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 Published December 2nd, 2008


The stage is set for the wedding Banquet, the planning has been tasking on account of the many important personalities invited to the ceremony. The D-day came and the couplesí parent beautifully attired with their inviteesí set out for the Church Service. That particular morning was blessed with good weather; the good Lord has answered prayers and several intercessions for a beautiful day.

One could never have guessed the disguise the devil used to cause a stir in a well planned and implemented wedding program. All Very Important Personalities (VIP) were already settled in the Church observing the couple and enjoying the holy atmospheric pressure; then came in the Presidentís daughter. I begged your pardon, ex-presidentís daughter; though she sometimes forgets that her father was no longer the president but an immediate ĎEx-Presidentí and at times she believes she is actually the President our Federal Republic. This Saturday, she helped the devil to cause a stir in Godís Sanctuary. It is really a shame to help the devil to dishonor the Church and the name of the Lord.

As a matter of fact as a member of the National Assembly of the Federal Republic, she could saunter into any function with or without invitation card. She is an important person in her own right. So this lovely Saturday, she walked in straight into the Church breaking protocol; does that matter to her, I guess not. She went straight and sat behind the peoplesí Governor defying protocol. She failed to acknowledge or greet those she met in the Church; no one raised an eyebrow. Unsatisfied probably borrowing a leaf from an occurrence that piqued the Republic recently from a neighboring State; the master planner thought she could launch an attack on the peoplesí Governor which, would bring a reprisal and make the security details of the Governor over-react to cause a mayhem using the neighboring State episode as foot-note. But she misfired. Pardon me, I am jumping scenes. I must warn you that this is a synopsis of a real life drama.

The drama makes me remember a Yoruba novel, I read a long time ago titled "Won ro pe were ni" Ė (They think she is mad); but back to my synopsis, the presidentís daughter got up in a holy assembly and started a solo dance. You need to watch the drama to believe. No one else was standing in that Church at that point of time; only her majesty, the presidentís daughter but she has a mission; that mission was to slander the peoplesí Governor. Ironically this governor gave her the first political break. An ever smiling governor that ensured she got her partyís ticket that enabled her, becomes a member of the National Assembly of the Federal Republic; a hard working governor who has done tremendously well for his people in the Gateway State.

Scene 2: Unmindful of the fact that she was doing a solo dance already captioned Ďprovocative dancingí with no music but only to infuriate and embarrass others; a caution from a constituted authority turned the presidentís daughter into a pugilist. There are natural talents and spiritual talents. I need no further convincing that the presidentís daughter is a talented pugilist Ė She will win Gold any day in boxing and wrestling. Sports talent hunters have missed her in the past but with a show she put on recently, she needs no further introduction and she will be an asset to the Federal Republic if fielded in the next Olympic Games in the boxing or wrestling category. She is abundantly blessed. My only grouse is that she exhibited this talent outside the ring and not just in any public place but in Godís Sanctuary; the holy temple of God. What a condemnable desecration? I urge the president to call his daughter to order. When the Children of Eli sinned, it was Eli God sent Samuel, to warn him of their eventual end; those who have ears, let them hear.

You may then ask me who her opponent was if you do not know already. The opponent was a simple security detail who received all the blows without returning any; a boring spectacle. My verdict is that it was a show of shame for an elected officer belonging to the Upper Chamber of the National Assembly of a great Federal Republic. That security man is just an ĎOleí jare; Ė a lazy man, a coward or a properly brought up gentleman who respects Ladies. Harmatia is a Greek word meaning ĎMissing the Markí; the security detail did miss the mark because the woman involved is not a Lady and deserves no respect. A respectable lady does not put on boxing gloves and box defenseless opponents in the house of God. Fela Anikulapo-Kuti of blessed memory once sang a song "When trouble sleep, yanga go wake am, wetin he dey find? No be palaver Ė Ďtroubleí he dey find. But this well trained gentleman (security man) failed to give palaver. Do I hear someone say ĎHalleluiah? He surely exhibited uncommon maturity. I know a man who just received a tiny slap from a woman and he returned many dirty slaps on the woman. Haba! I heard your exclamations but wetin a respected woman dey look for if not trouble by boxing or slapping a man.

Scene 3: The presidentís daughter turned around and started howling; crying more than the victim and splashing dirt on a VIP that could not be bothered about her early misdemeanor. She forgot one very important thing. An adage says Ďa stream that forgets its source will dry upí. She forgot a good deed and disrespected the man that gave her opportunity to step-up the political ladder. She also forgot Information Technology that made the world a global village and that in such an important wedding, recordings are essential and important. She was Ďcaught on Candid Camera. Camera can not lie if even human beings embrace lies.

Well let me digress a bit and talk about our expectations of political office holders especially women that are supposed to be mothers of the nation. Women are expected to be humble and showcase humility in all actions and interactions with others. A womanís beauty must radiate from inside; she must live in the Fear-of-God at all times. A role model woman must not be self-absorbed, money-hungry, self-promoting, stuck-up, profane, and contemptuous of parents & elders, crude, coarse, and slanderous. An impulsively wild, savage, cynical, treacherous, and ruthless woman is a disgrace to motherhood. Only bloated windbags will refuse to apologize to elders and superiors when clearly in the wrong like the presidentís daughter. I belong to our gender trail blazers as an elected member of the National Assembly of the Federal Republic in the Second Republic. During our time, no female acted shamefully by getting involved in street fighting. The female sole representative in the Upper Chamber of the National Assembly carried herself with dignity and made herself a role model to women and youths. This enabled the political class to respect the women folks.

At times when a typical behavior re-occurs severally, I call such disorder addiction because addiction comes in several formats. In the course of this unfolding drama, I had that it was not the first, second or even third term that such occurrence would happen. So I can conclude that this disrespect has become an addiction. The general meaning and thesaurus of addiction are Habit, Compulsion, Dependence, Need, Obsession, Craving, and Infatuation. To be an addict is to devote or surrender (one-self) to something habitually or obsessively. This means addiction is the quality or state of being addicted.

The presidentís daughter exhibited a trait of addiction by her continuous disrespect for a superior and duly constituted higher authority. The causes and meaning of addiction vary from people to people depending on perspective and background:

Addiction to some is a failure of morality, a spiritual weakness, a sin or crime by people who wonít take responsibility for their behavior. To these people if addicts want to self-destruct, let them; itís their fault; they choose to abuse.

For the teetotaler and politicians, itís a self-control problem; so maybe the presidentís daughter lacks self-control.

For sociologists, it is poverty;

For educators, it is ignorance;

Psychiatrists or psychologists will say personality traits, temperament and character are at the root of addictive personalities.

Biologically oriented people will consign it to the genes and heredity.

Social-learning & cognitive-behavior theorists will tell you itís a case of conditioned response, intended or unintended reinforcement of inappropriate behaviors.

To Anthropologists, addiction is culturally determined.

Dan Quayle, an American citizen blames addiction on the breakdown of family values. Definitely family values have been debased.

The most popular theory is that addictive behaviors are diseases.

Can I then assume the presidentís daughter is sick? Please who will diagnose her problem? Maybe we should call psychiatrists or what do readers say? The battle is not totally lost if she is willing to repent and reconcile. Let us be clear on one point; Reconciliation is not placation, capitulation or negotiation. It's not about minimizing our differences. Reconciliation is not a theology. It's not a religion. In individuals, reconciliation is a spirituality; a spirituality of transformation. The presidentís daughter must be totally transformed and then seek open forgiveness from not just the Executive Governor of the Gateway State of the Federal Republic but also all citizens of the State that have watched in amazement the desecration of the Throne. My Clarion call to the presidentís daughter is a paradigm shift. Let her seek for Forgiveness in all humility and she might get it. All well meaning Nigerians must condemn in totality her open disrespect to the Executive Governor of her State.

In conclusion, some tongues need a bridle rather than a spur. The Holy Spirit permits us to censure sin, and prescribes the way in which we are to do it. It must be done by rebuking our brother to his face. Iyabo is my sister from the same Owu Kingdom. She has done wrong and she must apologize to the Governor; there is no other way. Let her do this quickly and put the devil to shame. Hundreds have been saved from gross sins by the timely, wise, affectionate warnings of faithful ministers and brethren. A word is good for the wise. Those who have ears let them hear. Chikena!

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