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Nigerian Guardian Newspapers

Nigerian Guardian Newspapers was established as an independent newspaper ( with no affiliation to any political party or any other special group) whose main goal is to present information that is balanced and objective. It strives to promote unity among Nigerians and Africans.

The newspaper strives to foster the trust between it and the readers, by re-iterating it's commitment to excellent journalism and protection of the integrity of the newspaper and its' content. It is one of the longest running independent national dailies.

Contact Address:
Guardian Newspapers
P.M.B. 1217 Oshodi,
Lagos, Nigeria

The official website of Guardian Newspapers was established in 2003 . It features local, national and world news, business news, editorials, opinion, politics, sports, arts, science, health, entertainment and relevant articles. The newspaper is published every day, including Saturdays& Sundays.

Official Website Of Guardian Newspapers

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