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“Yes we have”

By Davis Ijomor.
 Published November 8th, 2008

Life is about informative and transformative choices that are within the ability, capacity and reach of every purpose-driven person. We have watched the United States of America’s democratic evolution for over 210 years and very closely for the last 21 months, and have come to appreciate how a people desirous of change can lead themselves transcending personal, racial and political differences to choose character over and above colour in their quest to remain of relevant influence and lasting value to their times.

A lesson most democracies must learn: that nothing can resist nor is much stronger than the will and right to allow the people decide their leaders and ultimately their destinies in a free, fair and credible electoral process; as opposed to what is confused for democracy in most phony democracies where mediocrity, personal ego, and partisan politics are exchange for ideals and transparent democratic processes. Kudos to the people and all the major political actors of the American democratic evolution; to McCain for being a good sports man and to Obama for being dogged in his pursuit of responsibility in becoming the change that will take the U.S.A to the next level in their development. It is originally American to be the change, because it only happens in America where the people are determined, resolved and persistent in their saying and voting “yes we can to the change we can believe in and become,” because yes they [the people of America] have against all odds become the true change they wish to see and become to remain transformatively relevant in their local, regional and global sphere of influence. A new dawn for the purpose-driven person with character that distinguishes against all odds irrespective of colour, race, gender, and creed, religious or political affiliations. – Davis Ijomor.

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