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Edo Road Rehabilitation (II)

By Erasmus Ikhide
 Published  July 7th, 2009

The critical mass of Edo people who filed to vote and voted in the boiling sunshine of April 14, 2007 for Adams Oshiomhole and Action Congress, AC party deserve the very best this government can, and must offer them. And that is given. We are committed to doing just that so that through our efforts at sanitizing the streets, desilting the drainage and rehabilitating the roads as we are doing on a durable term, the state, once again will be in the comity of compatible Cities, Towns and Villages where modern infrastructures are readily accessible.

We know that the challenges are daunting, not as easy as they seem on the surface due to meager resources that is accruing to the state coffer; nonetheless the people reluctance to yield to the state Government’s appeal to embrace the painful but rewarding option of paying our taxes in accordance to Federal laws of Pay As You Earn, PAYE. By the time the necessary requisites are meant, the good governance we crave will manifest in the existence of a political space that promotes accountability, fiscal discipline and responsibility, social justice, and transparency towards service delivery for all.

The people who are the greatest resource of this administration, the Edolites remain the primary objective of the developmental agenda in her quest to repositioning the state. Oshiomhole owes it a duty to function within the context of dialogue, consultation and constitutionalism in a state where misbaptized gang-stars had strove in obscene madness without recourse to the peoples’ plight. The critical resources of this administration remain the people who insisted that the right thing have to be done for once, and at all times.

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Oshiomhole whom the people entrusted their sovereignty to leader them in the next 4 years exemplifies that paradox of a doer-activist-Governor they crave, who would rather perform to justify his mandate than to fizzle out the aspiration of the people and dash their risen hope. His coming will put to rest the branded lies that civil activism is automatic visa for institutional and leadership failure. Nelson Mandela, a core activist and the Saint of slum of modern day South Africa didn’t fail, none Albert Einstein of Israel . We are certain that Oshiomhole will improve the lots of our people since he is adequately positioned and surrounded by enablers who have done very well in their various fields of human endeavour.

Now this. Think of Edo State in the hands of misbegotten political leaders in the next 8 years who wound down a mutant of misgovernment for all they care! Think of Edo State in the hands of these political rascals who undermined all the laid down rules and regulations that guide socio-economic and political development of a fledging democracy in other to entrench unbelievable corruption and waste!! Think of Edo State in the hands of these electoral twitters and self-appointed leaders who engaged in criminal distortion and mis-governance and arrogance of power with suffocating streaks to create apathy in the minds of honest people to dare the

Scene!!! Think of Edo State …!!!!

What has been more sinister in all of this is the penchant to continue to loot and keep our state in ruins, without care about the needs of the downtrodden who are looking up to them for succor and respite in the midst of grinding poverty. The closest the people have ever come since the days of Samuel Ogbemudia and Ambrose Alli is now when the govern repose virtual confidence in a Governor they elected to deliver the goods.

Those who run the state too close to the edge in time past and their party who ought to have lost the spin to criticize the current Action Congress, AC party administration are wont to remind us of our unenviable past in which might is power and power symbolizes corruption. They are now criticizing Oshiomhole for not doing over, overnight, what took them several years to ruin!

If we do think of how many years it took the PDP to run the State aground, we would realize that we are now hundreds of mills away from that given political rascality and violence, electoral rubbery, social irresponsibility, fiscal indiscipline, and leaders that operate in Government House more like mafia gangs in Hollywood movies. They were there when the worth of the naira note begins and ends with when allocations are made available in the state’s coffers and its disappearance. They were there when the allocations of the state were used to minister to the vanity of godfathers who have arrogated the peoples’ rights to themselves.

But now we are hopeful that in the end the people of Edo State in particular and Nigeria in general will celebrate the coming of Adams Oshiomhole; I hope word ‘‘celebrate’’ is the one that will rise from the ashes of the State ruined and shine as he once did as a labour leader.

Erasmus Ikhide is the Senior
Special Assistant on Media Affairs
to Edo State Governor, Comrade
Adams Aliyu Oshiomhole.

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