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Nigeria and the Niger-Delta Phenomenon

By: M.I. Ajaeroh (Ph.D.)  

 Published December, 27th, 2009

The Niger-Delta is a geographical area in Nigeria . It is has two words namely the Niger and Delta. Each of these words has five letters. Delta is the 4th letter of the Greek alphabet. It actually means an area of lowland shaped like equilateral triangle where a river divides into two branches towards the sea. Its of great importance to note that the 4th letter is very indivisible and indispensable. Indivisible for the fact that it cannot be substituted or replaced and indispensable for the fact that without it the entire spectrum of the great alphabets will be nonexistence.

Its actually the letter that gives light meaning to the others and without light, man will be groping in outer darkness. The true meaning of Delta is light, so the 4th Greek letter is light. This is the spiritual meaning of Delta. This actually confirms the holy scripture where on the 4th day ,the almighty God created the body of lights to give lights to the earth. ‘’And God made two great lights: the greater light to rule the day and the lesser light to rule the night, He made the stars also(KJV,Gen1:16). It was the creation of these lights that made it possible to distinguish the day from the night. Thus, 4th is synonymous with light. Its high time these fundamentals are known , imbibed and inculcated into us that our steps can be truly traced; where we have erred or gone wrong and make amends in order for us to fulfill our destiny here on earth and in eternity.

More so, Delta is a five letter word. This five letter word is also associated with the riches in the sea.
Nigeria , our father land is derived from the word Niger - five letter word and this name is within a particular geographical area of our country. Let it be understood that without the name Niger , there wont be any Nigeria as long as name is concerned . The basic meaning of this revelation is that the foundation of our father’s land , Nigeria , is in the Niger . Nigeria has its roots in the Niger and in its geographical area – the Niger-Delta. The name a father gives his child is what the child is known for , this speaks volumes of the conditions surrounding his birth, and gives insight of the possibility of his future. I wish to re-echo that without Niger and Niger –Delta area, there wont be any Nigeria as an international and world entity. With this background knowledge, it becomes absolute necessary to note that all the area called and known as Niger-Delta is a ‘fragile baby’ that has to be handled with great care. Thus, Niger-Delta is akin to a miniature Nigeria . Its survival is the survival of Nigeria . The commitment to the progress of the Niger-Delta region is the commitment to the progress of Nigeria . Without the total and comprehensive development of the Niger-Delta region, Nigeria cannot and will never realize her visions and dreams—the vision 20-20-20.

The unity and peace of Nigeria lies in the unity and peace in the Niger –Delta region. Its failure is Nigeria ’s failure. This is the region that can make or mar our father land. At this juncture , I wish to commend the Federal Government for its Amnesty and Post-Amnesty program in the Niger-Delta region. I wish to commend Mr. President for this laudable leap towards resolving the Niger-Delta issues. Its worthy to note that by providence, Nigeria has its roots and foundations in the Niger and Niger-Delta region. The holy scriptures puts it clearly that “ If the foundations be destroyed , what can the righteous do? (KJV, PS11:3)” This is a great and disturbing question and has an obvious answer. The righteous has a root or foundation that makes him dwell in the spirit of righteousness and operate in the realm of righteousness. When this righteous foundation is destroyed , righteousness will be in extinction , the result will be confusion , wickedness, indiscipline, total state of anarchy , immorality and all vices that have to do with darkness and not light. Assuming this foundation is destroyed , there will be a lot of wastages and losses in terms of resources because the entire building will collapse. The Nigerian project is on the foundation of the Niger and Delta region and we cannot allow the foundation be destroyed. Its high time we realized this and know that Niger-Delta is an indispensable entity as long as the Nigerian project is concerned. When the Nigerian project is built on a solid foundation, it will be able to withstand any form of rain, floods or winds which may tend to blow or beat upon it. However, if the foundation of Nigerian project is not solid enough, great will be its fall with the invasion of rains ,floods or wind; it will become a byword and a proverb— how are the mighty fallen !

Nigeria, right from its foundation ,is created great and endowed with great talents or resources to make her great. The problem has been on its foundations that is continuously been shaken and disturbed. There is continuous distortion in the foundation giving rise to constant vibration which has extended beyond the elastic limit of tolerance causing cracks, fracture and pains. These cracks , pains and fracture have to be squarely tackled so that lasting repairs and healing can be achieved . Its important to note that for a building project to stand firmly against all odds , it must have a very solid foundation. Therefore ,lets all rise up to the rebuilding of our foundation. Let us not sow empty wind. so that we wont reap the whirlwind. We need to fix the cracks in the foundation and get such that are disjointed join together , the breaches stopped. We ,the Nigerian people should rise with one voice and should not hesitate to speak the known truth though there may be many adversaries and dissenting voices. I am sounding this note because there are wolves in sheep clothing who do not see any good in the Nigerian Project and may want to exploit the opportunity to perpetrate their heinous crime. We have to be very sober ,watchful and prayerful - - for the God of Nigeria will definitely be on our side since we are determined to right the wrongs already done to the foundations. The Nigerian strength is not decayed yet, she is equal to the task. The resources necessary to rebuild the foundation is at her disposal and with God on our side though the work be great and large. To the foundation, to the foundation ,let us all labor for victory will be ours at the end. Let us move ahead ,continue with the complete , rigorous and comprehensive developmental master plan of Niger-Delta region for it is the known foundation of the Nigerian project and within which the core of the nations wealth comes from.

M.I. Ajaeroh(Ph.D.)
Head , Department of Physics
University of Abuja , Nigeria.

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