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By Professor Dr. Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai
Published September 2nd, 2009

ISLAM is not just a Religion but a way of life. This is why I am very receptive of its major teachings. “Do good do yourself, do bad do yourself” Allah is most powerful, yet very merciful.

Happy is the person, who Allah loves. He will have peace. There are, however, people, who have no rest and peace because of their earthly love for ill-gotten wealth otherwise known as “chua chua”,”egunje” “ ego aruruala”

The criminal conversion or outright theft of national wealth is the crime Allah punishes severely. Those, who cause the nation to be impoverished, cannot have a spiritual union with Allah.

We, who are intercessors, affect the destiny of the nation by touching the Heart of GOD. But it is GOD, who provides the motivation.

The throne of grace is wide open to Nigeria . Those, who pray on Fridays and Sundays, endure the Ramadan fast, yet, cannot refrain from looting the treasury are only deceiving themselves.

Leaders, who serve the people, will be loved unpunished. In the first day of Ramadan, Fidel Castro turned 83, in spite of all the death wishes from the vicious sector of the imperialist press.

A Malaysian woman, who was reacting to the heat of summer and took a beer, not that she, was drunk, was to be flogged. Malaysia UNTRUELY Asia !

The US Attorney-General has said that those key officers in the Bush administration may be investigated, who approved the use of torture.

How are the mighty fallen? Leaders are not Allah, although when they are in transient power they crush people in ODI , IRAQ , PAKISTAN , VIETNAM , KOREA , in the name of power politics.

Let us remember how Adolf Hitler, the devil incarnate , terrorized the world and nearly succeeded in destroying it. He had to kill himself, when the Saints marched into Berlin in 1945.

The idiot, walked away from the Berlin Olympics because Jesse Owen disproved his Arian philosophy of superiority.

The Almighty GOD, who has a way of reminding Man that HE is GOD, brought up Lightening Bolt, empowered him to run on Hitler’s grave, sixty-three years later.

So GOD will keep reminding the world of the brutalities irreverent leaders unleash upon the Sons and Daughters of God. There is no escaping the wrath of the Triune GOD.” Vengeance is mine” said the Lord of Host.

S. V.22. Knowledge and Wisdom are given to one in maturity as a reward from God. The NUNA FIKI leaders, Directors, Permanent Secretaries, PENCOM numberless consultants, and “chua chua, egunje, ego aruruala”choppers, have no inkling that the righteous shall inherit the earth and find abundance of peace.

S.Ra’ad V.28. Only in remembrance of GOD will hearts find peace and satisfaction. Ill-gotten funds attract putrid characters, who meet with disaster.

There is a day of reckoning here and beyond. (S. Ibrahim V 42.) Why do evil leaders and people live long? The TRIUNE GOD allows them to live long to see the crash of their “policies”, for which they were ready to destroy their citizens or other citizens of other nations, their follies and idiocyincracies.

How are Rumsfeld, Bush, and Blair feeling, now that their Iraqi misadventure has collapsed? Iraqis did not kiss and give American soldiers flowers.

We must not allow puny-brained men in office do harm to social humans, they did not create. We are all God’s children. The devil must no longer use political leaders to destroy men, women and children.

Recently, Mr. David Frum, who wrote those inane speeches for George Bush, had the effrontery to blame President Obama for issuing “mild statements” on the freeing of the Lockerbie bomber.

We shall wait and see how his insightful speeches for George Bush will play out during the on-going investigations of the heinous torture of Iraqis and other captives.

S.Maryam V83, the ever-gathering momentum of evil as it rushes to its eventual, with the active encouragement of satan.

There is only one GOD. Those wicked leaders, agents of the Luciferian hierarchy, unknown to them sacrifice the Sons and Daughters of GOD to satan under the guise of maintaining law and order, whose law, whose order?

S. Aufal V31-33 pronounces on the cynicism of people, when faced with the TRUTH. Some leaders are unaware of the certain rewards of the righteous and failure of evil governance.

For example, how many Nigerians died as a result of the politics of DO or DIE? Oh! There is still a just reward and there will be neither Nirvana nor Amen for “Destroyers of Nigeria” .They basked in banal conventionalities and convivial ties. Today, some are indebted to banks awaiting the EFCC’s wrath and sitting on the back of time.

In the issue of my PENCOM entitlements, the EFCC may ask the Director-General of PENCOM, the Executive Secretary of NUC and the AGF, why they should send their staff on Verification missions to my University, to confirm whether I taught there for twenty-seven years. How much estacode was spent in the frivolous exercise?

Why could my Head of Department, Dean and Vice Chancellor, who have known me for twenty-seven years not be relied upon to confirm whether I was reaching at OAU, Ife , for twenty-seven years but the PENCOM. NUC and AGF would rely on staff, who have never seen me before. This is both senseless and fraudulent.

The PENCOM Act is clear on the assignment of PENCOM. The NUC should have the data of all University staff in Nigeria . So why the rigmarole. Why send Ministry staff on a wild goose chase with loaded estacode?

It is a stratagem to waste time, use my money to buy shares or give monies to trading post agents.

Since the Federal Government now sanctions financial institutions, which owe billions in debt, PENCOM should be made to pay my pension, gratuities and the interest the fund has accumulated in three years.

At PENCOM, there are too many Consultants with computers, gazing into space and yet they collect incredible fees.

They are said to be looking for GHOST WORKERS- a euphemism to be relevant!

I intend to sue for damages.

How are the sworn politicians of old faring, only a few years after their overthrow? No-one steals from the people and gets away with. Where is the Abacha loot? Our Ramadan prayer is for their realization that the Nigeria they destroyed will not go down. They are going down. Their stolen wealth is varnishing. They will be on the run. S. Ibrahim V 42. Let not the unjust think that they can get away with their iniquities.

The Logic of events in Nigeria must be put under Allah’s control and not that of the governing party. Both the guided and the lost will face Allah’s dreadful reproach.’ Only those, who keep the Covenant, will embrace joy.

Those entrusted with power belong to “people who GOD will not forgive.” ( S.. Tauba V.72)

S. Isra V 16 Destruction becomes inevitable, when the leadership ignores the Warner.

Since Allah does not love those, who exalt in riches (S.QathathV76) and we know this, why is there this blind grabbing with both hands???

Hausa people say,”Idan mutm ya girma, ya san fa ya girma.” They fritter away their time in vanities and trivialities.

They will be excluded from the Gate of Greater Honour

In this Ramadan, we pray that ALLAH grants us a new life that is good and pure. Allah has no need for JANAT much less ALDUNYA Both are for Adam and his progeny.

So why are you stealing so much? It is obscene. Your busy hands are being washed in the market place, in the coffee bars, in pito and burukutu joints, in ngbagbu ijijji hang-outs. E do!!!.

Nigerians, awakened by the EFCC, are now allergic and hypersensitive to corruption. If this bridge breaks, there will be weeping and regrets for those, who are stealing, while we watch them on Television.

My fervent Ramadan prayers are very passionate.

Allah kawo kudi !!!

Allah kawo Alheri!!!

Allah biabukata!!!

Allah bamusaah!!!

Amin, Amin, AAmin


Professor Dr. Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai, an Intercessory Pastor, sent this piece from Sao Tome and Principe .


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