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Open letter to Mr. Ruben Abati

By: Daniel Atignon  
 Published January 17th, 2012

Dear Mr. Abati,


I thank God for making way for you to be there as one of the advisers in the presidency in such a time like this. I carefully listened to comments, critics and body language of many stakeholders in this crucial time in history of our nation and our continent; this made me rewind back to those issues since early 1989 when one of the then regimeís policies was rejected and took people to the street and there was riot in some states of the federation. In fact, I ponder on the post June 12 struggle, the Abacha era and adventure of PDP into the soul of this nation. Suddenly, I realized that the people have not been well represented. But what lesson have we learnt?

Again, I recalled all those who were in the forefront of the struggle: the likes of late Gani, Beko (May their souls rest in peace). Also, I decided to ruminate on the contributions from other sectors including the media which I am familiar with. The 1st man I thought of is you, Mr Ruben Abati of the Guardian newspaper. Your fervor, your hatred for politics of the demagogues, means a lot to the oppressed citizens of Nigeria.

Brother Ruben, I appeal to you to revisit your article in the guardian entitled: IN SEARCH OF A TRUE NIGERIAN and many other utterances during the 2003 /2007 presidential elections on Channels Television. They were all about leadership and behavior of the elites, the gap between the rich and the poor. Now, in this opportune moment   to give better advice in the presidency, why do you choose to be the Chukwumerije of June/August 1993? There are some truths I was taught which I know, are not hidden to you as media practioner:

1)      A Public Relations Manager is not jack of all trades.

2)      No matter how well packaged, you shouldnít sell a bad product.

3)      Each product or service has a unique selling point (USP).

4)      Consumers, mostly watch out for the core product.

Based on these, we need more explanations  on the controversial Fuel Subsidy Removal that has caused the loss of life and dented our economy in a few days. We expect more intellectual debates on Channels TV telling us about this core product called Fuel Subsidy Removal. Unless you tell us how good it is in the short term and long term run, the masses will not buy the idea. Finally, let us know the benefits each individual or group stand to gain and why itís the best alternative.

Come, Brother Ruben come! Come and tell the remaining eleven children of Jacob why they should die before their father can give them their inheritance.  We need to know the etiology of fuel subsidy so that we will all campaign for itís removal. We will continue our demand for more explanation except you recant all you said some years back as  mere expression of your opinion.

Daniel Atignon, Lagos.

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