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President Jonathan & Divine Mandate

By: Che Oyinatumba
Published November 2nd, 2010

The ascension of President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan has been adjudged divine in the jaundiced opinion of some religious bigots who have refused to confront the reality that God wanted us here on earth to, improve it, subdue it and occupy till he comes and our reward when he comes will not be as a result of how many wives we had, how many cars we drove, how many foreign countries we had been to, but on how we were able to inconvenience others into positively changing their ways. President Jonathan’s take over as Acting President was a cold calculated power game of using others as cannon folder while keeping at safe distance from the projectile in-case it backfires. This has been the preferred route to power by President Jonathan. When there was vacancy in Bayelsa State Government House, he allowed those chanting constitutionalism to pave way for his ascension and had that failed, he would have told the Governor General of Ijaw land that he was not interested in taking over. Same tactics was deployed during the “Doctrine of necessity saga”. The President revealed this much during his interview with CNN Christine Anampur(14 April 2010), where he said he knew what he would have done to see Mr. President but chose not to do it.

He chose not because he didn’t want the appendix President to his name but he wanted the people to raise dust and again, in-case Yar’Adua recovered, he would have been seen as a faithful deputy. If this analysis is wrong, what became of the PDP Reform Group that was chanting due process? Have they not scattered since the President Jonathan’s administration has nothing to offer them after they paved way for his ascension to Nigeria’s most choice office? What became of the Civil Society Groups that were chanting constitutionalism so as to pave way for Mr. Jonathan to become President Jonathan while our C-in-C was still signing his swan song? I hope generations to come will not blame us for expediting Yar’Adua’s death; for we were told that the constant sick leave of Yar’Adua was responsible for the snail speed Nigeria at which Nigeria was moving towards goodies for all in the nearest future. Can these Civil Society Groups stand up to protest the darkness in the land? 

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My anger today, I am sure it is also yours, only that you cannot express it, is the irritant manner people are saying that 2011 is Goodluck’s because God brought him in. Please wake up. His victory in 2011 is because the opposition are not organised, they are busy splitting hair while PDP is using state funds to intensify its war chest. 

In the history of the Jews called the Old Testament, at different times, God allowed his chosen people to be chastised by a hostile kingdom. He also allowed his own chosen King to be mean to his people because of sin. If there is God in all affairs of a nation, can we say he brought Jonathan for good or to punish Nigerians for the manner in which we buried Yar’Adua while he was alive? Before you decree fatwa, let me point out the following;

I now write with candle for there is no light to recharge the rechargeable. The light situation has gone from comatose to purification. Under Yar’Adua it was one day on one day off but with Jonathan on the throne, it is ¼ day on four days off. Many small scale industries have packed up; many intellectuals have become drunks all because there is no light to procreate intellectually. The springboard from underdevelopment to development is the presence of active small scale industries. It is the presence of artisans and fabricators of different things. In Nigeria although did not start with Jonathan, what we have is young men being given Keke in the name of poverty alleviation. It is Jonathan’s headache because as a PHD holder, I don’t expect him to make some simple mistakes a primary 6 certificate holder will make. He had been Deputy Gov., Governor, Vice President, Acting President and President. If after all these suffix to his name and he cannot solve Nigeria’s problem in a year, he doesn’t deserve any elongation.

Is God not source of light? If he brought Jonathan why is Jonathan giving us darkness? Let us sincerely seek the face of God and find out if he truly gave Nigerians this president and if true, is it for punishment or blessing?

Let all these aspirants stop talking about zoning either generationally or geo-politically and tell Nigerians how they want to revamp the dilapidated textile industries, equip the hospitals and improve light situation in Nigeria. Tai Solarin said knowledge is light and the Nigerian leaders not wanting us to see how they are ruining the country have consciously done everything to make sure that education suffers in Nigeria. Have any of these aspirants said anything about the over 4 months strike by ASUU in the South East? And these are the youths they want their votes? 

These religious leaders, who go about bantering divine mandate, should be careful, for the hottest part of hell, is reserved for religious leaders who had the rear opportunity of speaking truth to these corrupt politicians but failed to because of the offering they are expecting.

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