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By: Chris E. Agbiti, Esq.
 Published December 11th, 2011

Like the legendary Phoenix that always emerges from its very ashes whenever it is thought to have been destroyed, Nigerians, for the umpteenth time, were again treated to a grisly spectacle of warped debate by advocates of homosexual practice recently at the floor of the National Assembly. In what may sum up as the kernel of their argument, as espoused by a self-acclaimed spokesperson of the amorphous association called “Nigerian Lesbians, gays, Bisexual, Transsexuals and Intersex living in Diaspora”, they claim that a number of talented Nigerian Homosexuals are living outside the country and helping to develop their host countries but are afraid to come and live in their own motherland, Nigeria, for fear of being victimized. They capped up their grouse with the all-pervasive justificatory catch phrase, “unfair treatment”  

And thus, proceeding from the standpoint of the above jeremiad, the proponents of Homosexual freedom sought to prove to the rest of us how deep we have fallen into the cesspit of ignorance and consequently, how far backward we are from the fast moving bandwagon of modernity, in our continued insistence on repugnancy to morality and religion as bases for opposition to homosexual practice.

While it is conceded that homosexual practice has existed for ages in the history of mankind, given the biblical expression of divine malediction against it, however, at no time since the emergence of the malefaction called sex perversion, has its proponents been as bold as they are now in their collective quest for societal recognition and imprimatur. In their bid to scientifically articulate the basis to validate the points as to why the strange malefaction must be allowed to co-exist with the normal heterosexual practice, the homosexuals usually resort seek to take refuge either in the concept of personal Liberty as enshrined in Fundamental Human Rights or in what the term natural orientation.

It was unarguably on the foregoing basis that the young lady who claimed to be the spokesperson of the Nigerian homosexuals in Diaspora qualified the non acceptance of homosexual practice in the respective communities of the homosexuals as “unfair” practice against them.

Now, to properly do justice to the subject matter of this piece, several questions beg to be answered: were the gays and lesbians among us created as such and naturally oriented towards their respective sex perversion? Does the concept of Fundamental Human Rights contemplate freedom for the gays and lesbianism to practice as such?

To start with, what is fundamental right? There is a universal consensus that fundamental rights are inalienable entitlements divinely bestowed on mankind by reason only of his being part of human species. By the term “inalienable” it presupposes that the rights guaranteed as fundamental rights are neither bestowed by the law nor can be taken away by the law. It is however conceded that various dimensions of explanations of human rights have now been put forward obviously to water down the exact purports of the concept in order to serve peculiar interests. However, the fact cannot be gainsaid that the original concept of human rights is traceable to ancient religious values.

Flowing from the above, can it validly be argued that the divine creator who, in the beginning, created man and woman and bestowed on them their respective gender capabilities, would again turn around to create a man and bestow on him female sexual orientation, except there is a distortion of the original plan by another?

It is this distortion, I make bold to say, that is the missing link in all the arguments about homosexual practice. That a sexually distorted personality seeks to orient himself toward the opposite sex cannot be attributed to the creator as all that God created in the beginning was perfect.

It is rather preposterous and ironical that in same sex marriage, one of the partners would play the wife and manifest all the attributes of femininity while the other would remain the man.  Why create a surrogate for keep of what you hate in its original form to have? This, more than anything else, a clear demonstration of extreme confusion and personality disorder in the sex perverts.

Gay, lesbianism or whatever euphemism the proponent may like to have them called, cannot be justified in any circumstance, anymore than the victims of nymphomania and kleptomania who also lay claim to belonging to that cloistered and nebulous constituency called “natural orientation”. The fact is, just as the nymphomania and kleptomania, the sex pervert are in dire need of help, but will they admit it?



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