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Edo State - Nigeria

  Current Governor: Adams Oshiomnhole

Edo State was created on August 27, 1991 when the former Bendel State was split into Edo and Delta states. The capital is Benin city and the population ( based on 2005 estimates) is 3,218,332, males being slightly more than females.

Edo state has three main ethnic groups ( Afemai, Binis and Esan) and 18 local government areas. It shares boundaries with Delta State on the south, Ondo State on the west, Kogi State on the north-east and Anambra State on the east. Edo state has a typical tropical climate characterized by two distinct season; the dry and wet seasons.

The states is profoundly blessed with abundant mineral resources, a few of which include; crude oil, limestone, marbles, quartzite, gold, chalk and clay.

The predominant occupation of the people of Edo state is agriculture. Some of the crops produced are rubber, palm oil, maize, rice and plantain, cocoa, yam, cassava, Sugar cane, cashew, groundnuts and Soya beans.

The people of Edo state have remarkably rich cultural heritage that is evidenced by the unique customs, burial rites, and other traditional celebrations.


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