are not wanted at this ceremony.” These inciting words confirmed to me a premeditated response to a grand plan. Tinubu continued in Yoruba language “Ohun to ba gba lama fun” meaning “whatever it takes, we are prepared and shall execute”. This is an informed unruly grand design to destabilize Ogun State where Tinubu is an alien. Ogun State is not Osun State and Tinubu has no part in Ogun State and cannot lay claim to it. If not for the maturity of the Ogun State delegation led by the Deputy Governor of Ogun State and the great respect for the dead man; Ijebu-Ode could have been turned into a war zone because the democratically elected Local Government Chairman of Ijebu-Ode, Giwa Mufu Oseni was a member of the delegation.

Every right thinking Yoruba man must now be on guard against the nutty politician and reject Bola Tinubu’s evil plans for Oduduwa States. Senator Bola Tinubu is nothing but an embodiment of evil, a devil incarnate. He is using the ill-gotten wealth from Lagos State to brain wash the people who not out of love or loyalty but because of their state of hunger are dancing macabre to his rumba music. Tinubu’s statement at the funeral ceremony of Otunba Dipo Dina was pathetic and unfortunate. It is not just a coincidence; everyone at the ceremony actually played a role. Tinubu imported thugs from Lagos to harass the representatives of Ogun State Government to give him the opportunity to speak like a Statesman. But he misfired for his words captioned him as a mad man literally on rampage to destroy all that is good and like the King Pharaoh of Egypt of Moses generation, he is leading himself and cohorts to political destruction.

I am not preempting the police who are yet to submit the official report on the assassination of Dipo Dina but since the AC leaders by their deeds and proclamation are sure the killing was not done by bandits; then the assassination of Otunba Dipo Dina must be a Coup d’état, within the AC. This planned Coup d’état started with the assassination of the only democrat among them, a true gentleman who was no longer happy with the state of affairs in AC and had shown intention to decamp. This act of eliminating Dipo Dina is a Crusade just like they killed Engr. Funso Williams for political crusade. Historically every Crusade needs a martyr only in terms of scope and consequence it differs.

Senator Bola Tinubu led AC made Otunba Dipo Dina a martyr for the planned AC Crusade. They believe that out of chaos comes order; to them catastrophe is political salvation. The Tinubu led AC so much wants to win election in 2011 in Ogun State that they are prepared to shed their own brother’s blood for sympathy votes. Their only thought is annihilation. Tinubu believes that only annihilation can bring political re-birth and gains not realizing that Ogun State is more sophisticated for them.

Otunba Dipo Dina was no threat to the government of Ogun State. The present focus is 2011 election and no one is looking towards Dina’s political zone for governorship successor. So of what use would his death then be? Dina has no added political value to PDP. It is only those within his AC party or maybe those decamping to AC that Dipo Dina could have been a threat to. The Executive Governor of Ogun State is no longer contesting for governorship having spent his constitutional two terms; so what benefit will he derive by aiding the killing of his own kinsman.

Those with brains and God’s giving sense will realize this and no insinuation from any quarter can change the salient fact. The first stone has been cast in Ijebu-Ode, revolution is underway; because no group has a monopoly of violence. Let us all be prepared to reject hooliganism at its breeding stage and killer politicians camouflaging as democrats. Our God is able and mighty in battle to deliver us from the evil ones. Let those with ears hear what the Oracle is saying. The AC failed in 2003, they failed in 2007 and will definitely fail in 2011 by God’s grace, Insha-Allah.

The turn of event is really sad. A river that forgets its source will surely run dry. Senator Bola Tinubu forgot the help of Otunba Gbenga Daniel in his bid for Governorship of Lagos State in his first term; he totally forgot the pot that cooked his delicious meal. It is also sad that the true Afeniferes’ are today in disarray. Afenifere was started with Love and there was great unity among members at the initial stage. Papa Obafemi Awolowo was the founder and leader of the Action Group (AG) and the Unity Party of Nigeria (UPN). These two Political Parties operated in the first and second republics of Nigeria respectively. These two political parties were socialist oriented and were largely committed to the growth and development of popular democracy in Nigeria. Most members of Afenifere were members of one or the two political parties. There are some members that were not really political but shared Awo’s vision. This writer was a member of Afenifere; firstly as a Yoruba, secondly as a member of Unity Party of Nigeria and thirdly as an elected member of Federal House of Representatives on the platform of UPN. I was the only female member in Awo’s burial Committee set up by Awo’s Associates when Papa Awo died. Members of Afenifere at that time shared Awo’s visionary stance on democracy. It is painful and very pathetic that rancor and division has become the bane of Awo’s Political Family after his demise. The turn-coats that are later cloned like Tinubu are not part of Awo’s visionary group. By their deeds, they are known. Like a Yoruba proverb that says: “Bi ile kan ba toro, Omo ale inu e ko ti dagba”. This means a peaceful home has no bastard child or still very young because once the bastard becomes mature; the family’s unity will be broken and the house can no longer stand.

It is really lamentable that Awo’s supporters have turned their backs against themselves instead of forging a common stand to uplift Awo’s legacies. The bane of the Afenifere has been unhealthy rivalry; trying to undo each other. Jealousy has become a common trait among politicians’ of today; Jealousy is like an acid and when not controlled, it can burn, destroy and maim. An individual overtaken with Jealousy can not think properly and will never see any good from an object of envy. It is clearly evident that Tinubu is envious of OGD and his unbeatable achievements. How can any sane Awo follower cast aspersion on the likes of Otunba ‘Gbenga Daniel (OGD)?

I am yet to meet a more committed Yoruba leader to the Yoruba Agenda/Project as envisioned by Papa Obafemi Awolowo. Like Papa Awo, Gbenga Daniel is hardworking and is been driven with the desire to serve God and humanity. OGD’s enemies are always at a loss as to the source of his staying power. It is a simple fact that he applies his abilities as endowed him by God to his mission.

Whatever Tinubu or his co-travelers might say the truth is salient and the truth is that OGD is pure Gold that can never be tarnished. In Plato’s allegory of the metals, the philosopher classified men into groups of Gold, Silver, and Lead. OGD is pure Gold because there is gold in his intellectual brilliance unlike the ‘Torontos’; there is gold in his tolerance unlike the nutty politicians, gold in his love for humanity, gold in his generousity, and fairness in dealing with others; there is gold in his unfailing loyalty to the Yoruba Agenda and self-sacrifice as epitomized in his hardworking day and night.

Tinubu is not a core member of Afenifere but Chief Dele Ajomale the Lagos State AC Chairman was and is still a member. Dele Ajomale should call to order his nutty political leader to stop desecrating the Yoruba legacies as enshrined and laid down by Papa Obafemi Awolowo hence the gods of Yoruba lands shall rise up and thunder. Yorubas’ are sensitive people and highly enlightened voters. The Yorubas’ from Ogun State in particular are traditional and historically sought to be led by leaders with high moral credentials. Whoever wants to succeed Otunba Gbenga Daniel must embrace democratic values and go back to the drawing board preparatory for the election in 2011. Those fighting OGD are just fighting God who has enthroned him and the wrath of God is devastating worse than any Tsunami.

OGD should not lose sleep on their nefarious activities. He should continue in love to do what he knows how to do best; serving God and humanity and God shall replenish him abundantly. Hear the Word of God OGD “When thou passest through the waters, God will be with thee; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee”. Remain focus and your commitment shall be celebrated with greater victory, to the shame of your foes and detractors.

Hon. (Mrs.) Tomi Soboyejo

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