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Golden Jubilee Celebration; For what?

By: Felix Ashimole

Published September 30th, 2010

As preparatory to mark 50 years of Nigeria’s devoice from Colonial rule, fighter jets and helicopters have been hovering in attack formation over Abuja as though there were imminent invention by enemy forces.

The last time Nigeria had a serious challenge to her sovereignty, she chicken out and gave up Bakassi to Cameroon. So it was a disturbing sight for me to see military helicopters (out dated Russian made) disturbing the eardrum of Abuja residents in the name of Golden Jubilee celebration. I hope these second hand helicopters and squeaky jets do not crash, for the death of these pilots will be in vain as there is nothing to celebrate at the amount the Government had earmarked for this foolery called Independence Day celebration.

With a heart full of venom, I say this, if our leaders are truly leaders, they should have cancelled the celebration... Not because of the cost, for they would have found other means of mismanaging it but with current occurrences in Nigeria, it would have been a good gesture to stop the celebration.

Few weeks to the Jubilee, cholera killed over 100 children and to cap it all, 15 school children are now worth 40 million Naira in Abia State! As the Federal Government deceive the world that all is well, these Children’s safety in the den of kidnappers is not certain. Nobody knows the psychological state they would be in after this ordeal.

These are the brains that would have powered post 50 Nigeria and if preventive and curable disease can clear our future, what are we celebrating? If our children are kidnapped for just going to school to acquire the whiteman’s juju to better our lot, what are we celebrating?

Indeed, a fool is a fool no matter the age. I hope President Goodluck Jonathan and Prof. Dora Akunyili saw the mad rush with which Nigerians were falling over themselves just to get a bowl of rice? (Rice was shared at Area 11 Abuja to mark the Jubilee). It shows the hunger in the land, when able bodied graduates were reduced to refugee like scavengers fighting over United Nation relief convoy.

If I had money and not the rat eaten pauper’s purse I carry around with hope that a fairy mother will turn to Central Bank, I would have organised a demonstration to Eagle Square on October 1st to pres home my displeasure that over 100 million Naira would be used for Knock out-fireworks when millions of Nigerians only eat in their dreams.

Not empowered, I have declared fasting in my house to protest. You can join me.

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