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By Olugbenga Oresajo - Published July 21st, 2010

There was a time, I was ranked with under developed nations of the world. There is no need to dissipate energy on this. Thereafter, I was classified amongst developing nations. You may wish to note that some of the developing nations are now competing with developed Countries in terms of Industrial and technology advancement e.g. India, China, Iran just to mention a few but till date I cannot provide adequate power supply talk-less of refining some of the solid minerals bestowed on me for the benefit of my people. Why should my people import common tooth pick?

After taking on the mantle of leadership my dear Goodluck, I am sure you will not ask me for experience because youíve gotten enough. Letís take it from the first republic, Ideas from Alh. Abubakar Tafawa Balewa , Chief Obafemi Awolowo, Dr. Nnamdi Azikwe and Chief Anthony Enahoro might well be adequate enough to see you through. As well, a little experience from the success and the shortcomings of our former President whose tenure broke the jinx of telecommunication predicament encountered by Nigerians could help. Imagine the backwardness I would have experienced if we still have to rely on NITEL. How about Lagos State where the Governor talk less but embarked on overwhelming or massive developmental projects.

Did you know that developed countries of the world are envious of my geographical standing because natures bequeath me with diverse natural resources, various solid minerals which remain untapped and mixture of ethnic group with common goals of a united Nigeria. Remember, I do not experience natural disaster such as earthquake, tsunami, volcanic eruption, hurricane or related tragedy except disasters caused by men due to socio-cultural aggrandizement and bad communal leadership which I simply refer to as national disasters. Have you pondered why leaders who ought to be elder statesmen keep playing the roles of god-father? Political cream of the crop should assume roles of elder statesmen for economic, technology and political growth.

Probing into my past till this moment that I am celebrating my golden jubilee, I have not enjoyed democratic political stability this far, so why wonít you step-up actions with your good luck and avail me solutions to some of the following contentious issues as my birthday gifts:-

Anti-graft war: You have to be unbiased on this issue and compromise might be total disappointment not only to Nigerians but to Africa and the world in general. The already established anti-graft agencies need to be strengthened and should be autonomous as well. These agencies need to collaborate with financial institutions, Corporate Affairs Commission to effectively combat corruption. Information technology tracking will be a useful tool for future anti-corruption challenges.   

Improved power generation and Stable power supply to my people: This will enhance their economic strength. The small and medium scale enterprises will flourish, large scale industries will enjoy economic of growth as a result of reduction in cost of production and it will impact on gross domestic product. This will also guide against shut down of plants and migration of industries which we are presently experiencing.

Electoral Reform Cum Free & Fair election: The advocacy that the retired Justice Mohammed Uwais Committee recommendations be adopted with modest amendments should be strongly considered. The Independent National Electoral Commission must conduct fresh votersí registration as so many of my people were disenfranchised during the last election.

The 7 point agenda is cherished and needed to be guided jealously for continuity purposes but for my golden jubilee celebration let us strive to achieve the itemized which may serve as a springboard for the growth of my people and improve my status in the comity of Nations.

Happy 50th Independent Anniversary celebration Nigeria.


Contributed by: Olugbenga Oresajo

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