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Nigerian Naira Exchange Rate

The Naira, denoted by NGN, is the official currency used in Nigeria. The symbol for the naira is ₦. It is made up of 100 Kobo. Naira notes come in denominations of ₦1000, ₦500, ₦200, ₦100, ₦50, ₦20, ₦10 and ₦5. Coins are in denominations of 1 naira kobo, 50 kobo, 25 kobo, 10 kobo and 1 kobo.
  The Naira was adopted as the legal tender for the federal republic of Nigeria in 1973,when it replaced the pound. The Central Bank of Nigeria is the only issuer of the currency throughout the Federation. Most of the banknotes contain images of previous Nigerian leaders. Initially, 2 naira exchanged for 1 pound, but this rate only lasted a few short years. The  Naira has consistently declined in value over the years. The current exchange rates (against other major currencies) are listed below.



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