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PDP Jokes of Defection

By: Erasmus Ikhide
Published October 14th, 2009

A few days ago, the People Democratic Party PDP, rented a near biblical crowd to grace a phantom re-defection of one of their own: Mr. Kenneth Imansuagbon, at Ewohimi, Esan South East Local Government of Edo State.

At any rate, the defection of a single violent thug; one tutored on electoral malfeasants, who have been standing aloof, albeit momentarily, to watch events from a crisping hill top, with a hired crowd to boot at the prompting of the out sized godfathers’ ego to reenact his artful habits must celebrate his grand return to his natural habitat; after all, old habit dies hard.

John Chuks Onuanyim of the Compass newspaper reported on page 30 of its Thursday’s edition thus, ‘‘Imansuagbon who returned to the PDP over the weekend in an elaborate celebration had left the PDP to contest the 2007 governorship ticket of the Action Congress, AC with other candidates, including the incumbent governor Adams Oshiomhole’’.

Imansuagbon feints reason of his defection without subsuming, in totality his motive for political prostitution. ‘‘The brooms, I quote Imansuagbon, we thought was going to sweep away undemocratic tendencies in Edo State are sweeping in the vices in Edo politics and Edo State is sleeping under Oshiomhole.’’

Kenneth Imansuagbon combines a knack for unethical proclamation of obsessive ambition and greed with a falsity for disastrous interest. This stale locution from a political jobber exemplifies some of the basest attributes that the PDP has on parade. If anything, it shows that anyone who demonstrably asserts that democratic negation of moving from one political party after another is the easiest way to go about our current transition must be borne shoulder high and celebrated.

True to type, Imansuagbon defected alone. I did not see any credible person of political worth or repute in the hired crowd from the 18 Local Government Areas of the state, apart from the failed faces of the overbearing minds who ensured the stunting of Nigeria progress and the looting of the state treasuring in the past.

What acutely dominates the minds of the self-acclaimed PDP leaders in that rally of self-perpetuation – which in all intents and purposes assailed the collective rights of the rented crowd to make their own choice in an election – is their tenacious affirmation of their total dominance over the lives of the people that were imported to grace the defection of a fickle minded individual; with the sole aim of trading his patronage for any political party that accepts to feed him for election.

But how sad that the grubby crowd, distinctively, in their jubilant mood could not confront their fate in the hand of PDP, knowing fully that PDP has failed them in the past? It was not expected of the gullible youths in the crowd to ask how PDP second coming would impact on their social status. Expectedly, no mention was made of how Edo youths will be able to access education and make a decent living, should they access power at the centre again. It was all lamentation and agony of being in the opposition throughout the duration of the defection gimmicks.

The intention is to soil and strain Adams Aliyu Oshiomhole’s purposeful administration whose policy trust and plank of governance falls squarely on fairness and equity. But in case you don’t know, the triumphant entry of Action Congress AC, and Comrade Adams Oshiomhole into the mystically and diabolically veiled space of Edo State politics suddenly points out the nudity of the clotheless emperors in the PDP! Adams Oshiomhole and Action Congress have both shown that it is the people, and not the leaders that determine who gets what in a democracy.

It has been emphasized time and again that the political movement called the PDP, which prides and pranks the largeness of her ghost collections of depraved men and women in the history of party formation in Africa , is thoroughly bereaved of mass based structure. On the day of their self-defection, the leadership of the party went broom in hand – not Action Congress Broom – to sweep every of their disgruntled member in the state to Ewohimi for a face-saving gambit. PDP showmanship at Ewohimi is a ploy to dwarf Action Congress out-and-out profile, whose rank has been truly filled with thousands of PDP members who have genuinely defected to AC since Adams Oshiomhole wrestled his mandate from the hands of the impostors.

Truth be told: what would earnestly endear any right thinking person to defect to PDP in Edo State and elsewhere, where violent war has been institutionalized to a grand art and, as the mythical criteria for electoral victory? What assures Edo people that it would no longer be business as usual, and that the 10 wasted years of PDP in the state, where a few godfathers and those they helped to the position of authority, who in turn helped themselves to the state patrimony have had a change of heart?

Little wonder that the torrent wind of change permeating the fractured ambience of once marvelously developed state, seeking to reenact the peoples’ culture of total commitment to service is being resisted by a horde of departing political vultures that have held the state and its people by the jugular, down in the ditch since the advent of the current democratic dispensation.

As a matter of fact, Action Congress’ extraordinary efforts to strengthening intra party democracy in Nigeria are not in doubt. PDP cohorts, who are living witnesses to the fact that Action Congress has captured the people’s attention and given hope for electoral democracy and an enhanced economy future, are greatly concerned that they will be out of business for too long. Their fear is founded in the fact that the state and the nation lack credible leaders – especially amongst PDP – who are capable of responsibility in political leadership.

Peopled by highly disoriented crowd, PDP is sure to shove, at least for the last time, to establish their hermitic imperiousness, habitual pretentiousness and hegemonic insolence with their inability to govern and the profound failure that it is known for. Action Congress, through Comrade Adams Oshiomhole has disabused PDP held perception over the years with demonstrable evidence that good governance is rocket science.

In less than one year in office, Action Congress-led administration has fixed more than 30 roads within Benin metropolis among which are: Akenzua Road, Dawson Road, Wire Road, Aideyan Street, Ben Oni Street, Obakhabhaye/Oba Market Junction Road , College Road, Agadagudu Street, Boundary Road, Uwa Street (by 2nd East Circular Road), Universal-Oghobaghase Street,Giwa Amu Road, Jemide street, Akhionbare Street, Ihama Road and Okhoro road, Upper Sakponba Road (by Welfare and Uiwaibi Junctions), Oko Central Road, Uwelu Road by Texaco Petrol Filling Station, Ogida Street, Upper Mission Road, Ekewan Road, Ehaikpen Street, Forestry Road, New Lagos Road by Eghosa Grammar School, etc.

If only they are aware of the deep and timeless pain their 10 years of decadence and decay inflicted on Edo people with cumulative impact of immerse proportion, they would have deadened their profane act of recklessness and opt for politics of issues and development.

It is expected of a conscious Edo people to read between the lines next time, when jokes are made of defection.

Erasmus Ikhide is Senior
Special Assistant on Media
Affairs to Edo State Governor,
Comrade Adams Aliyu Oshiomhole

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