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By: Professor Dr. Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai
Published March, 23rd, 2010

We are a nation of believers and so we trust in GOD and his angels for protection. We are also a nation, where the rich incessantly engage in gaieties and social festivities. These stoke the envy of the underprivileged, who occasionally visit their abject frustrations on civil society, especially the underprivileged like themselves. This is the irony.

For the rich, it is only when they dance in the circle of fear that they remember national security. Demonstrative measures are then taken against the security chiefs for their ineffectiveness. This, however, does not stop the activities of political and social mal-contents in our midst and they are in the majority, which suggests that the state may have failed to secure its people.

When I read “We, the people……” in our current Constitution, I begin to wonder whether these people live in a state, in a nation, in nation-states, federated states or federated nations. This is a core jurisprudential issue, resolvable only at a sovereign national conference.

The sovereign national conference will afford all Nigerians the opportunity to speak out, voicing their agreements and discontents in a civilized manner. This meeting is very crucial as we shall hear from Nigerian citizens and resolve our differences amicably.

Some citizens believe that it was to avoid this all-important national conference that the former Chief Justice, Uwais was commissioned to panel-beat the existing Constitution, but “wash a pig and comb a pig, a pig is a pig”

. The military handed us a Constitution that has no theoretical antecedents, does not define the society we are aspiring to build and does not have a panacea for the stalemated and arrested development of Nigeria.

National security is affected by acts of vandalism caused by those, who do not understand that peaceful co-existence is the only concept that could help Nigeria to thrive.

When one ruminates over the nation-states that could suffer shipwreck should Nigeria be shaken by a mighty wind, one shudders to think that those, who have no minerals or a good support base, would be hard put.So, it is in their interest to live in peace with other Nigerians and enjoy Lord Laggard’s mismatch.

I can say with truth and meaning that the incessant massacre of fellow Nigerians by their compatriots is a monstrosity wrapped in an enigma.

We often confuse state security with national security.

In states, where the interest of the ruling elite is put above that of the people, the police, the army and security formations are expected to defend the government, its personnel and its property. This why the sirens keep blaring, each time some ubiquitous governors and non-performing ministers drive by.

In truly democratic states, where the people’s welfare, well-being and wholesomeness are the paramount concern of the state, the government, determinedly weaves a security network around the people in the various villages, towns and cities.

National security starts with food security because” a hungry man is an angry man”. The populace needs personal security from hoodlums, armed robbers, pen-robbers and muggers.

Job security is important so that citizens can live meaningful lives and secure their homes, children, wives, ageing parents and kiths and kin.

The security of highways and bye-ways will enable mobility and the free movement of people. Security must insulate religious bigots, illiterates, haters of their own people, so that they do not cause trouble. These are all part of the concept of national security.

At the level of government, a state must manage its resources well and should frown upon misuse of national funds. Government must retrieve proven stolen national wealth and reserves the eternal right to trace national wealth wherever it can be found. A state that condones corruption weakens its own authority.

A state must secure the health of its citizens by erecting adequate medical centers and hospitals. Then, it would have no reason to rush sick citizens to other nations that have built suitable medical facilities for their own citizens.

At the academic level, national security is an intricate network of systems of defence measures, aimed at ensuring the safety of governments, the state and their nationals. Through overt and covert measures of military intelligence operations, under-cover disruptions of the sinister activities of men and women with misplace consciences, the security of the people, their state and governments is ensured.

The methods used in security operations are varied, for example, infiltration, intrigue, subterfuge, deception, rough tactics, wire-tapping, defence intelligence and military action.

Intelligence has political/military/strategic components, which are associated with statecraft, governance and security. Every sovereign, independent, state must train, sustain and nurture men and women to serve in its security and intelligence outfits.

In Europe and America, these are selected from the best and the brightest citizens, who are endowed with keen and subtle intellect. They are the anchor of state security.(See Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai,”Military Intelligence and International Law”, Max Planck Institute of Comparative and International Law, Heidelberg, Germany,2005.)

There is a difference between the cult of intelligence and the craft of intelligence. It is a craft, when it is based on scientific methods and genuinely used to defend the nation. It is a cult, when groups in military intelligence conspire against the state, for example, by staging a coup d’état.

Military intelligence operates both general and specific intelligence systems. It is mainly about gathering information on the plans of the enemy, demonstrators, terrorists and other dangerous people.

Recruitment into defence and military intelligence outfits needs scrupulous assessment of the recruit’s intellectual sharpness, smartness and patriotism.

Graduates with the best grades should be deployed not those, who got ranks by federal character. Recently, there was failure of military intelligence in Jos. The system of early detection failed. A corps of strategic, street-corner operatives would have detected the movement of armed men into the affected villages.

What system is now in place to protect the nation from bomb detonators, angry and hungry youths, failed politicians, who are bitter and are ready to use the unwary young drop-outs for their political ends?

There are states and some leaders abroad, who only high-light our failures and they invidiously associate Nigeria with every vice and not a single virtue.

We must gear up and not allow these prophets of doom to demoralize us. There are misguided and unpatriotic Nigerians, who quote, with relish, these nefarious odes about what America, Britain and the Libyan leader said about our country.

The Libyan leader should be told that rascality should wane with old age. His undiplomatic, raspy ranting on Nigeria still rankles. Our diplomatic resentment and response are appropriate and timely.

We must intensify our diplomatic responses to all unsavory attacks. If well managed, the new opportunity we now have will usher us into the age of splendour.

We have recommenced governance and the world should take note. We must always fight back in measured terms against semi-literate foreign commentators on Africa, diplomatic arrogance and against statements that are aimed at denigrating the African and revile our people.

For example, while Christine Amanpour speaks in reverential tone, when she interviews Euro-American personalities, she could not hide her contempt for African leaders like His Excellency, Dr Robert Mugabe and His Excellency, Paul Kagame.

Her shaggy-dog stories no longer cut the ice. She is now short of ideas as her stream of consciousness wanes inexorably.

As the Chief Propagandist of CNN, Christine reports on factual issues but often mixing her reportage with fictional imageries. Some CNN reports are “capriceux et crepine.”In some cases the reports jeopardize the national security of other states. For example, the reports about the Jos crises did not have to be repeatedly aired for effect.

CNN’s swarming hive of journalists “have regularly celebrated their undivided social and political power over the world “in the last twenty years. Its elite journalistic grand masters are acquiring greater muscle, which they do not hesitate to flex, when interviewing leaders from “lesser” regions.

Showing disabled Africans regularly on television seems to satisfy the psycho-galvanic reflexes of some people, whose appetites for the sadistic and the bizarre are insatiable and ill-defined. Some journalists report, albeit inelegantly, on ghoulish events in Africa, with enthusiasm.

Euro-American journalists, when reporting on Africa, seem to invoke for themselves, a special dispensation from journalistic responsibility, a kind of licence to philander through the order of truth.

The ultimate felony of reporting has been committed by Euro-American writers, who have regularly violated all intellectual etiquette on information dissemination by their sweeping and unstoppable generalizations which have painted pictures of Africa’s metaphoric perils in an altogether metaphoric continent.

This continent is not just a place for dancers and bad governments. It is on the move, but Euro-American reporters do not get it. As a result of their poor reporting about the continent, Euro-American investors do not know what they are missing. The Chinese have impressed their acumen on African business.

As Professor of International Law at Shandong University of Science and Technology, Qingdao, China, (2005-2008) I organized state-wide lectures on International Economic Relations, with emphasis on China-Africa trade. Today, the Chinese national currency has been strengthened ,by the US dollars they collect from their colossal trade with Africa.

The US is protesting the disparity in exchange rate of the YUAN. The US owes China billions of dollars. The national security issue this poses is clear.

Let us hope that the envisaged CNN “Market Place Africa” programme, will assist Americans to gain an insight into the opportunities bad reporting has rob them of over the years.

I write about Euro-American reportage on Africa, not because of any delusion that their journalists will change but because a few may reflect and change. The concept of “Africa at Risk” is targeted at the national security of states in Africa, but in paradoxical fact, “is an acknowledgement that the transfer of Western civilization to Africa had failed”

It would appear that the whole world is at risk from all those with Hitlerite disposition, who kill people, who manufacture weapons of mass destruction and who jeopardize the national security of nations. They are creatures from the universe of fallen angels.

Perhaps, there is need to evolve for “Euro-American journalism, a new journalistic ethnology to curb the lore and obsession of Euro-American misinformation about Africa, because their collective mental inversion seems irredeemable.

Under some form of liberalism, Euro-American press often foments trouble that impinges on the national security of African states. For example, the BBC report on the Nigeria/Biafra war was inciting.

In Nigeria, GOD, the FATHER is now leading on and victory is sure. We shall remain vigilant against all forms of misinformation and disinformation from the centers of manipulation and control.

Those of us, who have been to the five continents, will attest to the fact that those societies in the West have long become Sodom and Gomorrah, spreading satanic culture and sexualizing people worldwide.

Our national security was put to severe test during the return of President Yar’Adua, especially the unauthorized deployment of troops in Abuja.

The death of King George, the Queen’s father was kept secret for quite sometime. A newspaper in London wrote,” King’s hidden death, men dread chronic malady.”

In time and space, Kings and Presidents are corruptible. Their sins will find them out. JESUS is the Rock, the only Rock of Ages. ASO rock is shifting sand.

Undoubtedly and admittedly, the Federal Government shall react appropriately to issues concerning national security, especially, the movement of arms, troops, serious crimes and official corruption. It is a new day.

As a scribe of the Era of the Gentiles, Atonement and the Brotherhood of Man, I will end this essay on an ecumenical theme. These are the End-times.

There will be a shaking of the World, which will destroy all man-made systems, satanic scientific establishments, man-made security systems etc.The only security one can be sure of now, is the one GOD, the Father provides in these End-times.

The most significant evidence of failure of Man-made security are the twin-tower bombings, the Madrid train bombings, the Moscow theatre attack, the Bali bombings, the London bombings in the home of the M15, the Mumbai attack.

As from now, all national security systems not founded on GOD, the Father, through Jesus Christ will fail

The Second coming of our Lord, Jesus Christ demands that spiritual wholesomeness, not perversity, wars and debauchery, home-sexuality, same sex marriages etc. Existing states and kingdoms will fall.

The human agents of satan have infiltrated the Catholic Church. A Glorious Church “without spot, wrinkle and without blemish “will soon be established, which will bring Christ to the nations. Only Jesus, the Christ can give us the power to live a new life, not science and technology. Those, who stand upon the Rock of Christ, will not be moved throughout this hurrying century.

Professor Dr. Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai is the President of the proposed Afemai University, Fugar, Nigeria.

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