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By: Chris Onyishi   Published September 28th, 2014  


When I beckon on the Nigerian people to unite against the only common enemy they have - the politicians - I am always misunderstood.  The common enemy we have, except for some of us who partake in the malady, are our so called "political class".

These adventurers are not intelligent beyond their machination on how to undue themselves and they recourse to manipulating us for their selfish desires when they cannot manage themselves anymore.  I want to assure you that all these noise of North, South, region, religion, and tribe, white, black are the evil machinations of these marauders. Refuse to be dragged into it. It is brought in to further  make you a robot. See that your fellow neighbour you have known since ages as what he is. A little quarrel here and there is actually what makes us reason as humans and check our excesses. It should not become amplified when these you so called brothers want your help.

Be sincere, how many of these people you call your brother and sister in government come to your aid unconditionally? It is either they want you to vote for them or they want to take your land and they give you small money for one of your sonís education. But in actual sense that portion of your land can train all your children.  You know where you all go to buy medicine for headache before. When they fool you and ascend into big offices they rush abroad for medical check up and to even get their wives deliver.  When last did they give you transport to fly abroad to treat yourself?

Still be sincere. That your only brother who is now in America, Britain, Germany, in short anywhere around the world, and who is  being looked down upon by one oyibo who is not as good as him, have you ever thought about why he left your our country? He now calls you every week and you glee that your brother or husband or aunty is calling from abroad.

Have you not heard that when they go there they excel. Are you not intelligent enough to ask yourself why they won't stay here and even make our whole country better. Should America and elsewhere that are already said to be developed and working well be the hole where our own good heads should be emptied into?

Who needs our intelligent sons and daughters more? America or Nigeria? Abeg make una wake up. It is getting late.

If we refuse to be the dumbs and know that we are being used, then they will see no one else to rely on for their artful design intended to accomplish some, usually, evil end.  That is when they will know that they have to develop us and not use us.

That his big mansion he built after he stole your money does he allow you or any of your kids to sleep there when he is out there stealing you red? Do you need a naive doctor to tell you that this your brother or sister is not thinking for you?

We are the dumb not these politicians whose dumbness has never stopped them from mastering how to fools us.

Currently we are all being used. They will give one of us a car and rubbish our generation including our brothers, our sisters, our children, our parents and even eventually our very self. They will give you and I a tiny part of our natural resources - on individual bases and you and I become their mouth piece and foot soldiers - and they will rubbish us elsewhere. We will be denied of education so that more and more people will not understand their rights. They won't provide good roads so that our parents will convey their farm products to where they will exchange them for money, they won't provide water so that disease will become our tormentor,  they won't provide electricity for you and I to use in our welding works, in our pure water companies, in our other creative endeavors and we are the ones who run to them to pose for photographs on the ground that we know them.

They mess us up and we keep blowing their trumpets. Who tells you that that governor is better than you? Who tells you that that senator you run errands for is better than you? Who tells you that that chairman who uses you is better than you? Who tells you that if everything is made what is should be that you are not better than the messenger. Did you not know where they were and what they were?

If we are wise, anyone of us who offers to serve us should be our servant and should be the one who strives to pose with us for photographs because he knows he does not have any other job except running errands for us. He should be jittery when you sneeze - and not the other way round - because he knows you can take away his only job if he or she is not careful.

Common, wake up from your slumber and inherit your inheritance. You are the master, they are your servants. Why should you a Professor coalesce with someone you had a lot of trouble teaching how to read and write because he is a blockhead? You now support him to rubbish your intellect. You now support him because he has refused to give you your salary when he is looting you red. Are you a true Professor? Did you obtain your certificates fraudulently?

Why should you a Revered Man of God who prayed for someone to be favored by the people to be allowed to run errand for them become the very Man of God who is praying for him to use the ill acquired wealth of the people - that should have been used to serve the people - to oppress them.  Are you a true Man of God then? Were you ordained in the hell fire?

You have struggled all your life to install an amazing factory, where you employ some of the youths that are roaming the streets. You provide your electricity. You provide the water you use in that factory. You even do the road leading into your factory. You are the industrialist who should be, if you like, appointing people into the Assemblies to make law that will enable you run your factory better. Why have you become lily-livered overnight and you now warship the man who came to you to support him with some money for his campaign. He now threatens you with taxation and you look like zombie.  Use that your money again and tell people not to vote for him in the next election.  You are the one providing the jobs for the youths and not him and the youths will listen to you more. He is only providing jobs for himself and his immediate family members and is using the youths for dirty jobs.

Why should you, you, I mean you and you turn round to become a servant to the person you say you willingly elected to go on errand for you? Were you drunk when you elected him? Did you not know his capacity and his antecedents? Is he not part of you?  Is he a stranger? Now that what you thought of him or her is not actually what it is, what do you? Fold your hands and begin to sermonize that God will revenge? Haba. Come down and out of that your dream. It is a dream and nothing but a fantasy.

Before he became a governor, Oshiomole was twisting governmentís hands as the boss of the labour union. Today what is happening? Oshiomole is the one twisting the hands of the labour. How do you feel about that?  Canít you make use of your head? Must you and I become mumu all our lives?

It is very simple. Do not quarrel anybody. Just that single card you have is what you need. You do need an AK47. You do not need any hatchet.  Just that card on an election day is what will bring him back to begin to see you as his master.  He has no other job he knows how to do well except cheating you. Who wants to be a servant if not someone who cannot do any other thing except get into power and loot his masters red?

But get me right. Do not get it twisted. There are God-sent servants. The likes of Jesus Christ. He did not come down here because he wanted to enrich himself. He came here because he wanted to enrich you. That is the master-servant. We still have such servants around us and even in a greater number than those who say they want to serve you only to get in there and begin to oppress you.  Look out for those master servants and let them go and serve you. They are those who know the meaning of service. They will not disappoint you. They will tell you they are serving you and you will know it from your life.

If you are an old man and you employ one little boy to serve you and he ends up wanting to kill you and you praise him, then check whether old age has crept into your head. A word is enough for the wise and a stitch in time, they say, saves nine. Let us make hay while the sun shines. It is an advice and it is a wrap. It is not admonition or insult. We take it in good faith. No thruway me with the bad water. Just thruway the bad water if you think it reeks.

Chris Onyishi (

Lagos Nigeria


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