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By: Olokpo Olokpo
 Published March 23rd, 2010

We have a deficit of Pastors. It has painfully become clear that those we once called men of God are now gods of men. Those who became larger than life, bigger than the church and more popular than the Christ they came to represent or show to us. Now we have business executives fashionably taking over the pulpit force and con, the kind that John knew nothing about.

Nigeria went swiftly into coma because we lack prophets among the businessmen who are untrained in their craft to hear from God. A trendy suit is what general overseers mistook for anointing while the financial projections have been exceeded and ledger are better than expected.

When God needed to preach a timely sermon it was evangelist Waziri who received fresh anointing to lay her gentle hands on brothers. Predictably since that- ‘You Must Be Born Again’ prophesies, our lives have never been the same again.

Let us pray
Father give similar anointing
For INEC, National Assembly,
NEPA, CAN, PFN, and NNPC. Amen
Do I hear a louder Amen?

Do we still have overseers that are subject to a higher authority? Did they replace God? What is the difference between Ogboni and your church? The lines have become really blurred. Soon EFCC will start home cells with overseers and definitely they will preach better sermons than we have done without uttering a word. Acting and simply practicing what they have been called to do with power. You don’t need the Holy Ghost to know how effective it has been or would you wait until they speak in Tongues?

Repentance must be initiated from the top from among the shepherds’ otherwise no meaningful change may happen in the nation soon. I remember how a so called servant of God taught me never to trust anyone who simply calls himself Pastor again. He preached it in a power suit and Armani perfume. Credit to him smart brother, he met maga from Otukpo and showed me pepper eko style complete with greenberry.I was set me up sharply, prophetically to believe him until I got beaten by the cobra in that book with faces. Since then when I hear that someone is a pastor it reminds me of scene in Lion King.

That scene where hyenas made fun of Scar, by mimicking and calling

And they tremble in forced awe and giggled. Nevertheless it’s all good because thanks to the brother man and a few other lessons, I now can prophesy in 20 different foreign languages. Can also do more if provoked.

Church and society have lost the taste for good messages. We don’t hear messages that practically hurl ministers from their seats to floor for lying to 150million people in broad daylight. So gone are the days, when those with unclean hands stayed 200meters radius away from the dangerous radioactive missiles thrown from the pulpit. Now they are comfortable as deacons and more unholy few have been initiated as pastors. How pathetic. Do we wonder why this nation is still on a downward slide?

Native doctors have given up their trade, it’s not as lucrative. Sentiments aside A.Y, Basket mouth preach better on a good day. When I borrow the pulpit my first message may be Pastors: motive, Money & Message for obvious reasons. Counterfeiting. I can preach that for 12 months without exhausting the introduction trust me. I can even bring a few
couple of people who fell victims to the smooth operators in Gods household. Those entrusted with the responsibility of giving direction but manage to manipulate and take advantage of others in the name of God.

Judging by the number trooping Holy Ghost camp grounds and conventions we should praise God. But instead am alarmed. Is it my imagination, the rate of economic, social and emotional crimes reduces inexplicably when camp is full. Maybe am just hallucinating but, clubs, island traffic, drugs, infidelity banks and sleazy spots simply deep in form during those times from less patronage.

God has a wild sense of humor. Probably to motivate genuine repentance ministries like NAFDAC & EFCC should organize similar prayer and fast meetings to minister with that brand of fresh anointing we saw earlier to ministers. I guarantee there would be astronomical improvement in messages, hearing skills, accountability, performance, responsibility, fertility, information, light, infrastructures, employment, opportunities, marriages and motives. A welcome development.

We must understand that we are in those desperate times and seasons a great teacher spoke about. Instead we start by taking responsibility to provide qualitative leadership which would guarantee followers permanent benevolence. Church should find the moral aptitude to weed pretenders from the pulpit.
Learnt a great deal from a man who earns a modest salary in a church he founded. No doubt Pastor Pete is one of the few endangered species. Only few of his kind are left. The assets and building were bought in the name of the church Cornerstone not his. A practice that is extinct among our present pedigree of overseers.

We can still change and use our God given capacity to empower others.
Unfortunately leadership is the mirror of larger society. In June 2009 a friend was viciously attacked and struck with lightening by another colleague. Simple dialogues have become life threatening; everyday conversations now come with Life and Death implications. How did we degenerate so fast in so short a time?

Our situation deserves a breakthrough; fellow Bishops should prophesy now and speak as led. Thankfully I would have collected tithe and Escalade that a brother promised to sow into my life. A land in Lekki will never hurt my feelings after all Jesus died for all not Chris alone. Especially, that our mansions in heaven may be graded along where we currently live. Bishops – we from Lekki would live next door to Steve, Bro. Peter, Apostle Paul and so on, while others would partner with the Baptist, Samson and Elijah.

While our ambitions are growing the size of the fragile egos we possess, young and innocent children are being slaughtered like rams. Killed like barbecue for festivities. Governors and GOCs are playing squash in their favorite clubs passing blames as infants are buried in mass graves. Their blood is crying for vengeance.

We rise to the challenge to provide leadership that is constructive. There is no better place to begin than the lords house .Society is a reflection of the failures of men ordained as prophet to initiate rebuilding of our broken walls and lay the foundation for a greater tomorrow.

Olokpo Olokpo
Bethell foundation, Lagos

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