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Nigerian Democracy: Oshiomhole As The Icing On The Cake

By Erasmus Ikhide
 Published November 16th, 2008

The political equation has swung in Edo state; forcing the spider to un-spurn its ominous web! And for those who know; spider and its web represents spiritual enclosure and decimation of an otherwise bright aspirations, dreams, hopes and change of future of an individual, group of people, nations and the world at large. Like I said earlier, cheaters don’t quite, you quite them. The Nigerian state needs people who wouldn’t stand aloof in the face of bare-face tyranny from their comfortable mountain tops and watch the mass of people wallow in despicable and dehumanizing condition, fit only for animal.

Adams Aliyu Oshiomhole; the diminutive giant, a man with the teeth of steel, unbendable courage and fierce intellect is the icing on the cake of the Nigerian political space and freedom fighters who have waged relentless war with the forces of darkness who emerged from the pit of Hell and unleashed monumental terror of equal indifference on the Nigerian nation and its people. Now is it obvious that if we must imbibe the re-branding of our political culture towards acceptable standard of practical democracy Adams Oshiomhole is the rallying point for its actualization.

The Nigerian dream which Oshiomhole ably envisages and represents is a country where the people will elect their leaders themselves through the ballot boxes, and not through the barrel of the guns and malicious manipulations of the electoral process that falls within the purview of their inalienable rights; and that the duty of government in a given and working state is to harness the commonwealth and aggregates it judiciously to assuage the common good of greater numbers; such things no individual can singlehandedly provide for him or herself.

The People Democratic Party PDP, and its felonious gangsters, which thrive in electoral fraudfest whose headquarters is ignominiously squatted; hams and heels in the land of my forebear are now at the receiving end. It is with redeeming joy and abundant celebration that the good people of Edo state received the sounding of death knee on the culture of impunity, brazen callousness that gripped the soul of Edo state for nine-year and above. If there was anything to show for it developmentally, the people would have been consoled in the main that the crumbs have fallen squarely on their mouth, right under the table. But that was not to be. Now, this is the end of history, the Anenihian mess has been cleared.

You are wont to ask, what justify the mindless maiming, bludgeoning and killing of Edo and Nigerian citizens who legitimately trooped out excitably – armed with their civic rights to elect representatives of their own choice, in their own state and country? What does it profit a man who gained political power nurtured and nourished with the peoples’ blood? What transpired in Edo state, April, 14, 2007 in all intents and purposes in the name of election in retrospect is the devaluation of the peoples’ culture of sanctity for human lives and brotherliness; trampling on the political rights, needs, and aspirations of the people; the dreamed heritage of the peoples’ value system; violation of our cultural identity, the decimation of the authentication of the peoples’ cultural oneness within the state’s cosmic whole, and an abuse of the word DEMOCRACY.

It was a ghastly physical image a couple of them represented at the Appellant Court sitting in the ancient City of Benin, November 11, 2008, which pronounced Prof. Osarheimen Osunbor’s occupation of Osadebe Avenue as not just illegal; but that as a decfato governor he was never there as a governor! To me, that judgment, though poetic, is not punitive enough. We are in for a mimic round next time with zestful opportunists riding the roughshod knowing that the judiciary, if they didn’t buckle under the yolk of money bag, might still made away with their salaries and other entitlements while in office, should they be sent packing by the courts. Oshiomhole would have as well laboured in vain if the judiciary had caved in under the pressure of these money bags. The Appeal Court President, Justice Abdullahi said this much on 12, November, 2008 in Lagos at a forum chaired by the Justice of the Supreme Court that Tribunal judges are being intimidated by politicians who are bend on hanging on to power on stolen mandate. That is the closest we got of an attempt to arm stringing and blackmailing the judiciary.

All that has become history in Edo State , but not before the damages were done in many state of the federation. This judgment was a mere face-saving stuff, particularly for the Appeal Court President who knew the implication of doing injustice in the case of a man of justice; a hero of protest and a mobilizing machine who would simply have waved at a waiting crowd if the case had gone otherwise and everyone is consumed in the inferno – including the entire occupants of the Appeal Court.

Adams Oshiomhole is not unmindful of the fact that his victory at the Appeal Court is the beginning of the challenges that lay ahead of him in months and years to come. This is so as the saying goes, ‘to whom much is given, much is also expected’. He didn’t get his mandate on a platter of gold; neither did he ride on the tails of godfathers whose ruinous influence on the state leave a sour taste in the mouth. The impious ex-governor Lucky Igbinedion told the bewildered citizens of Edo state and Nigerians alike that he emptied a large chunk of the state’s treasury of his leprous rein of eight-year on the vanity of, Chief Tony Anenih, Chief Gabriel Igbinedion, his father and Samuel Ogbemudia, while the people rammed their teeth in the sand!

We are well on the known that Oshiomhole’s performance or lack of it will opens or closes all political doors against him and the rest of us, who by providence, find ourselves in the left-wig of the social struggle of in a nation that have been dragged mercilessly on the uncharted part of visionlessness. He can’t afford to fail the people whom he promised at the crowded Samuel Ogbemudia Stadium, Benin City to remain accountable. The ‘Comrade Governor’ vowed under oath to guaranty the welfare of the electorate and his words will remain his bond affinity as far as I know.

Now the people of Edo state have spoken. And like the children of Israel , their counterparts in a struggle of legendary commonality are saying never again! Edo people are wearing the badges of electoral honour and saying never again to godfathers whose rigging industry didn’t have their children as employees!! They are saying never again – being the Heart Beat of the Nation – shall they be taken for electoral ride that was programme to fail!!! Never again shall the incurably insane felons who parade as leaders be allowed to snatch ballot boxes and be hack to death!!!!

Never again shall one man arise in the name of Chief Tony Anenih to profane the democratic essence this nation and foist the representatives of the people on Edo state and a nation in a supposedly representative democracy!!!!! Never again…!!!!!!

Erasmus, Director of Research, and

Communications, Constitutionalism and

African Democratization, CAAD.


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