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No Tears for Justice Ayo Salami

--Cutting-Edge Analytics--

By: Franklin Otorofani
 Published February 11th, 2011

No tears for Justice Ayo Salami.  His cup is full and indeed overflowing. All these allegations being spewed out like sewage against the CJN and others are clearly indicative of the actions of a drowning man holding on to the last straw.  The Hon. CJN should not even condescend to respond to them because that would amount to dignifying trash with his high office. He should simply ignore the rant of a drowning man who is looking for the sympathy and empathy he hardly deserves. Where is the evidence in writing of these allegations against the Hon. Chief Justice Aloysius Katsina-Alu? Where is the proof of these outlandish allegations? The man is just throwing mud all over the place as he goes down the drain in his own sewage. Nemesis has finally caught up with him for his satanic role in the election petitions.

I saw this coming a long time ago  in view of the avalanche of petitions against him; not only in the Sokoto Guber case which he had clearly intended to rig but for the appeal to the Supreme Court, but also in the several cases in the south/west that were clearly rigged in favor of the ACN. How in the world could a man who was socializing with Bola Tinubu  who is the chief beneficiary and instigator of these fraudulent cases in Ekiti and Osun, be taken seriously and be allowed to remain in the judiciary doing more damage to the citadel of justice? How could a man who publicly confessed in an interview of using only certain judges in the Appeal Court to do his bidding be allowed to remain in the judiciary? That confession alone is more than enough to kick his butt.  It's a shame that a man like Justice Salami has been tolerated for this long at the Court of Appeal wreaking havoc on the judiciary.  He is out and out a politician not a judge and that much is evident in the trash he is throwing around with no decorum at all. The man has no decency at all even in his language.

All those shouting blue murder are, of course, the principal or supporters of the principal beneficiaries of the fraudulent judgments procured through Salami—the usual Lagos Axis of Evil.  What do you expect? They will not sit quietly and watch their man go down like that. They will raise hell because their man is going down and it will take some time before they procure another Justice Ayo Salami to use to “win” elections in the states.  When ACN is raising hell over the plight of Salami you don't need to consult the oracle about what is happening. ACN only wins election through the judiciary. It had been looking forward to having another grand party with Salami again come the April elections to grab yet more states in the west through him at the Court of Appeal.

Let’s face it: ACN is shedding tears because it will no longer have their hatchet man in the Court of Appeal to do its bidding. Shame on them! All their judge-made governors must be having sleepless nights. They have to watch their backs because their judicial backbone has been broken. The CJN did Ayo Salami a great favor by elevating him to the higher bench. He is completely undeserving of that higher position. He should be dismissed outright from the bench because he is huge stain in the Temple of Justice.  He should not remain in the bench one day longer. 

And by the way, why is he even resting promotion?  Does the Court of Appeal belong to his father, Tinubu and the ACN? Why is he bent on remaining at the Court of Appeal? And why is ACN of all parties jumping into his defense?  What vested interests does he have in the Court of Appeal that he does not want to let go off? His refusal to be moved from the Court of Appeal speaks volumes about the vested political interests he is using his position to advance and promote at the Court of Appeal which he will not be in a position to do at the Supreme Court.  Only those who have skeletons in their cupboards refuse to go on vacation in Nigeria and refuse to be moved to other positions. Since when have judges been refusing promotions in Nigeria? He is refusing to be moved because of what he and his patrons stand to lose. Practically he owns the Court of Appeal and he has been using it as it pleases him. There is no better evidence of that than the dust he is kicking up for his promotion.  He can cry and kick all he wants but he is on his way out.  Definitely. He can’t be making all this mess and remain in the judiciary.  It’s unheard of. Let Tinubu and the ACN come out to save his neck. Good riddance to bad rubbish. 

The CJN is a courageous man, indeed, who has not only spoken against corruption in the judiciary in the recent past and had been receiving petitions against the likes of Salami, but is now moving to reposition the judiciary ahead of the forthcoming elections to do justice, not dispensing political judgments like Salami.  He knew what Salami had been doing and probably did not want to humiliate him by recommending him for dismiss.  Yet he is kicking and shouting and wants to die as president of the Court of Appeal.  Don’t know what gave him the right to think that he owns the Court of Appeal and therefore cannot be moved elsewhere.

Of course the CJN will be attacked by vested interests and ignorant people. But he is definitely on the right track and should not be deterred in his crusade to cleanse the Augean stable.  The man has seen and heard enough about the terrible corruption in the judiciary. Even the NBA knows what damage the likes of Justice Salami had been doing to the judiciary and had even cried out in the recent past through its president.  Where were the professor Sagays and all those crying wolf now when the NBA and other well meaning Nigerians including several SANs were decrying the role of corrupt judges in the elections tribunals and the Court of Appeal?  Where were they? They would not speak out against corruption when their patrons are indicated or implicated in corruption cases but raise hell when they’re moved or cited for disciplinary actions. That is not how we are going to win the war on corruption—through selective treatment.

The case of corruption against judges in the election tribunals is not a matter of conjectures or suspicions but proven.  Why would Salami use hand-picked special panel of judges to do the election petitions all the time and ignoring other competent justices of the Court of Appeal? Are those the only judges in the Court of Appeal who know the laws about elections in Nigeria? Doesn’t that tell you something about what is happening at the Court of Appeal under Salami even without more? Would you be comfortable with such a man remaining president of the Court of Appeal to preside over your election petition?  Would you?  I know I wouldn’t and so should you.  Since that is the case, what is urgently needed is to flush out the bad eggs in the judiciary like Justice Salami and his cabal in the Court of Appeal. He has, by his own confession, said that he has a special squad in the Appeal Court that he uses to do his bidding. He only trusts those special judges to do the work for him. That is not a man that should remain on the bench a day longer. He should go now. No more, no less. Period! There are many days for the thief but there is one day is for the owner.  And so must it be with Justice Salami and the CJN.


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