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Imo State - Nigeria


Current Governor: Ikedi Godson Ohakim

Imo state (located in the southeast part of Nigeria) has twenty seven local government areas and shares boundaries with Anambra state to the north, Delta state and River Niger to the west, Rivers state to the south and Abia state to the east. The state was created February 1976 and the capital is Owerri.

Imo state has many rivers, in fact it derived its name from the Imo River. Other major rivers include the Otamiri and Njaba. Imo state occupies an estimated area of 5,100 square kilometers and is blessed with abundant natural mineral resources which include crude oil, limestone, lead, zinc and natural gas. The predominant language spoken by the people of Imo is Igbo.

Imo state is also blessed with numerous tourist centers, a few of which include the Mbari ( located at Ikenegbu), Oguta Lake Holiday Resort, and the rolling hills of Okigwe.


Official Website of Imo State


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