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By: Olanrewaju Olamide
Published November 22nd, 2010

Let me begin with the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson that say: ‘wherever a man commits a crime, God finds a witness….Every secret crime has its reporter. There is no den in the wide world to hide a rouge. Commit a crime and the earth is made of glass’. Charles Anderson Dana says. For dog to bite a man that is no news but for man to bite a dog that is news so to say Engr. Rauf Aregbesola who emerged as the winner of the 14th, April 2007 gubernatorial elections in Osun state has been sworn in. It is no more news but to analyze the doggedness the resilience, the courage and the perseverance of this politician that is news. To the Governor and my fellow comrade in the fight for justice, I say felicitations.

Although justice delayed is justice denied but justice rushed is justice crushed. Now, in the southwest geopolitical zone, the People’s Democratic Party PDP has lost it again having only two hopes in Oyo and Ogun. Let us now see how the rigging market will favour them particularly in this zone again. Will they claim to win over 50% of the total votes in the southwest having only two out of six states in this zone? This time, I think they will fail in southwest (ceteris paribus) but nationally, let us see who finally get the ticket as their presidential flag bearer as this will invariably go about 70% in deciding their fate but they may emerge should they endorse Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.

Two things have happened and both have been proved right (1823-55) the Danish philosopher called Kierkegaard put forward a theory that ‘man is a unique and isolated individual in a meaningless or hostile world, responsible for his own actions and free to choose his destiny. Another theory; the theory of fatalism says: what will be shall be. Oyinlola went for existentialism but what ought to be has been in existence-fatalism in the politics of Osun in the life of the optimistic Aregbesola when the state was at one side preparing for another elections and at the other enthusiastically waiting for the attained victory.

The Osun state house of assembly chiefly dominated by PDP might stand a negative catalyst in slowing down Aregbe’s success but very soon, they shall take their leave for us to see what the victorious man is made off but I think he will deliver because of his strong affiliation to the Lagos state politics.

Lie may endure for twenty years but one day, the truth shall catch up with it’ says a Yoruba adage. Although forensic evidences were earlier rejected but the truth eventually surfaced. Although Oyinlola postponed his evil day but was still crushed under the mighty and egalitarian wheels of justice on the 26th November 2010. Although he was incited with an ill-hope of rigging that election with impunity but was later entrapped.

This should send a note of warning to the political moribund who are intellectually lying prostrate planning to rig in this forthcoming election. They will not succeed and should they manage to; when the rain of nemesis is falling and its sun scourging, nothing can shield it. As for my fellow Nigerian students, we are strong no wonder Henry Estienne said ‘si jeunesse savoit; si viellese pouvouit’ meaning ‘if only the youth had the knowledge; if only the age had the strength. I implore us to be wise before and not after this election as Epicharmus said ‘a wise man must be wise before, not after the event.


Olanrewaju Olamide I. (a.k.a Google) Obafemi Awolowo Hall Chairman

Obafemi Awolowo University O.A.U.

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