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Dr. Dabo and Okhakume the Idle Fireman

By Erasmus Ikhide
 Published October 31st, 2008

Those who go in the name of Doctor as Dr. Okhakume Ijebor as he presumptively ascribed himself are expected to have arisen a little above vague and dim-wittedness as he does against Dr. Dabo Godwin Azuana’s timely interview in the Daily Sun newspaper edition of October 21, 2008. Okhakume sour-grapes in the Daily Sun newspaper edition of October 24, 2008 and jabs Dr. Dabo’s expository anecdotes as wrongheaded. But I’m tempted to say that Dr. Okhakume is essentially a cipher. He ploughs a lonely furrow in the virgin of injustice, and it is my duty to stop him from getting in the sun.

Nothing interests one more than responding with interest as one lay bear the inconsistencies of Okhakume’s cast who strut in acerbic ignorance, distorts history in an unseemly guise of falsehood. It’s repulsive, when in the main; supposedly percussionists of intellectual world trade away their self worth for what it worth. We might be mistaking to think Okhakume is an intellectual because he said so!

It’s even worst when other people have to interpret his words to him. How therefore might we grapple with the meaning of, ‘‘As often said, the judiciary is the last hope of all citizenry. But sentiments and emotions are alien to its operation’’. What is justice without the reflections and interlace of sentiments and emotions as calibrated in Edo 2007 gubernatorial poll? Justice is the interplay sentiments, emotions and sovereignty blended with aspiration of the people that translate to mandate as given to the diminutive giant, Adams Oshiomhole of the Action Congress, AC candidate of 2007 election. The only way justice could be served in Edo gubernatorial tussle is for the judiciary to further drown the stolen voices of Edo electorate who voted against despicable thievering to assuage their miseries that have been decidedly visited on them for eight cruel years of the locust.

Okhakume’s demeaning comments on electoral fraudfest in Edo is an attempt to trivialize the contemptible and criminal theft at best and the derided scrunch earth democracy at worst. I never new Okhakume could pass through the needless needle’s eye as a stalking horse. But the spin, Okhakume-as-a-lone-wolf demagogue had an unenviable advantage of allowing himself to be strewed in his juice of illiteracy. So implacable in its dubiety was his non-judicial stance that could send legal luminaries like Wale Olanipekun to be retrained otherwise.

He is an advocate of a joke in Fantasy Island that adduced nobility to criminality: that if an armed robber waylaid you at a gun point, relieved you of your prized possessions which he then handed out to a personable neighbour of yours, you just avert your gaze and move on with your life because the beneficiary of your stolen property is a jolly good fellow! 2007 (s)election is the most fraudulent of the country’s existence and the worst in the history of election monitoring according to domestic and international monitor of which I’m a part.

For Okhikume to persist in his ignorance or because he is a thoroughbred nihilist is to do further violence to the souls of those who were dispatched by PDP thugs into their early graves whose spirits are still crying for justice. That justice is the restoration of Oshiomhole’s freely given mandate. By that singular act, international laws of civic right of the people have been trampled into the dust and general injustice to humanity. I’m certain that Okhakume would not have had it in good temper if the shoe were on the other foot after the fraud that went in the name of election. The best way to ensure that pinion is not despoiled by uncanny commentary is to deconstruct the creator for what they are – the product of empty figment that has little or no regard for rational permutation. The rigging industry; vested interests, actors and actresses in Edo 2007 misnamed election were not too fortunate encountering a man with the teeth of steal; unbending courage and fierce intellect. If we must imbibe and re-brand our political culture towards acceptable standard of practical democracy Adams Oshiomhole should be the rallying point for its actualization.

Okhakume’s distortion on what Oshiomhole represents and what Osunbor does not in his accusations against Dr. Dabo is a sad commentary on how somewhat we have stayed untrue to our essence as a nation and why we have remained a pre-colonial wasteland despite the opulent resources in the midst of squalor!

A recap of Dr. Okhakume’s slur on Dr. Dabo and his idea of better personage who embodied profound ideology of modern democracy between Oshiomhole and Osunbor bears quote: ‘‘you cannot place Dabo Azuana’s views on the Osunbor/Oshiomhole judicial tango on the same beam balance like those credited to the revered Gen. Colin Powell in his endorsement of Barack Obama, across party lines’’. He went further: ‘‘In the former, a suffice of shallow empirical analyses and befuddled sentimentalism beclouded the rational assessment of the issue in contention. Powell, a former US General and Secretary of State and a prominent member of the Republican Party, did a wizened review of what Obama and McCain( his party candidate) represents, not who they are’’.

Gen. Colin Powell told Mr. Brokaw in an interview on October 19, 2007, Chuck Todd, political roundtable, and I quote: ‘‘I have said to Mr. McCain that I admire all he has done. I have some concern about the direction the party – Republican Party – emphases mine, has taken in the recent years. It has moved more to the right than I would like to see it, but that’s a choice the party makes’’. Gen. Powell was referring to the selection of Sarah Palin as Vice-presidential candidate of his party and other sundry issues.

Gen. Colin Powell said of Barack Obama: ‘‘And I come to the conclusion that because of his ability to inspire, his rhetorical abilities … because of who he is; emphases mine, as well as his substance … he has met the standard of being a successful president, an exceptional president. It’s pertinent to draw a binocular from Okhakume’s not who they are – Oshiomhole/Osunbor, and Gen. Colin Powell’s because of who he is – Obama. Okhakume is a classical example of an afflicted mind; though schooled in every way possible, but has his head to his hands.

First, Dr. Okhakume cannot be a Border collie and a Pit bull at the same time. He is in the worst kind of perfect storm of inconsistency that is John McCain’s undoing as also highlighted by Gen. Colin Powell as part of the reasons he prefers Obama’s coordination to McCain’s disjointed and disconnected message. The crudity inherent in Republican Party and its presidential candidate, McCain is better appreciated and replicated in PDP and Osunbor. Second, the issue in contention is that Oshiomhole is far more popular than Osunbor even in Iruekpen, Osunbor’s home town, and that Oshiomhole won 2007 election, in spite of the fraud, fair and square. Again the conundrum: who is Osarheimnen Osunbor and what does he represent? Osunbor is a professor of law because he is so addressed, so what? And we all know what he represents. Osunbor represents tenure elongation for Ex-president Olusegun Obasanjo, he emblematizes rigging industry and epitomizes the political imbalances in Edo state and Electoral Law Fraud ELF, as the ultimate benefactor of a committee he chaired while in the Senate and has remained in office as a defacto governor.

If the nation institutions had been working as expected, Okhakume would have been honoured with indefinite residency in the maximum security prison for vending electoral fraud, as laudable a goal for stemming the nations political and economy tide. He is to be muffled for his bad vices in spite of the fact that he could be forgiven as repository of vagueness, lost thought, bereft of idea and civility – just another incoherent being succumbing to the looming fatigue of a departing soul – evincing a touch of masochism.

To play a role in the ceremony of garments, you must wear one. The question is where was Okhakume when PDP was plundering the state resources? Okhakume the fireman remained idle during the electioneering; it is not because of lack of fire, but the electorate, rather than relying on the fire brigade, persisted on their votes being count. Now Okhakume is seeking the bird that’s flown and can no longer put salt to its tail.

Emmanuel Ogbeche, media affairs analyst writes from Abuja.

  And Communications, Constitutionalism
And African Democratization, CAAD. 

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