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Edo: Roads Rehabilitation Commenced

By Erasmus Ikhide
 Published  June 24th, 2009

The Edo State governor, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole is poised at fulfilling those electoral campaign promises to the good people of the state that: ‘‘should he be elected to govern, the terrible lanes of misery and the source of social discomfort and the symbols of bad leadership shall be a thing of the past’’. This promise; coming from an all times supporter and defender of the downtrodden and a trusted Comrade settled his choice in the minds of the electorate for a change in governance they had long awaited; one that they can zero in on its deliverability.

Government is worthy only of the name for that purpose: fulfillments of her obligatory responsibilities to the governed as part of her social contract to galvanize the peoples’ aspiration in the face of despairs. To actualize this, all hands must be on deck to support the policy of government as a matter of course in order to realize the intended development we crave. So far, the cooperation of the people is the greatest asset Oshiomhole-led administration has enjoyed – even in the midst of economic down turn – as they wait patiently for this government to deliver.

For Oshiomhole, failure is not an option. His promise to deliver the maximum service to the people all through the electioneering is gradually being realizable in the state after thorough, thoughtful and holistic examinations of the State infrastructural needs of the people. That has yielded results. With the aggressive rehabilitation of roads and drainage desilting going on in the State Capital the people are rest assured that Oshiomhole’s administration will not follow the tracks of his predecessors who had ritualized the habit of saying one thing and doing another – if at all they ever did anything – just to retain their unearned hold on political offices.

The roads rehabilitation efforts of the government in the raining season is to avoid the recurrent episode of flooding that have severally washed away the peoples’ residence in time past along with vulnerable children who could not wriggled themselves out of their flooded homes. It would never be said that flood washed ashore peoples’ houses and its inhabitants in Benin metropolis and elsewhere while the Comrade was Governor. Neither would it be said in the end that in his time the resources of the state meant for its growth grew wings and flew into foreign bank accounts without trace.

It is an open secret that not much can be achieved on roads construction due essentially to this period of rainy season. We found ourselves in this avoidable situation because we have a House of Assembly that was Hell bent on doing the ‘‘right thing’’, asserting her legislative authority for detailed budgeting examination. The fact remains that in infect this incident of budget delay will be helpful in the future, irrespective of any political party in control of the state to also insist on doing the ‘‘right thing’’. This not withstanding, the Ministry of Works has successfully executed the rehabilitation of 14 selected roads in so short a time at a minimum cost by the ministry’s direct labour.

Today, we are celebrating the coming of an era, where the totality of the people who gave their total support to the current administration are heaving a sigh of relief in the quiet recesses of their homes or office and savor the worth of government they elected to office. A total of 14 selected roads rehabilitated within Benin metropolis, and desilting of drainage and manholes around the City for the enhancement of easy flow of storm water is a enough indication that Benin will wear a new look very shortly.

This is to raise the fruitfulness of the good governance concept that is the hallmark of Oshiomhole’s campaign slogan – transparency, integrity, accountability and even free choice. This administration certainly would widen the scope of public interest, laid democratic example in the administrative style of a nation in dire need progressive leaders. The whole process now touches upon the effectiveness and efficiency of good governance, which has eluded the people who have been striving for its manifestation. We will continue to satisfy general interest of the larger public other than the individual needs and wants of a few.

There is no question that attempts were not made before by the previous administrations who have ruled on behalf of themselves and their cronies and their family members and their unborn generation without recourse to mending the roads and desilting the drainage on a durable term. Several make-believe attempts were made to deceive the people that work was going on. But once contractors backs are turned the roads are wash off by erosion the next season! And once their homes are effectively secured from erosion ravage, they look the other way, a gesture that suggests that erosion victims can go and a jump in the high sea!

No doubt, this government is bred apart. Oshiomhole’s coming did not only epitomize the value that underpins an open opportunity society as a pre-condition for growing democratic tenets and developing the economy, but has also widens the people aspiration in a nation whose sing song of rule of law and electoral promise are observed in its breach.

Erasmus Ikhide is the Senior
Special Assistant on Media Affairs
to Edo State Governor, Comrade
Adams Aliyu Oshiomhole.

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