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By Chris Onyishi Published April 1st, 2015


A couple of days ago, March 24th at 2359hrs precisely, I wrote on my Face Book wall what I captioned “WHAT PEOPLE FEAR ABOUT APC” and I take this except from that post:

The truth is that if APC wins, another melodrama will take off. It will become the struggle, one more time, between the corrupt elements in APC and some sane individuals in the fold. But the beautiful thing is that Nigerians who started the Change will still be there to continue it and see it to fruition. Democracy guarantees change”.

Having said that, I want now to look ahead into what I think the change is capable of doing in its first two years.

I foresee a President Buhari who would, after his swearing in on May 29 2015, announce to a gregarious Nigerian people that he will lead Nigeria on one quarter of his salary for his first 4 years in office as his sacrifice for the ailing economy and Prof. Osinbajo will follow in the same vein. That will be the first salvo that will dictate the rest of their leadership as a change fulcrum. Buhari we know can do that for his country to be great and Prof. Osinbajo is no different. These are two highly mentally matured individuals whose nationalism gush is not in doubt.

Thirty days after being sworn in, I foresee a President Buhari who will enunciate a presidential bill seeking the alteration of the take-home packs of the national assembly men and women to be adjusted in the manner that they will be at par with the senior lecturers of our universities. The ball will then be in the public court to force the oversized national assembly to grow down.  It is evidence that the Nigerian populace is now very reactive to what is happening around them and that is one thing I so much admire about Nigerians. Anytime they wake you will know.

I also expect a President Buhari who would institute a high level panel – not committee this time - that would evaluate how much has been spent on power from 1999 to date. The panel will be required to find out who was asked to do what – and by who - in the power sector and the contractual agreements in that regards and what has been done and what has not been done.  Erring members of previous administrations – irrespective of their status – and their colluding outsiders in this regard should be made to dance to the music of the law of our land in respect of economic sabotage.

Every one kobo misappropriated in the power sector must be retrieved and the power projects restarted in earnest.  I see a Buhari President that will raise power generation to above 10,000 MW in the first 16 months in office. It is a task that must be done and urgently too. And that will raise economic activities in the country by 12% and jobs will be created in that margin. Power has been the cankerworm militating against our industrialization and real economic growth.

I will also expect a Buhari President who would institute a panel that will take a deep study of alleged N10 billion on aircraft expenses allegation by an oil minister and appropriate sanctions under the rule of law where anybody or group of persons are found wanting.

I will be expecting a President Buhari who would be extending invitation to our best brains outside the shores of our land to come home and be part of the revamping of our country.

I will be looking out for a President Buhari who would embark on massive federal road network that will open up the country for agricultural produce to move out from rural areas to urban areas in preparation for real agrarian launch that will be amenable to the 21st century in Nigeria.

I will be expecting a Buhari President where Professor Osinbajo will head a powerful economic team that will roll out a realistic development plan for the nation that will span the next 20 years and appropriate laws put in place to sustain it even in the event that governments change.

Then, I will look out for a Buhari President that will raise minimum wage to N50,000 for Federal civil servants in a gradual process that will restore the middle class.

I will be expecting a Buhari President that will either restore the four moribund refineries or scrap them and build a new six, one in each of the six geopolitical zones. Foreign investors can be partnered on this.

One area I would be expecting a President Buhari to act quickly is to set up a panel that will immediately look into all cases of misappropriated pensioner’s fund. It is appalling that aged men and women who served our country meritoriously were seen slumping and dyeing while queuing up to collect their pensions while one or two individuals who are visibly seen carting away pensioners’ funds are left off the hook with a minimal sentence.

Nigerians must not be disappointed in any form this time around lets they lose hope in democracy. Rev. Paul Ike Ogara wrote a book titled “Nigeria Must Survive” – NMS and I concur totally.


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