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Re-Protest letter on delay in payment by Lagos State.

Chief Femi Robinson
 Published January  26th, 2011

I am forced to write this piece because my life has been in danger since I sent a press statement asking the Lagos State Government for the balance of the money they owe me. Is there anything criminal in asking for the money people owe you? I know you have the right to seek the opinion of the other person but shouldn’t both views be published? For goodness sake, If I was in America or Britain I would not beg to produce a play to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Nigeria’s Independence. You will be surprised that people have been calling me to tell me Lagos State did me a favor. How funny?

I have not made any wild claim to discredit anybody. I have not attacked Lagos State. I had to make a statement because of the security threats based on some statements said to be emanating from some people in Alausa. In these days where people murder and kill for as little as five hundred naira, I will be foolish not to make it known that I have not been paid. It is on record that an artist came threating to fight me for his balance in December last year and my son had to pacify him by giving him his personal cheque for fifteen thousand naira. One of the artists threatened to come to Lagos from Ibadan to collect his money because he claimed he was told I had been paid. I had to send him a text message I sent to His Excellence in December on the subject after he had called me all sorts of name. You can call Mr. Lekan Ajayi on 07060579411 to confirm. I even asked him to get his fellow artists to complain to the press that I had not paid them; but he said his lawyer advised him against it. Only this Friday one of the artists stumbled into my sitting room telling me he has been reliably informed that I have just been paid. I had to ask him to get out of my sight. If he had been armed he could have shot me the way I annoyingly asked him out. I was only able to persuade him to go when I told him about the letter of protest.

I live in a semi rural community where stories fly. All around my community people are carrying rumor that Baba is fond of owing artists. Must I continue to keep the truth from them? Since I lodged the complain I have had people calling me on phone blaming me for going to the press. Very few try to reason with me. They claim I will be black mailed forever. No one lives forever and besides how did they know since I am yet to see my protest on the pages of any news paper?

I am with this write up begging you to tell both sides of the stories. I will be willing to publicly pay the artist their cheques in the presence of Lagos State officials the day I receive my cheque from government. All I want is to protect my integrity and the integrity of the Lagos State Government. This is not the first time hoodlums have tried to kill me because they believed I had some money.

I do not want a repeat attack because of careless talk by some faceless people.

Chief Femi Robinson

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