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Enough is enough: Our Ghadaffis

By: Fredrick Femi Robinson
 Published March 5th, 2011

I am one of those who appreciate Omo Eko but some actions and utterances now make me wonder if Omo Eko has not been been sucked into the Jeun Soke Clan? Has Omo Eko sold us out to the clan in order to secure a second term?

Lagos appreciates what Omo Eko has achieved and would love to give him a second chance but are we sure he has not been bitten by the bug?

The problem with our major political parties in Nigeria today is the fact that a Ghadaffi will often rise up through the ranks and begin to claim the power of life and death. The Ghadaffis will begin to assert to themselves the right to determine how you should be ruled. They will make statements that make you wonder if you obtained a University degree only to be messed around by nonentities.

Funny enough if you do not humor them they will take you as their enemy. I begin to wonder how long we shall continue to humor these people. What hope do we have when our man seems to have succumbed to the powers of the Jeun Soke Clan. To them the performance of our brother Omo Eko was not enough for him to be given a second term unless he bows to the wishes of a great Ghadaffi in Lagos.

So many politicians were told to forget their ambition because a great Ghadaffi in Lagos said so. Whenever there is reference to the success in Lagos we erroneously associate it with a party that has for years been feeding fat on the wealth of Lagosians. They do not refer to the determination of Omo Eko to leave an enviable mark; Eko o ni baje. Lagosians now know that they have been funding the ambition of the great Ghadaffi.

Tell me what development did the common man see in Lagos when the great Ghadaffi held sway except Jeun Soke; that is the act of throwing money on the streets for hunger- stricken people to fight for. Honestly it was an era when you regretted being poor.

When the people of Egypt revolted to remove their Ghadaffi many Nigeria politicians predicted that such could happen in Nigeria. I am surprised they are yet to realize that they are the ones who should start parking their baggage.

The snail boasts of its’ protective shell, forgetting the shell could one day be broken. How soon? We can not tell. Some of us who believe in Omo Eko are now worried that he may have sold us out. Most of those who would have been his support have been told to forget their ambition for those who would be willing to obey the great Ghadaffi. Who says an impeachment game is not in the offing? We are living witnesses of the court actions that removed some honest officers who refused to Jeun Soke.

I am happy that the Ghadaffis of this world are now realizing they can no longer suppress the people’s will. One day, they will vomit all they have swallowed. Are you a Ghadaffi?

Script by Femi Robinson.

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