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Concerns of Nigerians at home and abroad
By Joseph Lowojoba
Published April 14th, 2008

As a Nigerian citizen living in the US, I have some things to contribute to improve the country's social menace on our federal high way road of the country. For example, Lagos -- Ibadan road, for so many years, became highly immotorable because of the various churches along that road. Whenever churches hold their so called general conventions, all the cars and other road users are always faced with untold traffic halt .The federal government under the department of transportation should do something about this problem. The followings are my recommendations: None of the churches should hold general meetings again along this road. Instead, general meetings could take place at their branches. This is a better solution than causing huge problems for vehicles and motorists.

Let us remember, this is the only road that links to all of the states in Nigeria. Another possible solution is for the churches to find other places to hold their general meetings that will not interfere with roads. The Lagos- Ibadan road, if every Nigerian will agree with me, is the gate way for the country. It is unbelievable that it would take seven hours to travel from Lagos to Ibadan, a journey which is suppose to be under two hours. Therefore, I urge the overseer of all the concerned churches along this road to look into this problem and work with the government to find a solution. By the way, this problem is one factor that has led to the total collapse of tourism and other visitors into Nigeria. No place in the Holy book says road users should be punished. I have traveled to many other countries. I have not seen any country that takes their own citizens and visitors through this painful ordeal just because of church conventions along the country's busiest road. In fact, I least blame the churches, but mostly blamed the government which failed to enforce building code law in all residential and commercial properties. Greed and corruption in part of our leaders elected into the offices have hindered the growth and development of Nigeria.

For this reason, Nigeria's progress when compared with other developing countries is one step forward and two steps backward. lf all churches along these major roads could afford to buy hundred acreage of landed properties and erect mega buildings, parking lots with decks should be something to have considered very seriously. After all, it is not too late for churches to embark on this project. From what I understand about church, it is a place to seek the presence of God and ask for forgiveness of sins. May God Almighty help us, Amen.

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