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Nigeria: The Disastrous Consequences of Materialistic Culture; a Critical Note to the Sovereign National Conference.

By: Professor Dr. Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai  
 Published January 15th, 2012

A sociological enquiry I carried out last year, yielded evidential truths about the origin of Nigeria’s condition of anomie and intractable problems of its social maladies and decay.

Before colonial rule was ruthlessly imposed on Nigeria, there existed a strong bond among village people, who lived modestly, honestly and people forged bonds of altruism and solidarity.

The village chief or district head enforced law and order, assisted by village elders. There was order and the power of shame was all-pervading.

Colonial rule uprooted the public order of village life and replaced it with a rapacious materialistic culture, an alien legal and political public order, which promoted a crude capitalist economic system, based on material acquisition, greed and avariciousness.

The village boy, who was sent off to study in England acquitted himself creditably in the materialistic tendencies and culture of the British ruling class. Having mastered the English language, with its ruling class assent, he came to occupy one of the vacant posts, which were left by the displaced colonial officers.

This new office, conferred on the graduate privileges and advantages of immense proportions. He or she was given a British-made car. The popular brands were Morris Minor, Austin, Vauxhall, the American Cadillac and the Chevrolet while the new Governors used the Rolls Royce.

A few commercial trading post agents also acquired the Rolls Royce and later the German Mercedes Benz became a status symbol.

The University of Ibadan produced well-trained and very articulate crop of Nigerian graduates, who played very important roles in the political and literary sensitization of many Nigerians. They still do.

Amongst this progressive group, were people, who have occupied juicy political offices, with insatiable appetites for more appointments in every military and civilian dispensations.

The materialist culture gained ascendancy during military rule, when those, who occupied military/civilian offices treated the treasuries of Nigeria, as military booties.

Up till date, these individuals are still prominent in Nigeria’s material and political life. Having tasted political power, they declared the struggle for political office a “do or die” affair.

As a result of this brutal mind-set, every tout, every failure in their chosen fields borrowed, stole or engaged in duping people in order to come up with the astronomically electoral funds recommended by the cabal to get into high office.

By some magical conjuration, the village, uncouth, unsophisticated urchins of yester-years, have unsuccessfully tried to transmute into statesmen. No matter how much they have all pretended to so be, their deficiencies are plain both in speeches and mannerisms.

In the past twelve years, we have been assailed by futuristic promises that never materialized. Yet, we are again called upon to hope. Nothing has been done to put in place a social justice system that can permit hopes of a future national assurance. The avowed promises of 1980, 2000, 2010, the seven-point agenda and the inaugural speech exaltations of 2011, have all ended in the wilderness.

In Nigeria, only politics guarantees social climbing and material wealth. So, caution is thrown to the winds as every public servant allocates to himself or herself the material resources that are meant to create opportunities for all. We are not fools and we do remember!!!

Since “no one can deceived all the people all the time”, the prostate nature of a corrupt state has been laid bare and the people are saying that they have been lied to enough.

The level of social consciousness in Nigeria has been reduced to how much material wealth a family or social group have managed to cut from the national cake, from the material gains from democratic rule.

Every social event is an opportunity to show how well the celebrant’s father or other kiths and kin have reaped off the nation. Undeniably, there are successful professionals, who have gained from their hard work, but again some of these professionals work hand in glove, with those in the bedroom of power, to milk the nation. We have seen this in the last twelve years.

Fellow Countrymen and women, we chant hypocritically, condemning those political miscreants, without equally condemning the Nigerian social misfit, who overtakes on the wrong side of the road, as a matter of routine, the policeman, who collects police-tax from erring drivers, the judge, who turns his learnedness into the hallucination of justice, the contractor, who over-invoices his bill, the kidnapper, who turns a human beings into bargaining chips, the under-paid Senator and Members of the House of Representative, as well as the speech-writer and advisers, who proffer wrong, suicidal precepts that cause social discontent.

A society that has been so putrefied by such indubitable wrongs that are manifestly and inscrutably prevalent in Nigeria, cannot call on God, who looks down with displeasure on the ritualistic practices of the so-called “Men of God”, who hobnob with the rulers, who do evil.

The role of fear in corrupt societies is very real. Those, who have axes to grind with their consciences, and their societies, are afraid to speak out because the kettle cannot call the charcoal black.

There is a recording of the status of those, who are adjudged unfaithful to the people and the Republic in the hearts of Nigerians. Their legacies are well-documented in the hearts of their compatriots forever.

The disastrous consequences of materialism in Nigeria are so manifestly written in marble and will be read by our children and those unborn till time indefinite.

Nigerian Sons and Daughters of God understand the work of the agents of the anti-christ.

So, they should not be distracted by the nefarious activities of foreign demons, whose assignment in the Age of Aquarius and especially in the Era of the Gentiles, Atonement and the Brotherhood of man, is to cause human sufferings and deaths, under the shibboleths of promoting “demoncrazy “.

A weird civilization that has lost its refinement is being promoted. A hedonistic culture, cultural debauchery, mass culture, hip hop and pontifications by agents of the anti-christ, have debased human civilization.

Nudity as fashion, murders and misery now occupy the headline news of major television stations. The objective is to diminish the value of human life in preparation for the days of the anti-christ, during which period, millions of human lives will be slain.

Unknown to many Christians, the plea by advanced nations that we should not pray , the spread of blasphemous literature that question the existence of JESUS the CHRIST is a satanic and demonic enterprise to raise doubt and unbelief, in order to weaken faith in the TRINITY, in God’s love and power over all people and all things.

The effect of this satanic campaign is to affect the Christian’s faith, so that he will no longer submit to God’s will and obedience. He is then made to philosophize, rationalize and engage in vain disputations about matters long established and accepted.

The disastrous consequences of materialism in Nigeria can be seen in the diversion of youth energy, not in the sphere of acquisition of knowledge, but in the hip hop culture of “Big Brother Africa”, “Talent hunt” and acting in films that propagate satanism and debauchery. These negative activities yield quick financial results and “fame to the detriment of the race.”

The youth are very deficient in knowledge about our history, social conditions and political misgovernment. They applaud wealth, shiny posh cars, gorgeously furnished homes, with an increase in divorce as their partners cannot afford that material comfort they see around them elsewhere.

This is the beginning of our descent into decay and disintegration, as our predators have predicted, even before 2015.

The militancy of the thinking youth is bound to clash with the soft lives of those, whose parents embezzled or misused state funds to promote the latter’s false and decadent life’s styles.

It was disturbing, though not surprising that the angry people in Nigeria are now going after those, they rightly or wrong accuse of their present plight. If this tendency continues, there will be wanton destruction of the property of whose, who may have acquired their wealth, in circumstance of hard-work.

The sociological and human intelligence studies about Nigeria and its people show how resilient and ebullient the people are. They need knowledgeable, experienced, honest and dedicated leaders to pilot them to the Nirvana of Amen.

Those, who have been irremediably afflicted by the materialist habits of mind, are obviously not the type of leaders we are talking about.

We must apply civility in our discourses , rather use the butcher’s solution. This is why the Sovereign National Conference or a Conference of the Confederacy must be supported because they create the fora for intelligent search for our way forward.

Professor Dr. Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai is from ADACHI Kingdom, Fugar in Edo State. He is the Academic Chancellor of BOSAS INTERNATIONAL LAW BUREAU, ABUJA/FUGAR, Nigeria.

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