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By: Bishop (Dr) Olushola A. Olukolade  
 Published  June 15th, 2012

It came to my notice that the President of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) has declared that all Christians in Nigeria should fast and pray. This is wonderful and I thank him for such great initiative, it is well overdue. Some of us had asked our congregation to join us in long time prayer and spend considerable time every meeting to cry for divine intervention. It is our necessary duty, and sincerely a call well overdue from the highly exulted pulpit of the President of CAN. It must not be a one-time affair and must continue until the church is delivered from this trying madness.

I like to point out to everyone especially the Christian leaders and Mr. President of this country that we need to do more than prayers. God has His part to play and we all have our collective part. We cannot afford to leave any stone unturned or pretend as if we have done all we could do when the problem still persists, and festering.

The major sources of killings of innocent Nigerians today is Boko Haram, Air and road Travel disasters. These three sources are the major disasters that take the life of our people in hundreds each day. Even the civil war of the sixties did not take Nigerian lives this much. However of the three, one is evil, provocative, premeditated and segregational in style and methods .The Borko Haram.

BOKO HARAM: Truly everyone by now have come to realize the real grievances of the Bokoharam continued massacre. They want to stop the spread of Christianity, let them be warned, nobody can stop God. Ask Harman in the book of Esther in the Bible, the end of such mad proposition. Harman was hung on his gallow, and that is the way God treats those that fight HIM.

From what I read in the papers, they do not want western education in their territories. First can someone help the Christians to tell Bokoharam that Christians are not opposed to their desire and will never impose what they do not want on them, on the same token, they, Borko Haram dare not try to impose what we do not want on us. No doubt our president is trying to address this problem from the government angle with the introduction of the Nomadic Education in Sokoto. But it had not solved the problem as the killing still continued unabated. So some other solution need be sought, and urgently too.

We cannot close our eyes to the looming possibility of a civil war prompted ostensibly by the Bokoharam killings and the seeming support of northern elders, and leaders.

I cannot help but call on these northern leaders and especially those who want to rule Nigeria talk to the Bokoharam sect to stop these senseless killings of Christians. The time spent campaigning for an election which is still three years away should be spent to stop the killing of Christians.

The reported recent utterances of a particular retired general, and a political party leader from the North, have become an embarrassment to the hallowed institution of retired generals in Nigeria. This particular retired general had even succeeded in deceiving one of the elects who is committed to saving Nigeria from the hand of those who believe the colonial masters installed them to rule the nation forever. This very elect of God now appears very confused because of the highly vitriolic comments credited to his avowed political leader.

All over the world, no conflict ever ended without dialogue and I understand why the CAN president and many other Christian leaders had advised that there must not be any dialogue with a terrorists group like Bokoharam.

Much as I agree with these beloved Christian leaders and shared the same view, we must be careful to do everything to avoid a situation where we will be pushed to contribute to more killings in this nation, and it is for this reason that I beg to differ.

I will suggest immediate negotiation to forestall the rising tempers in the South among Christian leaders. To do this, a formidable group should be set up to negotiate immediately to save life and property, with the initial mandate of seize-fire agreement before the major negotiations begin. The composition of this first negotiation team should include all living military heads of State, with either Chief Obasanjo or Dr. Yakubu Gowon (being the two past heads of state who had proven in words and deeds that they believe in the unity and peace of the South and North of Nigeria) as chief negotiators. Other members to include Christian leaders of CAN, PFN, COGIC, Mainline, and CCC, and leaders of all Moslem sects in the South and North.

I urge Mr. President to urgently begin to talk with these people and first negotiate a seize-fire and then put all things on the table and seek lasting solutions. Nigeria has able and competent people who should do this for the nation.President Obasanjo had shown leadership in this regard. I believe all Generals who had led this country before should be drafted into this committee.

This is the time to act, and we expect President Jonathan to move now to save this nation from the impending blood birth .

Bishop (Dr) Olushola A. Olukolade
Prelate, Southern Nigeria Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction
Church of God In Christ Inc.
386 Herbert Macaulay Way
Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria

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