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Cry, Cry, PDP, Cry.

By Reti Uzzi

Published  November 25th, 2009

Ordinarily, it would have been state manly to ignore the shoddy publication of the Peoples Democratic Party on page 31 of the Nigerian Tribune issue of 3/11/2009 entitled: ‘‘ OSHIOMHOLE’S SHOW OF SHAME’’ was properly captured in the spirit of truly entrapped godfathers, be-mourning a fading and outcropped empire.

Rather than lament the deep dysfunction in which PDP is inherently plagued by their self-imposed gang of unserviceable minds, flooded excitedly with eccentric minders, it went on wild geese chase of attacks on persons instead of addressing issues that would propel developmental efforts. Unfortunately, this has always been the disingenuous tactics of PDP; a bivalve mollusk of ravenous hordes who are in the business of imposing its perverse will on a free people at every turn, every time.

Nigerians, indeed Edo People will no longer allow these men with lethal weapons of gross mismanagement of our common wealth to enslave them as they please. Over time they have invented electoral heist and upgrade their rigging propensity as a walk away to leadership insolent. Without any iota of shame, PDP told a tissue of lies aimed at deceiving the people just as their names implies, in the evil-may-care publication.

It is obvious that the PDP has seen the bold and incipient handwriting on the wall by the defection of their harassed following at the Samuel Ogbemudia Stadium on Saturday that their days of ever being hand picking the highest bidders into power in Edo State have been eclipsed. The progressives that have abandoned the drowning wrecked ship of the PDP; a political party in recumbent form, prowling round the stage on a fury of half-assed structure have all cast off their soiled cassocks and surplices into a burning flame with which have been enslaved. It was an icing on the cakes of the defectors freedom! Freedom from electoral malfeasance: oppressions, repressions, leadership high-handedness, gross ineptitude, and outright theft of our common patrimony.

Since the vibrant, courageous, articulate and vivacious Comrade Adams Aliyu Oshiomhole took over the realm of Governorship of Edo State, a year ago, the people are vivid witnesses of his developmental efforts. They have seen him as a person with wanted commitment to excellence. No one, no matter his state of soporific mind will want to be identified with a party populated with people of vacuous brains.

Firstly, he has turned the minds of our Youths from acts of criminality by employing over 5000 in the popular Edo Youth Employment Scheme, called Edo Yes programme. Adams Oshiomhole has also lifted embargo on employment in the State and given pensioners a new lease of life, by paying off their entitlements.

Benin-City, which had unenviable looks in the stead of an abandoned farm in the ten year rule of PDP, is now wearing luminance look. Thanks to the imaginative vision, and creative strength of a committed mind of Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, even though such absolute engagement belongs among the leadership wizardry.

The construction and tarring of many roads and clearing of drains in the Benin municipality has eased traffic control and brought a new lease of life to motorists and residents alike. The rally, tagged operation ‘TOTAL FREEDOM’ by PDP members is a flight from the obnoxious policy of imposition, crass favourism, usurpation and the policy of our man rules. The leadership of PDP has been told in plain words that no man can play God and no man is God!

The wheel of progress in Edo State is on the fast flack under the leadership of Action Congress and the Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, a man destined by God to lead his people to the Promised Land.

The Action Congress urged the progressives still in the malfunctioning PDP camp to ignore the ratings of their failed Leaders in the overall interests of the development of Edo State . The PDP has been reminded by the stoic stance of its maltreated faithful who were dealt callous blows by the members of PDP militia that defecting into the broadly accommodating Action Congress is the right and vengeful application towards their total redemption. They have been reminded that grandstanding and imperious sneer don’t add value to growing entrenched democracy, only sanctity of electoral ballot does, and positive idea, which is the hallmark of the Action Congress.

Reti Uzzi is the

Action Congress

Publicity Secretary.



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