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Jega Should Resign

By: Kazeem Olowe
 Published April 4th, 2011

The INEC chairman, Prof. Attahiru Jega has brought a national embarrassment and disgrace to our nation Nigeria; it has never occurred in history that a big nation like Nigeria will organize an election without adequate preparations and later cancel it few hours after the commencement of the exercise.

Prof. Jega has been on this project for months now and he had the privilege of using the Delta state rerun election as a test case before this time. How come that a man who has been giving all kind of assurance(s) about the level of preparedness of his commission towards achieving  a free and fair election is the same man that is giving flimsy excuses on logistics problems today?

The National Assembly elections which have been scheduled for 2nd April 2011 was planned to start with accreditation of voters between 8am and 12noon while the voting proper starts at 12.30 pm; while accreditation starts as planned in some part of the country unfortunately, in some part of the country most especially in North central and North East they don’t have what is required to commence the exercise.

Also, most state doesn’t have the Form EC8 which is what they will use to record the actual number of people voted after the election.

Public officers with sensitive post like Jega should not wait till this time before calling off the elections based on stupid and unacceptable excuses like “It was vendors that caused it....” “Japan had problem and it affected our materials” “They promised us that the materials will arrive and we believe them but...”.

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Jega collected over N100 billion over five months ago and assured Nigeria that all will be well why this shit? International observers are on ground what and how did he want them to perceive us?  Does it mean that Nigerians cannot conduct an election? Does it mean that Jega is incompetent and  slow in nature? Or he lacks courage and strength to face the task ahead.

Sincerely speaking, people like Jega should resign after the press briefing indicating the calling of the NASS elections because the move has portray him as incompetent fellow.

On the account of fixing another day for the elections, why did he fix Monday which is a working day? Why not combining the elections together with the ones coming up next week Saturday afterall, we’ve had such in the past. Conducting an election on Monday will make Nigeria as a nation to lose billions of naira; individuals and corporate bodies will also lose millions of naira just because of one man’s mistake or incompetence.

Although, people have been saying that they couldn’t find something spectacular in the running of INEC by Jega because there is no difference between him and his predecessor (Iwu). Jega’s INEC is boastful but with little achievement so far! Was it not under Jega’s INEC that voter registration was discovered in the bush? Was it not under Jega’s INEC that candidates are listed, de-listed and later re-listed again? Was it not under Jega’s INEC that party excos are submitting candidates list to the body as against the electoral Act?

I think people should be alive with their duties and take full responsibility; if you cannot do things say you can’t, nobody will crucify you for that not that you would have boasted for months and few hours in the elections you now call it off based on your personal incompetence.

Jega should resign and if he is feeling shy to do that there is nothing bad in sacking him and ask his deputy to take over because this national embarrassment is monumental!

Kazeem Olowe

Public Affairs Analyst

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