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By: Chris Onyishi  
 Published January 15th, 2012

I have always wondered why people in government cannot figure out what should be placed in front of the other, the cart or the horse. Common knowledge of science shows that anything done with the assistance of natural law of gravity is usually better. When the horse and the cart are placed on a level ground, then putting the horse in front of the cart will usually bring in the elements of natural law of gravity because the horse will tend to throw itself in a forward trust which will naturally elicit the law of gravity.

In social engineering also, there should be this semblance of cart and a horse.  A responsible government is one that will always see policies from the angle of a cart and a horse. A responsible government is one that will always weigh the impact of any policy on the well being of the governed before its implementation.  A responsible government will lead by example.  A responsible government will first feel the pinch of its policy before foisting it on the governed.  A responsible government tries to put the horse in front of the cart in all circumstances so that policies meant for the governed will not destroy them before the benefits are fully realized.

Chief MKO Abiola, may his soul rest in peace, was variously quoted as saying that you do not shave a man in his absence.  No matter how wonderful your policies are, if half of the people the policy is meant to benefit will die before the full import of the policy is realized, the enunciator of that policy is not a good social craftsman. It will tantamount to shaving a man in his absence. What will it benefit a man, who died of cancer, on whose grave is established the best cancer  treatment hospital?

I have never seen a doctor or physician who first kills his patient before administering medication.  Rather what I have witnessed is that when a surgeon finally decides to operate on his patient, he administers anesthesia to deaden the pains so as to give the patient the benefit of technological breakthrough.  I have personally had one of my teeth pulled out and I understand what expertise means. A dentist will explore every available option before arriving at the option of pulling a tooth of his patient.  When he is convinced that there is no alternative, he administers anesthesia first.  You will be wondering if the pulling and twisting and the rest of it is happening in your mouth.

Aspiration to get into power should very well be preceded by a careful study of what one is expected to do to give the citizenry a value added existence rather than how much one can gather for himself and his immediate family.

Every move from his days as deputy governor in Bayelsa State down to his Vice Presidency days up to his campaign to become president has never portrayed President Jonathan as a man who knows what he want s to do with power to benefit the citizenry.  The only thing that was consistent in his campaign was that since he went to school without shoes and carried his books without a bag and has been able to rise to where he was, then he argued that every other Nigerian could do it: “If I can do it, you too can do it”. 

This slogan sold perfectly among our greedy youths and impoverished aged.  Some people fancied that and in conjunction with corrupt politicians (including ACN in the west) – who dreaded General Mohamed Buhari – and Prof. Jega’s INEC, it was easy to sell a man, directly or indirectly, without coordinated agenda –  just like his party PDP – to Nigerian people.  The impact is that the nation has continually railed along a track to the precipice of an abyss.

WHEN people aspire to leadership position without any defined set of objectives as to better the lives of citizens, the impact is usually that a nation is agitated to the point of collapse.

Leadership, as I would always suggest, should be left for creative and proactive social craftsmen and women with sound and articulate mindset, who will be locked up in a social contract with the governed to provide it with value added life palliatives and whose preoccupation should not be to fly out at any instinct to other lands with a village entourage.  It should not be one whose take home pay is 1000 times more than the ordinary man.  It should not be one that will corner all the choicest portion of the land and state assets to itself.

When the president suggested that 25% of office holders’ remuneration would be cut and his subsequent launching of a 110 buses as part of his promised palliatives, he only reinforced our fears that this government does not know what it is embarking upon.

Firstly, why 25% and not 75%? Does he have an idea of what they all take now?  Will 25% give the masses the impression that the president and his cohorts are really serious to make any sacrifice?  Secondly, what does the president mean by 110 buses in a country of over 160 million people? To crown it up, the president was quoted as saying that “…government did not buy the buses to run the scheme directly but the scheme would be run by the private transporters while government would subsidize the scheme to bring down transportation cost.”

Here again, he is talking about subsidy.  The question now is why we are talking about private transporters running the scheme and government subsidizing so that in a couple of months we will begin to talk about cabal again. You now realize that there was no single palliative plan all along.  It has always been a case of spontaneous reactions and not a well articulated plan. And this has been consistent with PDP governments from 1999.

But let us for the sake of argument agree that there was an elaborate palliative plan. Why did the president and his cohorts not unveil this in the middle of last year with a bill to national assembly so that by now, we would have started feeling the impact of the palliative before the removal of the so called “oil subsidy”

A hunter who starts hitting his club on the ground after the prey have passed is not a good one.  I see no sense in what this government is doing.  There is no guarantee that President Jonathan and his government are serious about any palliative. He has no agenda whatsoever and any noise about palliative is only but treatment after death.

President Jonathan should resign immediately with all his weird and inordinate cabinet.  And the national assembly should start immediately to take steps at reducing the quantum amount of money they have arrogated to themselves is the masses will have any reason to believe them.

This is what Dr. Oby Ezekwesili had to say in response to the protesters “…government alone cannot be the agent of public policy, it needs the citizens.” This is a woman who can claim to be connected with the masses except she changes tomorrow.


Chris Onyishi(

Lagos Nigeria

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