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53 Happy Cheer For President Jonathan

By Che Oyinatumba
Published November 21st, 2010

We join the teeming supporters of President Goodluck Jonathan to wish him birthday although we are not one of his supporters. As the president of over 150 Million Nigerians, Kubwa Express News inclusive, it is our constitutional responsibility to wish Nigeria’s head of state well.

Mr. President, happy 53 eventful years on earth and we pray that the cries of the hungry, homeless and hopeless Nigerians will drown the hypocritical happy birthday massages from Nigerians who had fed fat on the sweat and blood of hard toiling and working Nigerians who come home without a hope of where the next meal will come from.

Mr. President, happy birthday and as you celebrate, please be sober and reflect that some of your age mates, do not have a house of their own not of their own making but the system you head has made it difficult for an honest man to plan.

Mr. President, happy birthday and may you recall that those whose palm kennel are broken by the gods must be benevolent in dealing with the less fortunate. In deed from the obscure Otuoke community in Ogbia Local Government Area of Bayelsa the god you serve has elevated you above your peers for good leadership not for the selfish ends of some tribal leaders. You must step up above Ijaw politics and be a wound healer across the nation. Though you are young, you are the father of the nation and we expect nothing less from you.

We wish you well as you attempt to win 2011 General Elections but we cannot but tell you that we are   not happy with the manner you have handled Nigeria so far. Things have gone from bad to worst under your watch. Your “Oga” before God called him home, laid templates for you but you are not building according to plans. Violence has returned to Niger Delta, Boko Haram is harassing everybody in the North, Governors you have chosen to befriend (OHakim of Imo State, Daniels of Ogun and Akala of Oyo), are known to be intolerant of divergent political views. Light has gone from one day on to divine intervention before we can get a blink.

We wish you good health so that you will not visit National Hospital Abuja to discover that patients go outside to buy drugs. We wish you to remain in good health so that you will not have to travel to Jerusalem and expose your presidential body parts to trainee student doctors since Nigerian doctors are either on strike or the students they produce are taught with handouts and out dated medical books that cannot address the challenges of modern tropical diseases.

Mr. President, you are the highest intellectual to rule Nigeria, yet the Union you once belonged to ASUU is on strike in almost all the State Universities yet you cannot solve this problem.

As your friend gather to wish you well and tell you how Nigeria will not survive without your goodluck, ask them if there is a motorable road to their village; if there is a community clinic, if the primary schools are producing quality students and ask them what is their reaction whenever they see a child of school going age hawking pure water on the streets of Abuja being harassed by members of Abuja Environmental Protection Board’s Task Force.

We wish you many happy returns, Mr. President.

©Che Oyinatumba


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