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By: Olapeju Sowunmi  
 Published  May 20th, 2012

Getting a proper education now is being rich and if Nigeria is not concerned about literacy then she is not concerned about her future image ,the educational status of this country seems to be falling while we are laughing and dancing away the time ,surrounding African countries are advancing in areas of technology while we teach theories in our universities and discourage the practicality in our technical institutions , we laugh at our foolishness and drink the best imported wines ever to be made also jesting at the Igbo man’s ability instead of investing in people ,we invest in material wealth we lack the foresight that we might die unremembered even when we were rich .

The constitution should make up for youths ,a country which does not support or consider the ideas of the youths is only but a useless one .Children, teenagers and young adults opinions should matter ,they should also able to advise government on issues that involves them (not some rich man’s kid but children picked from different backgrounds).

Some youth corps members died while serving their fatherland and there was nothing to commemorate them! Nobody except those who know them remember their names,it should not all be about money ….HONOUR!

A program was on the television for some period of time ,it was called the “Dragon’s Den” it was for youths with business ideas and innovations ,there were so many ideas but the anchors were not business owners themselves so how would they have recognized a good business deal when they see one ,all they did was display how well they could speak the English words .The vibrant part of our economy is wasting away in another man’s land; while our leaders have not yet asked themselves questions of what they have not done right that the youths are in desperate need of, a Nigerian youth would not mind staying in prison overseas instead of his fatherland.

They claim to be re-structuring the economy but the face of the economy we all see seems to be beautiful on their own side while on our side it looks ugly and fire-beaten. They keep up the talk on improving the life of the citizenry but what we see them accumulating are houses and properties while wasting away our resources. “Nigerians should learn to help themselves; they should learn to cope without the help of the government” says some unreasonable individuals. How can they cope without access to basic amenities? What makes them comfortable in another country –regular supply of power and water, accommodation, security of lives and properties as well as job security, a well schemed educational plan among the rest of them.

How can Nigerian youths be rescued from prostitution/aristo, internet frauds, armed robbery and other illegal acts? These are supposed to be discussed on a round table with the youth minister ,concerned individuals, corporate bodies ,all that are concerned on youth matters in the country and the youths themselves .Youths should not be wasted away on the table of politics ,their education, moral values and conducts should not be tampered with.

OBAMA, everybody in the world is motivated and wants to be like him, but can you do what he is done for his country, ever before he became the president? Even though the system only supported him at the last stage of his vision he never gave up, he is celebrated all over the news, tabloids web pages, books and write ups such as this. He has made history as a leader who would not deny his people anything he thinks is best for them and they are ready to go with his judgment on matters that concern them!

How many Nigerians can die for their country? Some have but I don’t think there are any more, even those that died are not recorded. Are they in the honor book of the country do we know or remember their names?

Until NIGERIA learns to respect and add values to lives

Until NIGERIA appreciates selflessness and not self centeredness

Until NIGERIANS love themselves as brothers and sisters and share their pains together

Until WE learn to fight together and not for ourselves and our families alone, but for the sake of the coming generation.

Every leader in Nigeria must learn to respect values and be different from past thieves/leaders that we have had, this nation can learn from fallen heroes who were not perfect but tried their best like Awolowo, Azikwe, Balewa, Ige among the rest ,those who despite their struggles believed in people who became part of today’s selfish leaders. The leaders we have today are results of people who have suffered for Nigerians by offering them free education with a taxes –reduced economy and the basic amenities.

Hypermarkets as I refer to them are not meant strictly for the rich everybody has a right to a beautiful and serene environment, thanks to the Lagos state government who has realized that and other leaders should emulate the leadership.

Nigerian youths must not become today’s leaders who aspire positions and stand no chance to be defeated ,they practice politicking in masks and even force themselves into power of which they have no proper plans in positions which they eventually find themselves .

Nigeria cannot boast of energy that can last the whole day all over the country, she lacks industries such as textile making industry and she allows the importation of fairly used clothes more than imaginable, her citizens eats rice like birds but she cannot produce rice that can feed her population and she has refused to develop in terms of infrastructures.

There should be urgency in research of energy, possibly wind, bio-fuel among the rest; Nigerian elites should come down of their high- horse-big-party-only –me future and help the people called poor around them. Community development should be encouraged in the real sense and not faked because we seem to have so many unrealistic NGOs without goals and the common man’s environment out of which the now-elite evolved from should be developed, sanitation exercise has to be enforced again while those found lacking in the care of the environment should be arrested.

Conclusively government should set her priorities right ,seek advice from the people she is governing so as not to make decisions that will not work ,she should concentrate on job provision, energy generation and not-too-far economic development strategies .

Written by Olapeju Sowunmi

A graduate of Microbiology from Olabisi Onabanjo University Ago Iwoye

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