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Submit an overview of any of the states in Nigeria

We sincerely appreciate your interest in submitting a comprehensive overview of one or more of the states in Nigeria. By submitting the article, you're helping to build one of the most comprehensive and appealing sites about Nigeria. The article will carry your name for as long as it is being used and you can include a link to any other site or resource of your choice. You can update the page anytime you feel the need to do so. In order words, you own the page.

Guidelines For Submission

To ensure consistency, we've enumerated guidelines for submission below.
  • The article should be based on facts and any materials referenced, must be documented
  • It needs to be original - i.e. no duplication of content from another site.
  • It should be of a reasonable length and the format should be as follows

    1. History and Population
    2. Politics and Government
    3. Administrative subdivisions
    4. Economy and Infrastructures
    5. Official website of the state
    6. References

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Thank you for the contribution and have a wonderful day.

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