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By: Chris E. Agbiti, Esq.  
 Published  May 10th, 2012

Mama, just like yesterday, today, it's incredibly three years ago that you announced to us, after the sore battle with cancer, that you wanted to rest with the Lord. We cried and watched helplessly, with the doctors and nurses at the National Hospital and other hospitals we had taken you to strutting about with arrogant and cavalier gaiety, as the cold hand of death snuffed the life out of you. What struck me was that at the point of your death, your countenance began to radiate in glory, even amidst the asphyxiating pains of cancer.

Mama, so much has happened in the family since you left. I have had to relocate from PH after securing a new appointment in Abuja. Adah, your first daughter has decided to become a missionary. That decision was like another death to us as she effectively, though not adequately, filled your vacuum. We were hoowever consoled by the fact that her decision was informed not by worldly considerations. Abdul, has still not gotten his admission. We all are interceding for him. Tragedy struck us again when Your daughter, Jummai, painfully lost her second son. The incident brought back to us another sad reminder of our past tribulations. Oigbeche, your son, successfully completed his NYSC and got a job with NTI. It was such a happy moment for all of us, considering how the job came. Your last children, the twins, Okopi and Onyanta are doing well. I believe you will be much concerned about them. Okopi is currently undergoing his HND programme while Onyanta will soon follow suit. She is currently on casual appointment with a secondary school. Agbenu, my 1st daughter, whom you had longed to see but alas, never saw, is now in the Kindergarten. She now has a sibling, whom I have Christened, Shalom, Ene (Mother) in memory of you.

Mama, for all that the enemy had planned for the family, the Lord has meant every bit of it for good for us. I doubt if you can see papa, Victor and Philip, your husband and two sons that left earlier. As a christian that you were too, I think that will only be possible on the resurrection day. When next I will have cause to write you again, it shall be studded with good news. just a glimpse: plans are underway for me to travel out to Uk, as I used to prophetically tell you when you were at the other side of existence. The blessings that you blessed us are speaking.

Mama, the nation, Nigeria is still wobbling. Nothing has improved in our national life since you left. The health care system which you became a victim when we all watched helplessly as the merchant of death, cancer, ravaged you in instalment, has not improved one bit. It has, in fact gotten worse. Another worse merchant has even emerged, killing people with gruesome glee: the Boko Haram. It is terrible, Mama, on the other side of existence we are here. As I write, it is only a matter of time another gory story of massacre will make the headline. Our only hope is the protection that Christ has guaranteed us. The nation is on the brink of disintegration! Mama, how I wish there is any way of letting your children know what is in the offing for this nation!

Continue to rest in peace until we meet at His bosom for the great family reunion. On behalf of your children,

Chris Edache Agbiti.

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