Nigeria is One Of The Most Culturally Diverse Countries in The World - It Has a Population of About 165 Million People, 250 Ethnic Groups and 3 Major Languages (Yoruba, Hausa & Igbo) - It is One Of The Largest Oil Producing Countries and Certainly One Of The Great Soccer Giants. Nigeria Has 36 States and One Federal Capital Territory. The Current President is Jonathan Ebele Goodluck!



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Nigerian politics is a very complicated topic, but, it is not entirely different from world politics, which is often plagued by partisanship and sectionalism. Nigerian politics is unique however, because it brings into play so many factors, a few of which includes individual interests, geographic factors, religion and a host of other trivial issues. Politics is an integral part of democracy, and in order for us to achieve sustainable development, we need to redefine politics in Nigeria. Up till this moment, true democracy has remained elusive to us, and we must do something about it. We cannot continue to play the electoral game according to the present rules.

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