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Nigerian Social Network - Help Center

1. What is Nigerian Social Network?

Nigerian Social Network is an online community that strives to connect Nigerians worldwide. You can use the network to connect with old friends, make new friends, upload and share photos, videos, music or even start a discussion on issues relevant to Nigeria and its' citizens.

2. How Do I Sign Up?

Please Click Here to Sign Up!

3. How Do I Upload My Profile Picture?

Add a Profile Photo

4. How Do I Send a Private Email to Any of the Members?

First log into your account, Click-through to the member's page, Scroll down to the member's picture (or generic picture) and look for a link (right beneath the picture) that says "Send a Message". Click on the link, and it should open an email/dialogue box, enter the text and send. It's that simple.

5. How Do I Personalize My Page

Please Click to Personalize My Page, Just follow the instructions step-by-step. If you make a mistake, repeat the process again. You cannot break anything.

6. Copyright

Materials contained on this site cannot be downloaded or utilized in any form without prior written consent from the owner or the management of Nigerian social network. Such materials include, photos, music, videos or written publications.

7. Spamming / Scamming

We do not tolerate spamming or scamming and anyone that is found guilty of violating the site's policy in this regard, will be banned without warning ( except where otherwise stated)

8. Advertisement

If you have a business that you'll want to promote, please post it on your page, by using the text box that is made available to you. Any business that is published as a blog will be deleted.

Still cannot find an answer to your question? Please leave a message on my page (Chris Osiyi's Page )

We hope that you'll help build a healthy community that everyone feels comfortable being a part of.


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