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Elendu's Arrest: Call For Action!

By Oyinatumba Che
 Published November1st, 2008

Since 18th of October 2008, Jonathan Elendu, the brain behind has been a prisoner in SSS detention centre Abuja . All attempts by his lawyer to confer with him, met brick walls and contrary to the much chanted rule of law by this administration, Elendu has been in cell for more than 48 hours without any charge being proffered against him. Elendu merely came home to visit his fatherland and was kidnapped at the Abuja Airport by members of the State Security Service (SSS)

What is Elendu’s crime?
Elendu is a United States based online journalist, who has been reporting the ills bedeviling Nigeria , which the administration doesn’t want Nigerians to read about. His second sin is mistaken identity. The SSS goons after the missing 17 days in Hajj by Mr. President, are in search of anybody remote or imaginarily associated with Saharareportes. It was sharareporters that broke the news about the health condition of Mr. President two weeks before the sudden and elongated lesser Hajj jamboree.

Why are the SSS after these online journalists? Most Nigeria Newspapers have of late become a paid mouth piece of those who offer them adverts. At the last count, over 80 % of the papers circulating in Nigeria is own by an ex-governor or a sitting one. Sun Newspaper, Spectator-Oji Uzo Kalu, Independent Newspaper-James Ibori, The Nation Newspaper and Life-Ahmed Tinubu, Compas Newspaper-Gbenga Daniels to mention but a few. A good number of them e.g Thisday Newspaper, Africa Independent Television (AIT)now give awards to those in government instead of putting them on their toes to deliver dividends of democracy to their constituencies. Furthermore unlike in the early 80s when Nigerian media was setting agenda and were investigative, the culture of brown envelops and systematic corruption has eaten deep into the ethics of the profession. A good number of quality news about Nigeria is culled from either BBC, VOA or these online blogs operated by Nigerians in Diaspora dedicated to Nigerian affairs. Hence the Nigerian State is happy with the sleepy media which these online journalists want to wake up to their responsibility.

There is nothing a tyrant fears most than an educated citizenry, for the greatest weapon of an oppressor, is the silence of the oppressed. So chant it load, SSS RELEASE ELENDU or charge him to court. Activate a free Elendu campaign in your neighborhood today. The slide of Nigeria to tyranny began with the closure of Channels television over the rumored impending resignation of President Yar’Adua. And the Secrete Oath administered on the aides to Mr. President.
If you feel less concerned, cast your mind to George Orwell’s Animal Farm. The rules were gradually changed till Animal Farm became worst than Manor’s Farm. More also, the Ram should not rejoice that it is headache of the Chicken as Christmas draws near, he only escaped Sallah to be fattened for next year’s slaughter. Today it’s Elendu tomorrow it could be you. This attack on Nigerian returnees should be stopped as it is affecting Nigeria ’s image and those with something to offer in the quest of Nigeria to be among industrialized nations by 2020 will think twice before boarding a one way fight to Nigeria .

You see what happens in the absence of quality information? When the cat is away, the mouse will play all manner of mischief. The SSS still stuck on military mentality have failed to understand that misinformation can only be corrected by correct information and not arresting people of shady “threat to national security” Isn’t a sick president a threat to national security?

It is the inability of the Nigerian State to state the true health condition of Mr. President in line with Section 144 of the 1999 Constitution that the SSS goons are arresting every whisper as a threat to national security. The whole world knows the true health status of mere contestants McCain and Obama why not a sitting president Yar’Adua? Nature abhors vacuum and where no quality replacement, the fertile imagination of man will go on a frolic.

Che Oyinatumba


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