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Ebonyi State - Nigeria

Current Governor: Chief Martin Elechi

Ebonyi state is one of the states located in the south-eastern part of Nigeria with Igbo indigenes making up over 90 percent of the population. The state was carved out of the former Enugu and Abia states on October 1st 1996 and has its' capital in Abakaliki. It has an estimated population of 2,173,501 people with female preponderance.

The state has thirteen local government areas and shares boundaries with Benue state to the north, Cross River state to the east, Enugu state to the northwest, and Abia state to the southeast.

The indigenes of the state are farmers predominantly, therefore, the state government has several programs to encourage agricultural activities. Some of the major agricultural products include; rice, maize, groundnuts, yam, cassava, banana, beans, vegetables and fruits.

The state is also endowed with numerous mineral resources, a few of which include; marble, lead, zinc and limestone.
Ebonyi state is often referred to as the "the salt of the nation" because of its' richness in salt deposits particularly at Uburu and Okposi Salt Lakes.

The people of the state have a very rich cultural heritage and even though predominantly Igbos, they speak several other distinguishing dialects. A few of the numerous tourist centers in the state include; the pottery works at Ishiagu and the Ndibe Beach at Afikpo.


Official Website of Ebonyi State


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